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CIVIL WAR NOTES. OBJECTIVES 3- 5. Objective #4: Advantages & Disadvantages. A. The Fight Is On!!! WAR!!! 1. How to Name a Battle a. North- Nearby Landforms (Lake / River) b. South- Name of nearby Towns B. Best Generals 1. Both Sides Trained @ West Point ( US Army )

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civil war notes



objective 4 advantages disadvantages
Objective #4: Advantages & Disadvantages

A. The Fight Is On!!! WAR!!!

1. How to Name a Battle

a. North-Nearby Landforms (Lake / River)

b. South-Name of nearby Towns

B. Best Generals

1. Both Sides Trained @ West Point (US Army)

2. Old Style fighting (Like British)

3. SOUTH- Has the Best (Lee, Beauregard)

a. Lee offered command of Northern Army but says no

Obj. #5What would exports prove the North has that the south doesn’t (export is something you ship to another country)
objective 5 advantages disadvantages
Objective #5: Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Army & Supplies

1. North has Larger Army

a. More population (Free people)

b. South has small population and almost all workers


2. Northern has Factories / South None

a. North can provide more supplies and weapons

b. South will need help from others

  • The Navy

1. North keeps most of Navy

a. Most navy men are from

New England

2. BLOCKADE: North block south

from trading

a. South can’t get supplies

objective 5 early part of war
Objective #5: Early Part of War

A. Southern Surprise

1. Battle of Bull Run (Manassas)

a. 1st Battle of the War

b. Just outside Washington,

*People come for picnics and

pictures to see the South get whooped

c. South upsets Union troops

*Northerners go running/No Picnic

B. South Good Early

1. Good Leaders

a. Robert E. Lee considered best American General

b. Northern Generals Poor

*McClelland won’t fight, just marches

2. Fighting on It’s own Land (Home Field)

a. 2 years of Victories

b. Fighting to ‘Protect’ homes


Objective #5- Turning Point Battle

A. Turning Point of the War

1. The Battle of Gettysburg

a. Gettysburg, PA

June 1-3, 1863

1. Enormous 3 day battle

-Entire Army of Potomac (North)

(Lee use to being out numbered)

2. Picket’s Charge

-North had high ground/cannons


3. LEE loses for 1st Time!!

2. Gettysburg Address: Lincoln

gives a short speech to dedicate

Gettysburg Memorial




Objective #5- Union Wins War

B. Union Fights Back (review)

1. Northern Advantages

a. More Soldiers (Free men - Volunteer)

b. Industry (Factories to make GUNS)

(TRAINS!! -Less Marching)

c. A Navy (Block Southern Ports)

**South Can’t Trade with Europe

-Only Raw Materials & $ Crops

**Iron Clads on Mississippi and Southern Forts begin to fall

objective 5 union wins war
Objective #5: Union Wins War

C. North Turns Tide

1. Winning Out WEST (Not Calf.)

-Tenn / New Orleans / Vicksburg

2. General Grant’s Rise (Ulysses S.)

-Leader of Union troops out west

-Promoted to Union Commander

*Army of the Potomac*

3. Sherman’s “March to the Sea”

a. Cut the South in HALF!!

b. Burn & Destroy everything

c. Trap Lee in Virginia (N./S.)

I hate the North!


Cave Life


Vicksburg was built on a hill. During the Siege of Vicksburg, the city’s residents burrowed a system of more than 500 caves in the side of the hill in which to take cover from the Union artillery attacks. Caves for a single family usually had 2 chambers. Some large caves could hold as many as 200 people. People furnished their caves with carpets, furniture, cook stoves, and mirrors.

objective 5 union wins war1
Objective #5: Union Wins War

D. African-Americans and War

1. Escaping Slavery

a. Slaves flee south & follow Army

b. Can we Fight?

** Early- NO!

c.Fight over Union, NOT Slavery

d. Lincoln lets Blacks fight

-180,000 join (119,000 ex- slaves)

-68,000 killed or Wounded

-Mass. 54th “Buffalo Soldiers”



10% Union


objective 5 union wins war2
Objective #5: Union Wins War

2. Emancipation Proclamation

a. Said all slaves in Slave states in “Open Rebellion” were free

-Did it free anyone?

-Border States slaves still slaves


Objective #5- Southern Destruction

No Soldiers

No Food

No Supplies

E. Southern Fall

1. Sherman’s “March to the Sea”

a.Cuts South in half

** Freed slaves not working

b. 50% of soldiers desert the South

c. Running out of Everything!!!!!

2. Appomattox Court House, Va.

a. Lee surrenders to Grant April 9, 1865

b. Grant fought ‘War of Attrition’

F. Outcome of War

1. 600,000 died on both sides

2. South in shambles / North Strong


Total dead: 359,500

Wounded: 275,200


Total dead: 258,000

Wounded: 137,000+ 

objective 5 southern destruction
Objective #5: Southern Destruction

3. South Destroyed

a. Sherman Burns

the South (Atlanta)

b Infrastructure Destroyed

- 90% of bridges destroyed

- Miles ofRailroads Destroyed

c. Human Cost

- 285,000 southern soldiers dead

- 4 Mil. freedmen - no education

**Freedman’s Bureau

- Helped freed slaves & poor whites

Southern Troops Free to Go Home –NO PUNISHMENT!!*