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Digital Marketing Portfolio

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Digital Marketing Portfolio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Marketing Portfolio
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  1. Digital Marketing Portfolio Josh R. Singh

  2. Email Marketing Expertise • For one engagement, I created a landing page with a free offer in exchange for an email opt in • Also created the offer itself, making it as valuable as possible • Promoted the offer on social media, which was met with a ton of positive response and engagement • Set up an auto-responder sequence of 5 follow up emails to promote a paid product • Drove tons of traffic to sales page through this email marketing campaign • Converted very well on the sales page, leading to high revenue for the engagement

  3. Email Marketing – Opt In Page

  4. Email Marketing – Follow Up Series

  5. Email Marketing - Copy Example Here’s the first email subscribers got after they opted in:

  6. Email Marketing - Results

  7. Email Marketing - Results Interpreted • Offer was promoted on email #2 through #5 (first email was the free offer as an attachment, not a link) • Insane open percentage and click through rate on promotion email #2 through #5 • Maximum visibility to the product page was achieved due to the high open and click through • Traffic to the sales page converted very well, leading to massive revenue for the project • These results occurred after only a few hours of investment on this particular marketing initiative

  8. Content Creation Expertise Content I’ve personally created include: • Articles for blogs and website properties • Updates and content for social media accounts • YouTube videos and video podcasts • Audio podcasts and commercial CD sets • A DVD training course • Kindle books, PDFs, and other published works

  9. Content Creation - Written Dozens of articles and website copy

  10. Content Creation - Multimedia 11 Video Podcasts HD DVD Course

  11. Content Creation – Published Works Best-Selling Amazon Kindle book

  12. Content Creation – Published Works Best-Selling Amazon Kindle book

  13. Content Strategy Expertise • Content Strategy is an often overlooked but key piece of content creation • At the outset of each engagement, I develop a content calendar, editorial calendar, and drive calendar for all content projects • Adept at collaborating with both internal teams and external agencies • Project management experience leading projects involving 5-6 writers, editors, and other team members

  14. Content Strategy - SEO • Expert in both on page and off page SEO • Keyword Research • Keyword Density • Meta Description Optimization • Inbound/Outbound Links • PageRank • Site structure and architecture • Incorporate SEO as an integral part of overall content strategy

  15. Content Strategy – Content Calendar

  16. Social Media Expertise • Managed corporate brands with 10’s of thousands of fans • First Listen - to determine what the market wants • Then Focus on creating engagement & conversation in social media channels • Influenced by Dave Kerpen, Joel Comm, Charlene Li, & Gary Vaynerchuk

  17. Social Media Expertise – Transparency • Proponent of Transparency on Social Media • Social Media is the “Great Equalizer” – gives the small guys a voice • Lets users engage with a brand as a real person • Of course, any posts containing abusive or offensive language are removed

  18. Social Media Expertise – Media Example A or B posts – One type of content with high engagement on social media

  19. Social Media Expertise – Results • Created Engagement by: • Asking questions to followers • Freely answering questions in niche to provide value • Curating third party content • Posting links to first party content • Creating conversation around pieces of content developed specifically for social media (for example, A or B posts) • Developed awareness, consideration, preference, action, and loyalty in fans • Leveraged social media to generate thousands of leads and 10’s of thousands of dollars in sales revenue

  20. SEM & PPC Adept in all aspects of SEM including creating PPC ads, adjusting ad budget, analyzing campaign performance, and measuring campaign ROI

  21. For More Information • To download my PDF resume, where you can get a high level view of my overall expertise, check out this link: • If you’d like to work with me, joint venture with me, discuss a role, or just shoot the breeze about digital marketing, give me a shout! • By Phone: 404-919-0958 • By Email: • On Twitter: • On LinkedIn: