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The Theatre Physics Learning Community

The Theatre Physics Learning Community. Steven Zides - Physics Dept. Dr. Mark Ferguson - Theatre Dept. Wofford College. What is a Learning Community?.

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The Theatre Physics Learning Community

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  1. The Theatre PhysicsLearning Community Steven Zides - Physics Dept. Dr. Mark Ferguson - Theatre Dept. Wofford College

  2. What is a Learning Community? A curricular approach that links two disparate classes, often science and humanities, around an interdisciplinary theme, and enrolls a common group of students.

  3. Inspiration for Theatre Physics Copenhagen (by Michael Frayn) “The Tony Award-winning play that soars at the intersection of science and art, Copenhagen is an explosive reimagining of the mysterious wartime meeting between two Nobel laureates to discuss the atomic bomb.” [back Cover summary of the play]

  4. Goals for our Freshmen Theatre • literary analysis • understanding the differences between the play and other types of fiction • thematic and structural unity Physics • scientific method • historical development of scientific ideas • science is a work in progress • science is good at answering the “Hows” but not the “Whys”

  5. Course Layout Aristotle and Greek Science The Scientific Revolution 19th Century Science 20th Century Science The Two Cultures

  6. Assessment Strategies • essays • response papers • discussions • quizzes • midterms • concept maps • Pre and post evaluations

  7. Assessment: What Worked Well “This class has increased my awareness of how science fits into everyday life. It also inspired me to consider “life questions” through the filter of science.” “I feel more confident in voicing my opinion and I was able to realize relationships between two things I would have never considered to be related.”

  8. Educational Advantages • very low absenteeism • very high class participation • great social interaction • effective scheduling structure • dual faculty perspective very compelling • highly flexible structure makes change possible

  9. Where Do We Go From Here? • Shorten 20th century section. • find new plays to expand the Greek science and two cultures sections • Totally redesign the lab experience to feature stagecraft experiences centered around set design, lighting, and sound. • Have each student create their own science play • Construct better assessment tools

  10. The Theatre PhysicsLearning Community Steven Zides - zidessb@wofford.edu Mark Ferguson - fergusonma@wofford.edu

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