amy carmichael her mother and siblings l.
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Amy Carmichael, her mother, and siblings PowerPoint Presentation
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Amy Carmichael, her mother, and siblings

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Amy Carmichael, her mother, and siblings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Amy Carmichael, her mother, and siblings. Amy Carmichael was one of the best known and well-loved missionaries of the 20 th century. She was born on Dec. 16, 1867, in Ireland, and was the first of seven children. She was raised in a Christian home.

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Amy Carmichael, her mother, and siblings

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amy carmichael her mother and siblings
Amy Carmichael, her mother, and siblings
  • Amy Carmichael was one of the best known and well-loved missionaries of the 20th century.
  • She was born on Dec. 16, 1867, in Ireland, and was the first of seven children. She was raised in a Christian home.
The Carmichael Home in Millisle, Ireland.Her parents, David and Catherine were the prosperous owners of Carmichael Flour Mills.
amy carmichael at age 24
Amy Carmichael at age 24
  • She committed her life to God as a child.
  • After her father died, Amy and her family moved to Belfast, Ireland, where she did missions work.
  • In 1886, she attended a spiritual life conference in England as part of the “Keswick Movement”, which stressed a deeper relationship with God.
amy carmichael at age 244
Amy Carmichael at age 24
  • After the Keswick meeting, her expensive tastes in food and clothing disappeared, and she saw the greater importance of living a life of service and devotion to God.
  • For many years, Amy cared for Robert Wilson, the chairman of the Keswick Conventions, who was like a father to her.
amy as a missionary in japan
Amy as a Missionary in Japan
  • On January 13, 1892, Amy heard 2 words from the Lord, “Go, ye..” .
  • This missionary call moved her to action, and, supported by the Keswick Convention, she went as a missionary to Japan.
amy as a missionary in japan6
Amy as a Missionary in Japan
  • Amy stayed only 15 months in Japan due to hardships, the difficulty of the Japanese language, and serious anxiety, which was called “Japanese head”.
  • She sailed for China, then Ceylon (Sri Lanka), then returned to England to care for Mr. Wilson for about one year.
amy as a missionary to india
Amy as a Missionary to India
  • Amy was advised to go to Bangalore India for a change of climate.
  • In India, Amy began traveling from village to village with some Indian Christian ladies spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.
amy as a missionary to india8
Amy as a Missionary to India
  • In India, Amy was supported by the Zeanna Missionary Society of the Church of England.
  • She moved to Dohnavur, a village near the southern tip of India.
  • In 1901, Amy met Preena (“Pearl Eyes”), a sweet 7 year old girl who had escaped from a life of slavery in the Hindu temple.
  • Preena pleaded for Amy to help her.
the precious children of india
The Precious Children of India
  • Amy started Dohnavur Fellowship in the state of Tamil Nadu, India in 1901, with the purpose of rescuing children from slavery and abuse in Hindu temples.
  • She called the children that she cared for her “Lotus Buds” (after the beautiful flowers).
amy with one of her lotus buds at dohnavur
Amy with one of her “Lotus Buds” at Dohnavur
  • Many Christians came to help Amy care for the children at Dohnavur, especially “house mothers” who looked after the children’s needs.
  • Many fellow missionaries rejected Amy for her determination to rescue children from the abuse of the Hindu temples because they did not think that such a horrible thing could happen.
children in the hindu temples
Children in the Hindu Temples
  • Some children were given to the Hindu temples where they were “married to the gods” in religious ceremonies, then abused by Hindu priests and other men. Girls were especially mistreated.
  • Amy was often accused of kidnapping by angry Hindus when she took children away from the temples.
the outside of a hindu temple
The Outside of a Hindu Temple
  • Amy spoke out against the evils of mistreating children in the Hindu temples.
  • Indians knew that the abuse of children in the temples was a “secret sin” of Hinduism.
  • Thanks to Amy and others, this abuse was made illegal in 1948.
the cottage nursery at dohnavur
The Cottage Nursery at Dohnavur
  • God provided for Amy and her workers at Dohnavur. Nurseries, a hospital, a school, and other facilities were built as God provided.
  • Amy started a Protestant religious order called “the sisters of the Common Life” for single women who wanted to enter missionary service.
one of amy s beloved workers with the children at dohnavur
One of Amy’s Beloved Workers with the Children at Dohnavur
  • Many children who grew up at Dohnavur stayed on to help. Amy’s “family” grew.
  • During her lifetime, over 1,000 children (both boys and girls) were saved from Hindu temples, housed, and educated.
a grand tour to madras
A Grand Tour to Madras
  • Sometimes Amy, a select few of her children, and helpers would leave the compound at Dohnavur and go on an outing.
  • Once Amy took 14 children and 5 helpers on a train to Madras, India, where they visited the beach, many sights in the city, and saw a “movie” for the first time!
amy carmichael s writings
Amy Carmichael’s Writings
  • Amy always made time to write, no matter how busy she was.
  • Throughout her life she wrote 35 books and poems that continue to inspire Christians to fulfill God’s call on their life.
the house of prayer
The House of Prayer
  • In the middle of the Dohnavur Fellowship compound, Amy built The House of Prayer at God’s direction with money that God provided.
  • Amy Carmichael was a woman who knew how to hear from God, and she spent many hours in prayer, knowing how important it is to talk to God daily.
amy s last days
Amy’s Last Days
  • Toward the end of her life, Amy suffered a broken leg and a twisted back due to an accidental fall.
  • For the last 20 years of her life, she was an invalid and stayed mostly in her room on the Dohnavur compound.
the room of peace
The Room of Peace
  • Amy’s room at Dohnavur Fellowship was called The Room of Peace.
  • Amy was surrounded by books, scripture phrases, and people that she loved.
  • She continued to write books and poems.
amy carmichael s homecoming
Amy Carmichael’s Homecoming
  • Amy Carmichael died at the age of 83 in 1951. After a simple service in The House of Prayer, her body was buried in “God’s Garden” on the Dohnavur grounds.
  • Her grave is marked with a simple stone table inscribed with the word, “Amma”, her Indian name, which means “Mother”.
dohnavur fellowship today
Dohnavur Fellowship Today
  • Today, Dohnavur Fellowship is still a thriving ministry more than 50 years after Amy Carmichael’s death.
  • Dohnavur continues to accept children in danger from poverty, abuse, and neglect.
dohnavur fellowship today23
Dohnavur Fellowship Today
  • Set on 400 acres in Tamil Nadu, India, Dohnavur Fellowship includes a hospital, 16 nurseries, a school, and other facilities.
  • Many books and a movie have been produced about the inspiring life of Amy Carmichael.
amy carmichael inspiring others to become missionaries
Amy Carmichael, Inspiring Others to Become Missionaries
  • Elisabeth Elliot, a famous author, speaker, and missionary to tribal people drew her life’s inspiration from Amy Carmichael and has written a biography of Amy’s life.