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MYP Unit Planning

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MYP Unit Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MYP Unit Planning. What’s needed? How do I start?. Starting to Write a Unit Plan. What’s needed? Fundamental Concepts - FPIPS AOI Scope and Sequence ( SLEs written by the school) Aims and Objectives of your subject articulated vertically (PYP to MYP to DP)

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myp unit planning

MYP Unit Planning

What’s needed?

How do I start?

starting to write a unit plan
Starting to Write a Unit Plan

What’s needed?

  • Fundamental Concepts - FPIPS
  • AOI Scope and Sequence (SLEs written by the school)
  • Aims and Objectives of your subject
    • articulated vertically (PYP to MYP to DP)
    • Interim objectives for MYP (in Subject Guides and OCC)
    • and horizontally (for each year level)
  • Horizontal Planning
    • Curriculum Map: shows all subjects connected through ATL and the 4 other AOIs in each year level (Overview, Units, Course Outline)
ais areas of interaction student learning expectations
AIS Areas of InteractionStudent Learning Expectations


standards and benchmarks
Standards and Benchmarks
  • Stem from Strands for each of the Objectives in your subject
  • Standards and Benchmarks can come from pre-existing curricula (e.g. NSW, etc) OR create your own
  • Should be articulated coherently across the years (vertically) - developing from PYP and aiming towards the DP (in theory) (FPIPS pp35-37)
myp unit planner stage 1
MYP Unit Planner Stage 1
  • Intended to be understandable and engaging for students in real life
  • Is given to the students at the beginning of the unit
  • States Area of Interaction focus and SLEs (from FPIPS p23 - )
  • States the MYP unit question
  • States Summative assessment
myp unit questions
MYP Unit Questions
  • Critique the Arts example according to the criteria
  • Other examples
task designing a unit question
TASK: Designing a Unit Question
  • In a small group with your subject area make your own unit question based any topic which you think would be the MOST relevant and engaging for teenagers
  • Check the AOI SLE documents. What is the AOI focus best suited to your question?
  • What is the Significant Concept?
  • Critique the work of other groups
myp unit planner stage 2
MYP Unit Planner Stage 2
  • Involves the supporting details and can be summed up as:
    • Information or prior learning
    • Content
    • Teaching strategies
    • Learning experiences
    • Approaches to learning
myp unit planner stage 3
MYP Unit Planner Stage 3
  • Ongoing Reflections and Evaluation
    • Students and Teachers
    • Possible connections
    • Assessment
    • Data Collection
inter disciplinary unit plans
Inter-disciplinary Unit Plans
  • IDUs Use ONE unit planner
  • State separate standards, objectives and benchmarks within one document
  • Summative assessment can be a single task
  • Usually combine no more than two Subject areas within a unit