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MOJO magazine cover analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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MOJO magazine cover analysis

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MOJO magazine cover analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MOJO magazine cover analysis. Layout. The general layout of the cover doesn’t follow a particular structure; other than focusing on the main image, The Smiths.

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MOJO magazine cover analysis

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Presentation Transcript
  • The general layout of the cover doesn’t follow a particular structure; other than focusing on the main image, The Smiths.
  • The rest of the components are placed quite randomly throughout the cover, only following the rule: don’t cover the main image significantly.
  • The magazine name “MOJO” is actually quite difficult to see. Which leads me to think they expect their regular readers more than new customers.
  • The main issue title “The Smiths” is the most visible piece of text. This makes sense, seeing as they will want to attract that target audience.
  • As it’s an indie music magazine, the randomness of the cover makes perfect sense. Indie music doesn’t generally conform with any style or pattern, so neither should the cover.
  • I think the main image has been used effectively. It blends well with the rest of the cover, but still stands out as the feature of the cover.
  • Also the colours of the clothing in the main image, fit in with the background colours. This helps to keep the cover even, and not unnatural.
  • Asides from the feature image there aren’t many other images. This helps to bring out the main image. The other small images have a stand out colour, or a small border, making them stand out without taking over the page. This still advertises the different content available, without jeopardising the main issue story.
  • The feature image is that large, it is essentially the cover on it’s own, which really helps to attract the right audience.
  • This magazine came with a free CD “free indie classics CD” this obviously is an attempt to help sell the particular issue.
  • There are other techniques that are also used to entice the reader into purchase. For example: “Their untold story!” this leads you into wanting to know more of the story, thus encourages you to read on.
  • The cover also contains quotes from big names in the industry. This helps to attract people that follow these names.
  • There are also several text adverts like “The return of The XX” which catch peoples interest, especially people that follow the particular band.
target audience
Target audience
  • I think they’ve done a lot to attract their target audience with this cover.
  • First of all the feature image. This is the first thing we see when looking at the cover, and the first thing a fan would notice. And any fan would be tempted to buy if their favourite band is on the cover. Same applies with the feature title “The Smiths”
  • There are also other smaller ads that may attract people with those interests.
  • As it’s an indie music magazine, putting one of the most influential bands of the genre on the front was definitely a good plan
colour and font
Colour and Font
  • I think the use of the white font over a darker background really makes the text stand out.
  • Also the colour of the background and main image fades darker towards the bottom. This is probably to balance the page, as there is more information at the top.
  • All the colours work together, with a few stand out ones to attract attention.
  • Also the texture of the magazine isn’t shiny, which most are. I think this gives it a more expensive but retro feel; which fits well with the theme of the issue.