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Education Leaders Audience

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Education Leaders Audience. Cisco-Intel-Microsoft 21st Century Assessment Project Cohort Country 09/10/09. Agenda. Purpose: To provide you; with b ackground understanding of the origins of the project and Microsoft’s role in the project; Current status of the project and future actions;

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education leaders audience

Education Leaders Audience

Cisco-Intel-Microsoft 21st Century Assessment Project

Cohort Country 09/10/09

  • Purpose:
  • To provide you; with background understanding of the origins of the project and Microsoft’s role in the project;
  • Current status of the project and future actions;
  • Ideas and suggestions on how you can exploit this investment in your geo
  • Benefits:
  • To help you; understand your role and ways you can use the project to support scorecard metrics and commitments;
  • answer any questions;
  • identify single point of contact support for you;
  • Process:
  • Presentation – please ask questions/make comments as we go
  • Closing Q&A
  • Follow Up where requested from Lani

Microsoft Confidential

what is atc21s
What is ATC21S?

A multi-stakeholder collaboration led by Intel, Cisco and Microsoft to help transform the teaching, learning and measurement of skills needed by citizens and workers in the 21st century

Mobilizing international educational, political and business communities is a key aspect of the project to make the transformation of educational assessment and, hence, instructional practice a global priority

project scope
Project Scope


  • Contribute to the transforming educational practice by transforming educational assessment
  • Focusing on new assessment methods and new skills


  • Specify in 21st Century skills in measurable terms
  • Identify and address methodological and technological barriers to ICT-based assessment
  • Develop and pilot new assessment methodologies
  • Recommend ICT-enabled, classroom-based learning environments and formative assessments to support development of 21st Century skills
academic leadership
Academic Leadership

Executive Director

Working Groups:

Learning Environments & Formative Assessment

Lead: Dr. John Bransford , U. of Washington

Assessment methodology

Lead: Dr. Mark Wilson, WestEd


Lead: Dr. BenoCsapo, University of Szeged

Measurable 21st c skills

Lead: Dr. SentaRaizen

Country Deployment and Use

Lead: Linda Darling Hammond, Stanford

Barry McGaw

Director, Melbourne Education Research Institute (MERI), Australia

Country Participation:


All content developed during this project will be available in the public domain

  • White Paper (ETA Fall 2009)
    • Review previous work and identify issues for research and development
    • Public Website (2009)
  • Country Pilots (ETA 2010)
  • Recommendations (ETA 2011)
    • Improved approaches and methods for teaching 21st century skills
    • Support PISA 2012, TIMSS 2011
  • Strategies for test development
    • For national surveys of student and adult achievement

As of July 2009

  • Project launched at LATWF, London Jan. 2009
    • Leadership & Technology World Forum.
  • Established governance
    • Barry McGaw established as Director
  • Multi-Stakeholder contract Cisco, Intel, Microsoft & University of Melbourne
  • Pilot Countries Announced
    • Confirmed: Australia, Finland, Portugal. Singapore, UK, TBC: US
  • ATC21S Website in place
    • Application process for all interested in to join or promote
  • White Papers in development
    • Teams working to identify issues for research and development
sponsorships and partnerships
Sponsorships and Partnerships
  • Founding partners
    • Cisco, Intel, Microsoft
  • Founder countries
    • Australia, Finland, Portugal, Singapore, United Kingdom, TBC: USA
  • Academic Partner
    • University of Melbourne, Prof Dr McGaw
    • >60 international researchers
    • Dr Robert Kozma consultant for project design
  • Lead NGOs Partners
    • UNESCO, World Bank show interest
  • Possibilities for others to join
    • Interest signaled through inquiry form on
country commitments
Country Commitments
  • Add strong country perspective to direction of project
  • Seat on the Executive Board
  • Technical expert on the Advisory Panel
  • Provide a technical expert to one or more of the Working Groups
  • Commit to participate in experimental studies of new assessments
  • Commit to use new assessment methods in national data collection
  • Contribute to a fund from which additional work can be supported.
project governance
Project Governance

Project Leadership Group

Executive Board

Advisory Panel

  • Provide expert technical advice
  • Executive Director of the project
  • OECD/PISA representative
  • IEA representative
  • Technical expert from each Founder country
  • Technical expert from other countries that join the project
  • Consultant experts appointed by the Executive Board
  • Overall policy Setting
  • Vice-Presidents from Cisco, Intel and Microsoft
  • Executive Director of the project
  • A senior official from each Founder country (maximum of 6)
  • 5 Working Groups
  • 20 to 30 members
microsoft s unique opportunity
Microsoft’s Unique Opportunity
  • Be a leader within the local country, working with CISCO and Intel
  • Identify who are the key education leaders influencing and making decisions around the project, and how the project might impact broader policy and implementation decisions
  • Use CIM 21st Century Assessment project to position Microsoft’s Education vision with Education Leaders
  • Position Microsoft’s current offerings to support the CIM 21st Century Assessment project, and share our global learnings/experience
  • Explore how the CIM 21st Century Assessment project can be included/supported through Education Alliance Agreement
  • Engage your local PR/Comms and be prepared to lead on PR, where it makes sense
  • ...

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edpg commitment
EdPG Commitment
  • Lani Fraizer as single point of contact
  • Provide you with appropriate messaging and engagement guidance
  • Support with any Education Alliance integration
  • Where possible, promote your country engagement and outcomes across MS field and through PR

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