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TAPAS meeting. Application Hosting Requirements adesso AG Werner Beckmann 08.07.2002. Application hosting experience. Agenda. adesso’s part in tapas adesso hosting experience ASP contract contents Example: Telecommunication Company Current ASP problems B2B marketplace requirements

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Presentation Transcript
tapas meeting

TAPAS meeting

Application Hosting Requirements

adesso AG

Werner Beckmann


application hosting experience
Application hosting experience


  • adesso’s part in tapas
  • adesso hosting experience
    • ASP contract contents
    • Example: Telecommunication Company
    • Current ASP problems
  • B2B marketplace requirements
    • Motivation
    • Auction scenario
    • Trust management
    • Requirements
    • SLAs
  • SLA handling
application hosting experience1
Application hosting experience

adesso part in tapas

  • adesso has done:
    • Research of the ASP market and SLAs contents
    • Research of B2B market places
  • To do until the end of September:
    • Incorporate feedback
    • Further work on details
    • Distribution issues
  • Next step starting at month 18:
    • Auction application development
    • Case studies and evaluation
application hosting experience2
Application hosting experience

ASP contract contents

  • System support
  • Service Level
    • Availability
    • Security
    • System performance
    • Tracking and reporting
    • Backup-recovery solution
  • Termination conditions
  • Penalties
  • Problem management
application hosting experience3
Application hosting experience


  • Group of House Building Societies
  • Intercorporate portal offering appartment information
  • Flat search engine (Java, XML)
  • Content Management SystemFirstSpirit
  • ASP as an Enterprise Application Integrator (XML interface)
  • Regional Credit Institute
    • „Car financing calculator“ (J2EE, XML, XSL)
    • Content Management System FirstSpirit
    • Access statistics of the web presentation
application hosting experience4
Application hosting experience


  • Telecommunications Company
  • Applications
    • Extranet application binding resellers to the internet portalas a shop-in-shop system
    • “Digital Bill” allows the wholesalers to download single connection records and bills for their customers


    • Flexible software architecture, integrating new and complex functionalities (Java, XML, XSL)
    • Elaborate security concept
    • Content Management System FirstSpirit
    • Hosted in Dortmund
application hosting experience5
Application hosting experience

Example: Telecommunications Company

Roles in the resellers scenario

  • customer, sending an order via Internet to thetelecommunications company
  • reseller,
    • collecting the orders from customers
    • completing and sending orders to the telecommunications company
  • telecommunications company, handling the orders
  • ASP hosting the applications, database server, webserver, CMS server
  • ISP, offering an Internet access
application hosting experience6
Application hosting experience

Example: Telecommunication Company

application hosting experience7
Application hosting experience

Current ASP problems

application hosting experience8
Application hosting experience

Current ASP problems

  • Reporting and monitoring ASP performance
  • Key service levels are to be defined
  • Penalty function is to be refined
  • Performance SLA definition relating QoS
  • Tool for the specification of SLAs necessary
  • Outsourcing and security
    • Authentication
    • Data protection
    • Fulfilment of SLAs clauses
b2b marketplace requirements

level 4


  • One-to-One Marketing
  • Customized to user

level 3


  • Account inquiry
  • On-line transactions

Business Value

level 2



  • Reports & statistics
  • Dynamic content

level 1


  • On-line brochure
  • Static content

Complexity, Interoperability

B2B marketplace requirements


b2b marketplace requirements1
B2B marketplace requirements


  • Centralised approach inadequate for distributed hosting solutions
  • Auction scenario
    • high demands on security and responsiveness
    • distributed execution environment
    • trust management: fraud problems
  • Middleware services for inter-organisationalinteractions necessary
b2b marketplace requirements2





B2B marketplace requirements
  • Auction scenario





Marketplace /


Credit Rating Agency




Retail Bank

b2b marketplace requirements3
B2B marketplace requirements

Auction scenario

  • Buyers, sellers
    • privacy, data security
    • time, information and opportunity fairness
    • safe transactions with multiple partners
  • Auctioneer
    • detailed reporting on user and service provider behaviour
    • easy modifications of application and service provider configuration
    • reporting on SLA fulfilment
b2b marketplace requirements4
B2B marketplace requirements

Auction scenario

  • ASP
    • QoS assurance
    • High-availability, timeliness
    • Monitoring SLA fulfilment for service providers and clients
    • Detection of service changes without permission
    • Easy migration of applications for:
      • Server changes (different machine, clustering)
      • Database changes
      • Distribution
    • Scalability
    • Low costs
b2b marketplace requirements5
B2B marketplace requirements

Auction scenario

  • Service providers
    • Assurance of privacy for vendors
    • Assurance of the provision of the specified service
    • Accounting
  • CSP
    • Authentication
  • TTP
    • Assurance of the authenticity of the reports
    • Fraud detection
b2b marketplace requirements6
B2B marketplace requirements

Trust management

  • Auctions involve multiple parties: auctioneer, buyers, sellers
  • These parties have conflictinginterests
  • Auctions involve private information: bids, fraud patterns
  • Auctions involve computationon this information
    • execution of the auction
    • decisions on bids
    • recognition and suppression of fraud
b2b marketplace requirements7
B2B marketplace requirements

Trust management

  • Trusted Third Party (TTP)
  • Authentication
    • email address
    • postal address
    • telephone number (e.g. VeriSign)
    • electronic signature (Quality Certificate acc. to EU standard)
  • Accepted TTP
    • clearinghouse
    • certified company
b2b marketplace requirements9
B2B marketplace requirements
  • Auction requirements
  • Authentication, privacy and anonymity of participants
  • Secrecy of bids and strategies
  • Controllable revelation of information about the auction including the final result
  • The autonomy of the payment for goods traded
  • Authentication by participants and stakeholders that any given auction actually followed the above rules
b2b marketplace requirements10
B2B marketplace requirements
  • Auction requirements
  • Reliability oriented requirements
      • high availability
      • failure recovery
      • fault tolerance
  • Performance oriented requirements
      • timeliness of execution
      • relative processing speed
  • Security oriented requirements:
      • authentication
      • privacy
b2b marketplace requirements11
B2B marketplace requirements
  • SLAs

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a legal contract that specifies the contractual deliverables, terms and conditions between service providers and service customers.



b2b marketplace requirements12
B2B marketplace requirements
  • SLAs

single SLA

single SLA

single SLA


Net Infra-
















...end-to-end SLA through ASP contract

b2b marketplace requirements13
B2B marketplace requirements
  • SLAs

Examples for QoS

  • Percentage of transactions completed within defined Performance Levels, %
  • Availability of applications on the network (Access), %
  • Availability for varying time regimes, %
  • Window of performance, timeframe
  • Application response time during peak periods, ms
  • Peak periods details, timeframe
  • Network round trip time (Delay), ms
  • Message delay constraints for offers and bids, ms
  • External memory access time, ms
sla handling
SLA handling
  • Visual Tool for ASP
  • Specification and design of SLAs
  • Deployment of middleware components
  • Monitoring for periodic inspection and reporting to customer
    • Application messaging mechanism on SLA fulfilment
    • Transparent availability and traffic monitoring for an ASP
      • graphical representation
      • implemented as a Web Service
  • What about standards? OSS/J?
asp hosting requirements
ASP Hosting Requirements
  • End

Thanks for your attention!


sla handling1
SLA handling
  • Examples for Visual Tools
  • DigitalFuel ServiceFlow Platform
    • web-based tool that in principal offers to monitor SLA fulfilment based on web server log files
    • each Service Level Objective can be parameterized to reflect realistic service levels and accommodate conditions
  • ILOG JRules
    • Rule Engine that can be integrated into J2EE environments
    • could be used for SLA specification
    • ILOG developed a SLA/QoS module within a OSS/J project
asp hosting requirements1
ASP Hosting Requirements
  • References
    • Development and distribution of solutionsfor ip-based value-added services
    • Sun‘s OSS Service Activation API Implementation
  • http://www.ip-value.de/www/en/index.html

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