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Michigan Law – Sex Education/ HIV Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Michigan Law – Sex Education/ HIV Education

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Michigan Law – Sex Education/ HIV Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Michigan Law – Sex Education/ HIV Education. FACT or FICTION. It is required to offer sex education in the State of Michigan public schools. It is required to teach HIV/AIDS education in public schools.

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fact or fiction
  • It is required to offer sex education in the State of Michigan public schools.
Parents have the right to review materials used in the sexual health education of their child.
Parents may remove their child from sex education, unless the class is required for graduation.
Parent’s may observe a sex education class in order to decide if they want their child to be in the sex education class in the future.
A parent must be informed that their child is enrolled in a class where sexuality content will be discussed.
A parent must be informed of their right to review any materials to be used within a sexuality class.
The sex ed. Supervisor for the district is required to be the chairperson of the advisory board.
The advisory board helps determine the goals and objectives for pupil knowledge and skills in each district.
Teachers who are certified/trained to teach sex education are also able to teach HIV/AIDS education.
Districts are prohibited from teaching about homosexuality or same sex relationships by Michigan Law.
Schools who do not receive state revenue are not required to follow these laws. (private schools, etc)
Curricula, materials, and methods must be approved in advance if they are part of a sexuality class, but not part of another class. (social studies, English, etc.)
The definition of “Sex Education” determines which materials must go through the approval process.
If a school is not within compliance with the sex education laws, the school could be penalized up to 5% of its state aid $$.
a. Benefits of abstaining
  • b. Emotional, economic, and legal consequences of sex
  • c. Stress that pregnancy and STD are serious possibilities of sex and that abstaining can avoid these
  • d. advise students of the laws pertaining to their responsibility as parents of children born in and out of wedlock
e. teach pupils to say “no” to sexual advances
  • f. teach refusal skills
  • g. teach the power to control personal behavior (self discipline, responsibility, self control, ethics and consideration of others)
  • h. healthy dating
  • i. adoption
j. age of consent being 16 and that having sex or sexual contact with an individual under the age of 16 is a crime punishable by imprisonment and being on the sex offenders list for up to 25 years
  • k. safe delivery laws