kcc governors conference 1 may 2014
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KCC Governors’ Conference 1 May 2014

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KCC Governors’ Conference 1 May 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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KCC Governors’ Conference 1 May 2014. Tina Gimber Lorraine Monkhouse. Re-constitution - Consultation. DFE have consulted on changes to the regulations and statutory guidance (closed 14 March 2014 )

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kcc governors conference 1 may 2014

KCC Governors’ Conference1 May 2014

Tina Gimber

Lorraine Monkhouse

re constitution consultation
Re-constitution - Consultation

DFE have consulted on changes to the regulations and statutory guidance (closed 14 March 2014)


Part of the national agenda for smaller more skills based GBs

Act more like corporate boards and only appoint people with the skills to help the school succeed

More professional standard of governance

Guidance on GBs as strategic leaders setting out their core functions clearly

two year j ourney
Two Year Journey
  • By September 2014
  • By September 2015
  • All ‘appointed’ governors to be selected for the skills they bring
  • Key skills identified in statutory guidance
  • Skills audits undertaken prior to recruitment
  • Increased expectation for shared governance across more than one school – compare and contrast
  • All maintained school governing bodies to have reconstituted under 2012 regulations
  • Surplus governors removed on basis of skills rather than length of service
  • Reconstitution as a tool to drive GB improvement

How is this going to affect your GB?

Have you discussed this at a FGB meeting?

Will your GB use this as an opportunity to remodel or will they look to just transfer the governors in post?

the governing body
The Governing Body

Area of Governance / Expertise




Child protection



CPD / Succession Planning








GB of 13 in TOTAL

GB of 7 in TOTAL


When did you last complete a skills audit?

How do you currently recruit more governors?

Have you considered the process you use to fill vacancies?

Does this currently involve the skills required by the GB?

What action do you take if you fail to get the field/ skills you require?

appointed elected governors
Appointed / Elected Governors

What is the difference?

Flexibility, choice, freedom, experience, engagement, understanding the role

models of governance
Models of Governance

What is the structure of your GB?

When was the last time it was reviewed for effectiveness?

Are governors clear about their role and structure?

recruitment of new m embers
Recruitment of New Members

Skills audit

Reconstitution inline with skills needs/improvement plans

Governing body structure inline with skills available

Address training needs of existing members/advertise for new ones.

Future development of the Body

la support for changes
LA Support for Changes
  • Revised procedures for the appointment of LA governors
  • Revised materials for the election of parent and staff governors
  • Information and guidance for recruitment, skills audit, reconstitution etc.
  • Workshops for clerks
  • Greater emphasis on sharing good practice within local governor meetings

Do you have any questions about reconstitution?

Do you need further clarification of any points?


Please talk to you Chair, Vice Chair or Clerk about the timing to put this on the agenda.

Ensure your GB is familiar with the consultation regulations.