the fathers of confederation n.
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Who Were These Guys? PowerPoint Presentation
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Who Were These Guys?

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Who Were These Guys? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Fathers of Confederation. Who Were These Guys?. Photo taken from: What is Confederation? What does this mean to me?

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Who Were These Guys?

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Photo taken from:


What is Confederation? What does this mean to me?

  • Confederation is the union (coming together) of The British North American colonies of NB, NS and Canada (earlier union of Lower Canada and Upper Canada.)
  • July 1st, 1867
  • New name: Dominion of Canada
late bloomers
Late Bloomers…..
  • MB NWT :July 15, 1870
  • BC: July 20, 1871
  • PEI: July 1, 1873
  • NF: Mar. 31, 1949
who are you meet the fathers of confederation
Who Are You?Meet the Fathers of Confederation

research sites
Research sites:

meeting dates
Meeting Dates….
  • Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island: September 1864
  • Quebec City: October 1864
  • London, England Conference: December 1866-January 1867
  • Confederation: July 1st 1867

The portrait below was painted by artist, Robert Harris. It burned during the fire that destroyed the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings in 1916. Below is the tribute copy by Rex Woods. Do you know the difference between the original and the one below? See page 10 of the Our Country, Our Parliament book.

photo next week
Photo: next week!

Research your Father of Confederation.

Write your biography in a way that you will present yourself as the Father.

Draw a portrait of your Father and frame it with the materials provided. Post the portrait and biography on the hall bulletin board.

Prepare your costume: a white shirt and bowtie/tie, suit jacket, top hat? Do you need to make sideburns or a beard?

Can you locate your Father in the photo?