William newman harrison wagener sean kilmer amari evans
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William Newman, Harrison Wagener Sean Kilmer, Amari Evans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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William Newman, Harrison Wagener Sean Kilmer, Amari Evans. Synopsis.

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William newman harrison wagener sean kilmer amari evans

William Newman, Harrison Wagener

Sean Kilmer, Amari Evans


In George Lucas’ film Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, two Jedi, Obiwan Kanobi and Qi Gon Gin, are sent by the Galactic Senate to negotiate with the Trade Federation to withdraw their blockade from the planet Naboo. The Trade Federation invades Naboo. The Jedis befriend the lake-dwelling Gungans and rescue Naboo’s Queen Amiadala. On the return to the Senate their ship breaks down on Tatooine, home of future Jedi Anakin Skywalker. After wining Anakin and ship parts in a race, they appeal to the Senate to intervene. Forced to fight, Anakin destroys the Federation’s starship, and Darth Mal kills Qi Gon Gin. 


We Gungans are

an Oligarchy

The Gungans are an oligarchy because they have a ruling committee that makes all of the decisions for the community. Boss Nass (above) is the speaker for the oligarchy.


I am Queen Amidala

the elected

leader of Naboo

Naboo elects their own leader. It is a republic because the queen is an elected ruler and not hereditary. They call her a Queen but she is not; she is actually an elected leader.


Us hutts rule over Tatooine,therefore we are anarchists

Tatooine has no government, there is a strong influence by a gang called the Hutts. It is the only known planet in the galaxy that still has slavery

Trade federation
Trade Federation

The Trade Federation is a

colonial dictatorship and

I am its dictator

Darth Sidiousleads the trade federation from another place and is its only dictator. It is a Colonial Dictatorship.

Galactic republic
Galactic Republic

The Galactic Republic is made up of delegates from every known planet. During the movie, with concerns that it was becoming a confederacy, Queen Amidala suggests that the parliament to elect a new supreme chancellor so that she can free Naboo from the grasp of the Trade Federation.

I am elected the position of

Supreme Chancellor