Apple ipod s curve
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Apple iPod S-Curve. What is an S-Curve?.

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What is an s curve
What is an S-Curve?

An S-Curve is a measure of the adopters of a particular innovation. The curve is an S shape because it models the rate of adoption. At first the adoption of an innovation is typically slow. As knowledge of the innovation increases, the rate of adoption also follows. In the end, the adoption of the innovation seems to plateau and level off once majority of members of a social system adopt the innovation.

Apple ipod s curve

Apple iPod S-Curve“Apple’s fiscal year ends in September. This means that Q1 includes the holiday season which accounts for the jump in the data. Fiscal Q1 is October-December of the previous year, and so on” (Wikipedia, 2009)The first graph illustrates total iPods sales from fiscal quarter 1 2002 to fiscal quarter 2 2009.The second graph serves as a closer view of the iPod sales between 2002 and 2004.

What does this mean
What does this mean?

After examining the data, one can see that iPod sales have steadily increased since its appearance on the market eight years ago. The yearly increase in sales is attributable to numerous factors: new models of iPods, cheaper prices, holiday sales, and so forth. The steady increase causes one to question when iPod sales will level off?

Apple ipod s curve

2007 3rd quarter sales mark the beginning of a slower adoption rate of the innovation. The jumps marked on the chart indicate holiday sales which skews the S-curve. By this point though, in 2009, many adopters contributing to the sales of iPods are those users wanting to upgrade, not necessarily purchase for first-time use. However, with the integration of the iPod in the classroom, many school districts might make the investment for classroom sets of iPods just as computers are standard in most rooms.

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Apple ipod s curve

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Apple ipod s curve