New years around the world
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New Years Around the World. By Mrs. Hayes’s Language Arts Classes 2011. The Taiwanese New Year !* By: Tiffany Carr. On the Second day of New Years a married women return to their parent’s home to visit their family. On the Forth day of New Years the God returns to the world of the living.

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New years around the world

New Years Around the World

By Mrs. Hayes’s

Language Arts Classes


The taiwanese new year by tiffany carr
The Taiwanese New Year !* By: Tiffany Carr

  • On the Second day of New Years a married women return to their parent’s home to visit their family.

  • On the Forth day of New Years the God returns to the world of the living.

  • On the Fifth day of New Years many new stories open for the first time.

New years in greek
New years in Greek

  • On New Years Greek people bake cakes called St.Basil cake inside the cake is placed a silver or a gold coin.

  • Destyni Davis

To start off the new year
To start off the New Year

  • To start the New Years off the farmer’s families take seeds to church for the priest to bless.


Sweet dreams for girl in greek
Sweet dreams for girl in Greek

  • Girls in Greece ate something salty before going to bed. They did this because they believed it would help them dream about their future husbands.


A iran new year
A Iran New Year

  • Iran people show respect and think that it important they throw big parties they put up there country flag.

A portugal new year by kayla carter
A Portugal New Year! By Kayla Carter

  • During the New Years celebration, Portuguese people exchange gifts like many do for Christmas in the United States.

  • Also they dance as you might when going to a party or dancing at a wedding.

  • Children go caroling door to door singing Janeiro’s and the songs may be exchanged for treats or gold coins (money)

New years dinners
New Years Dinners!

  • Portuguese adults and children eat twelve grapes as the clock strikes twelve. It is said to bring good luck for the twelve months to come.

  • They have very big feasts. In the feats there are elegant wines, hams, and many other meats.

January 1 st
January 1st!

  • After the party, there are also parties the next day!

  • The party consists of music, dancing, and fun!

  • This exciting party is called a carnival.

A south african new year by keperrius
A South African New Year by Keperrius

  • In South Africa they ring new year with church bells ringing

  • And gun shots being fired

  • People dress in colorful costumes and dance in the streets

Chinese new year
Chinese new year

They go to the market to buy flowers and plant them and to bring good luck.

Red is the color for cloth and all decorations because it is associated with

Joy and happiness.

BY: Dominique Weathersbee

New year
New Year

New clothes are worn and visits and made to friend neighbors and relatives to exchange goods wishes of kung his fa tsai

Means congregation and prosperity.


  • The Swedish new-year celebration is no different than in most parts of the world

  • They drink champagne and watch fireworks

  • The Swedish go to church and drink spicy glug

Mayan new year
Mayan New Year

  • The Mayan people celebrate their New Year during the month of July in the Gregorian calendar.

  • Each year at New Year a different god was the focus of the New Year.

  • The entrances and implements of the temple were deconsecrated with blue paint, which was a sacred color.

  • They would perform domestic, renewal, rituals for the New Year such as destroying all their old pottery and fiber mats and putting on new clothes.

  • Created by: Mariana Uran Munoz

New year in france
New year in France

  • In France dinner parties are thrown for the entire family

  • People exchange presents and greeting cards

  • People began sending fake gifts on April 1st which originally culminated in the new year feast of course these gifts day.

  • were only as a joke on those who previously had received the etrennes or new years gifts, on that day.

  • By : destinee johnson

New year in germany
New year in Germany

  • In Germany people drop molten lead in to the coldwater to try future from shape it made

  • People also would leave a bit of every food eaten on new years eve on their plate until midnight

  • A heart on a ring shape heart a wedding a ship a journey and a pig plenty of food in years head BY CHASITY SPEIGHT

New years in belgium
New years in Belgium

  • The Belgium new year is called saint Sylvester vooranvond or Sylvester eve.

  • Their new years day is called nieuwjaarsdag.

  • Belgium farmers wish their animals a happy new year for blessings. By: Parker

New years in burma by jalen moore
New Years in Burma By: Jalen Moore

  • There is a 3 day New Years festival called Maha Thingyan.

  • They pre form meritorious deeds & spray one another with Thingyan water

  • Everyone MUST get wet in order to welcome the New Year. Getting wet means one can start the New Year with a cleansed soul.

New years in cambodia by racale shipp
New Years In Cambodia By Racale Shipp

  • The festival starts on the 12,13 or 14 .April according to the Gregorian calendar and lasts for three days. It is called Chaul Chnam Thmey which means entering The New Year.

New years in cambodia by racale shipp1
New Years In Cambodia By Racale Shipp

  • Special games as the tug-of-war, Angkunh and Boh Choong are played at the monasteries on each day of the festival.

New years in cambodia by racale shipp2
New Years In Cambodia By Racale Shipp

  • Children give money to their parents, aunts, uncles as a sign of respect. They may also give food or fruit in addition.

New years in ireland
New years in Ireland

  • The Irish New Year is know as Samhain which meant summer ends and was celebrated on October 31

  • Irish girl will go to there beds and put ivy leaves under their pillows so they will be dreaming of there future husbands

  • On New Years Eve they were to take large loaf of Christmas bread and hammer it to the door and windows so drive out misfortune any and bring happiness in.

  • By Georgia

New years in jewish by teyunna collins
New Years in Jewish. By Teyunna Collins

  • The Jewish new year festival is called Rosh Hashanah. The date varies each year, as they have their own calendar witch is lunisolar in nature.

  • They undo all wrong doings by performing good deeds and by thinking about how to live a better life in the future. If they are sincere ,God was suppose to forgive them and on Yom Kippur he sets down and foretells each person future for the next year in the book

  • They send each other cards with the traditional message. May you be written down for a good year.

New years in romania by emanuel vazquez
New Years in Romania by Emanuel Vazquez

  • In new years eve, children sing plugusorul, and sorcova those song means wish you good luck.

  • There are goat’s game, the bear game and the mask game are old Romania games.

  • On the first day of January, on St.. vasile’s day, the one able to undo witchcraft and spells shall check the level of the liquid left by the melted salt in each of the onions peels.

New years in south africa by katie pennington
New Years In South Africa By: Katie Pennington

  • In South Africa new years is on January 1st to bring in the new year the people ring the church bells and fire gun shots in the air

  • For those in the Cape Province new years day are full of fun and carnival atmosphere with people dressed up and dancing in the streets

  • In South Africa the new year is spent with family and friends

News years in lao by lyric johnson

  • They carry sand and sliver bowls of scented water which used to help the sand is used to build and mounds.

  • The mounds are decorated with flags, flowers, money and candles, and people make wishes for new years

New years in lao

  • Also on new years day the releasing of captive animals is performed as they believed this would bring good fortune to those who let animals go

  • For blessing to work the threads must be worn on the arm for three days, if you cut it you will have bad luck on new years

News years in united states
News Years In United States

  • American New Years customs such as Dance Parities are thrown on New Year’s Eve to see in the year. Times Square in New York City has a ball drop hosted by the television celebrity Dick Clark. This is broadcast all over the Untied States.

  • At the stoke of midnight on New Years Eve people will kiss or honk car horns. Paper blowers and whistles are blown. A soul food of black-eyes peas and rice called Hopppin’ John is eaten by some. Others foods that are eaten by at New Years are cake and champagne.

  • They also watch the Championship football games in Stadiums or on their television. They also in New York's Time Square they watch for moment when a giant brightly colored electric apple is lowered to the ground at which time they start saying Happy New Year’s.

  • By: Ana Ramirez 

Pakistani new year
Pakistani new year!

by alise howell

*Pakistanis new year starts in march

*they have a bonfires that are a symbol to destroy remanding evil

*the new year instant the sun is no longer in



Tibetan New Year

  • The Tibetan new year in known as Losar. The Tibetan people are followers of the Buddhist faith .There leader is Dalai Lama.

  • On the Tibetan new year one of there favorite dish is soup this soup is called nine soup which is made from meat, wheat, rice, sweet potatoes, cheese, peas, green peppers, vermicelli and radish

  • The second day of losar is a day for visiting friends and going to entertainments

  • By: Ayjah Smith

The jewish new year revolution

The Jewish new year festival is called Rosh Hashanah.

The Jewish people have ten days to show they are sorry for what they did wrong that year.

The Jewish have a special service held on new years

By Dakota

The jewish new year revolution

A france new year celebration by ambia wooten
A France New Year Celebration by Ambia Wooten

  • In France they throw a party for the whole entire family .

  • People exchange gift and greetings cards.

  • The French adopted the reformed calendar in 1582 which change the beginning of the new year from march 25 to January 1st .

A russian new year by jacob davenport
A Russian new year by Jacob davenport

  • Instead of Santa they have father frost who comes on new years eve.

  • He also wears blue instead of red.

  • He freezes any one who is bad.

  • Russian meals on new years eve are meat and potato dishes.

Brazil new year

They dress in blue skirts and white blouses for a ceremony dedicated to the goddess of water, Yemanja.

In Brazil the lentil is believed to signify wealth, so on the first day of the New Year they serve lentil soup or lentils and rice.

A sacrificial boat laden with flowers, candles, and jewelry is pushed out to sea from Brazil’s famous Ipenama beach in Rio de Janeiro.


Brazil New Year

New year s eve in austria
New Year’s Eve in Austria dedicated to the goddess of water, Yemanja.

  • Austria new year’s is called Sylvesterabend

    Austria pork and carp favorite foods for celebrations

    The new year good luck symbol is called Glucksbringer

Elizabeth dedicated to the goddess of water, Yemanja.

  • The harvest festival is called Newala or first fruits Ceremony

  • End of Newala occurs when warriors , chanting sacred songs, dance around the Nhlambelo

  • The kings emerges with a face blanked with medicines, He wears a headdress of large black plumes, and a silver monkey skin belt, bright green grass covers his body

Scandinavian New Year dedicated to the goddess of water, Yemanja.

  • The traditions of the January new year are connected with the old winter festivities of the Scandinavian Norsemen.

  • They used to involved time and light and were thought to encourage the sun to return.

  • New year kisses the pristine country with a lot of wishes and hope on the 1st day of January.

  • by: Liliana Castillo

New years in hungary
New Years in Hungary dedicated to the goddess of water, Yemanja.

  • They burn effigies in celebration of the new year.

  • The effigies is carried around town before being burned.

  • When the new year hits they sing the national anthem

  • By Dante Black

New years in thai
New Years in Thai dedicated to the goddess of water, Yemanja.

  • Thai’s New Year is called Song kran

  • Every New Years night people gather around the river bank and build pyramids out of sand. The name of it is called a Chides.

  • Also every New Years night people say it is a good day to do good deeds like Karma polishing. Which is the same thing as shoe polishing but there shoes are called karamas.

A switzerland new year

  • In Switzerland celebrate Old Sylvester’s Day on January 13, According to the Julian calendar .

  • In Switzerland people believe good luck comes from letting a drop of cream land on the floor New Years Day .

  • In Switzerland people go through the Street dressed in costumes and hats representing good and evil spirits . By Edwuan

A Switzerland New Year

The bengili new year

The celebration is on April 13th or 14 13, According to the Julian calendar . th because they used the Hiando calendar to set the day for the festivities.


For fun and entertainment they do speail dances and play a game called gudy(it’s just like base ball and cricket)