the greensboro sit ins n.
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The Greensboro sit-ins

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The Greensboro sit-ins. by Parker Solomon and Matthew Perry. When and where . On February 1, 1960 Greensboro NC This event Happened at a white lunch counter . What happened and what was the result of the event?.

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the greensboro sit ins

The Greensboro sit-ins

by Parker Solomon and Matthew Perry

when and where
When and where
  • On February 1, 1960
  • Greensboro NC
  • This event Happened at a white lunch counter
what happened and what was the result of the event
What happened and what was the result of the event?
  • A group of black collage students occupied all the seats in a white lunch counter and wouldn’t leave.
  • They weren’t allowed to strike back if attacked, block entranences , they had to appear friendly at all times, and they had to face the counter as if they were waiting to be served.
  • White people responded violently to the people doing the sit-ins, they shouted insults at the Black people, and the sit-in got more people, black and white did their own sit ins.
interesting facts
Interesting Facts
  • The nonviolent occupation of a public space goes back Gandhi’s goal to break free from Britain
  • The sit-ins spread to more than fifty cities
  • The people doing the sit-ins were not allowed to fight back to people who abused them.
  • The next morning after the sit-in 20 Negro students took lunch-counter seats in groups of three or four.
  • The discrimination against blacks at the counter gave businesses bad press and it hurt there economy.
the result
The result
  • Finally on May 10, 1960 a number of downtown lunch- counters began serving black customers.
  • As a result Nashville was the first southern city to begin desegregating public places.
works cited
Works cited