welcome to sixth grade 2013 2014 n.
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Welcome to Sixth Grade !!! 2013-2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Sixth Grade !!! 2013-2014

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Welcome to Sixth Grade !!! 2013-2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Sixth Grade !!! 2013-2014. Miss Dudish Mr. Feinauer. Math Grade 6. Numbers and Operations- Percents, Fractions, Decimals, Exponents, GCF, LCM, Equations, & Estimation Measurement- Elapsed Time, Ruler to 1/16 inch or Millimeter, Angles, & Perimeter

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welcome to sixth grade 2013 2014

Welcome to Sixth Grade!!!2013-2014

Miss Dudish

Mr. Feinauer

math grade 6
Math Grade 6
  • Numbers and Operations- Percents, Fractions, Decimals, Exponents, GCF, LCM, Equations, & Estimation
  • Measurement- Elapsed Time, Ruler to 1/16 inch or Millimeter, Angles, & Perimeter
  • Geometry- Polygons, Triangles, Diameter, Lines, & Coordinate Grid
math grade 61
Math Grade 6
  • Algebra- Patterns, Inverse Operation, Equations, Expressions, & Variables
  • Data Analysis & Probability- Organize Data, Graphs, Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Probability of Events, & Combinations
  • Pre-Algebra Test “usually” given at the end of the year. DON’T PANIC!
math grade 62
Math Grade 6
  • Students need to maintain a dedicated journal to keep notes and examples from class.
  • Journals may be reviewed. If there is a low quiz/test score, the journal is the first place the student and I look.
math grade 63
Math Grade 6
  • Other math materials include, Text Book, Success Net, & PSSA Coach Books.
  • No Practice Books this year…just copies.
  • We do use calculators during certain lessons. Please monitor usage at home.
math grade 64
Math Grade 6
  • Math grades are derived from a point system this year. See flyer for further details.
  • If extra credit is assigned, it is usually an enriching assignment, not to bail out a low grade.
math grade 65
Math Grade 6
  • Being successful at math takes practice. Solving one problem doesn’t equate to understanding.
  • “If you don’t understand you must ask questions.”
  • Be organized and keep good examples in your journal!!!!!!!!!!!
reading grade 6
Reading Grade 6
  • Vocabulary- Multiple Meaning, Synonym, Antonym, Prefix, Suffix, Endings, & Context Clues
  • Fiction/Expository- Generalization, Draw Conclusion, Inference, Main Idea, Summarize, Genre, Author’s Purpose, Character, Plot, Theme, Point of View, Fact/Opinion, Text Organization, & Setting
  • Across Texts- Compare, Contrast, Inferences, Draw Conclusions, Generalizations, & Connect Texts
reading grade 61
Reading Grade 6
  • Students need to maintain a dedicated journal with vocabulary, selection information, webs, and journal writes. It may be reviewed at times.
  • Other reading materials include,, Text, and PSSA Coach Book.
  • No Practice books…just copies.
reading grade 62
Reading Grade 6
  • Reading grades are derived from a point system. See flyer for further information.
  • If extra credit is assigned, it is usually an enriching assignment, not to bail out a low grade.
reading grade 63
Reading Grade 6
  • Being successful at reading = thinking about what you have read, thinking about what will happen next…just looking at words is not reading!
  • Good readers discuss what they have read!!! Ask your student about the story.
  • AR is excellent reading practice tailored to the student’s needs and interests. Sixth Grade fully supports AR at Ross!
  • AR is counted as a test score at the end of the marking period. It will be entered in eSchoolBook at Progress Report Time.
social studies grade 6
Social Studies Grade 6
  • Sixth grade covers chapters 8-17 in the US History Book. Revolution to Revolution (Beatles)
  • The PA History book covers ideas and concepts discussed in the US History Book from the perspective of PA.
social studies grade 61
Social Studies Grade 6
  • Skills used in Social Studies include but are not limited to…
  • Problem Solving
  • Evaluate
  • Point of View
  • Compare/Contrast
  • Summarize/Timelines
  • Identify Problem/Solution
  • Map Skills
  • Geography/Locations
social studies grade 62
Social Studies Grade 6
  • Students need to maintain a journal. It contains vocabulary, review questions, notes, and other info.
  • It may be collected from time to time and reviewed.
  • Notes are linked to my webpage in a PowerPoint & eBackpack.
  • No Practice books…just copies.
social studies grade 63
Social Studies Grade 6
  • As with Math and Reading, the journal is where we look after a low test/quiz score.
  • Social Studies materials include journal, textbook, and copies of workbook.
science grade 6
Science Grade 6
  • Sixth grade covers 4 Units in Science.
  • Unit A is Life Science
  • Unit B is Earth Science.
  • Unit C is Physical Science
  • Unit D is Space and Technology.
science grade 61
Science Grade 6
  • Vocabulary flash cards will be made for every chapter to reinforce key terms and also to be used as a study resource.
  • Before each chapter, worksheet packets will be given to each student. Worksheets will be completed after each lesson in the chapter to reinforce important terms and concepts.
  • Students need to have a notebook to complete any homework and to take notes.
  • Notes are put on the board, for each chapter, during the lessonfor students to record into their journals.
  • This helps to prepare them for tests and to learn how to take notes in preparation for the Junior High/High School.
science grade 62
Science grade 6
  • Sixth Grade does an activity to begin each chapter and at least one lab for each chapter, either before or after the chapter is completed. Labs will not be graded for correctness, but completeness.
  • Students follow the 6 step inquiry based method for lab experiments
  • Labs must be completed in the journal that was provided to the students.
science grade 63
Science Grade 6
  • Extra credit will be offered, but only before a test and must be handed in on test day.
  • Students will be told what the extra credit is a few days in advance and it will be posted on the Extra Credit page on my website.
writing grade 6
Writing Grade 6
  • New program, Lucy Calkins
  • Same writing approach; Pre-write, Rough Draft, Edit, Revise, and Publish.
  • Categories include: Narrative, Descriptive, Expository, and Persuasive.
writing grade 61
Writing Grade 6
  • 5 paragraph writing format; Catchy Introduction, Detailed Body, and Strong Conclusion. 1-3-1
  • Writing Pieces are scored with a rubric.
  • Students are introduced to the rubric before they begin writing, so they know exactly what is required/expected of them.
homework policy grade 6
Homework Policy Grade 6
  • 100 points…subtracting from there (5)
  • HW is graded on completeness…5 or 0
  • Late HW is not accepted.
  • Emergencies/Sickness are the only exceptions and a note, email or phone call is greatly appreciated.
  • If a student misses three HW assignments a note or phone call will follow.
  • Homework is to reinforce skills and serves to prepare for tests and quizzes.
ebackpack home connect
eBackpack & Home Connect
  • Wonderful new technology!!!
  • Students’ use their login to access both sites from school/home.
  • Reduces, if not eliminates forgetting papers at school!
  • Allows students to start assignments on a laptop at Ross and work on it at home!
sixth grade expectations
Sixth Grade Expectations
  • Independence – Perform as a responsible student with little or no reminders.
  • Organization – Everything has a unique place. (Not on the floor!!!)
  • Homework – 100% Completed & on Time
  • Studying – Don’t just study the night before.
grading plagiarism
  • Copy of grading policy.
  • Points system...exams 100 points, quizzes # of questions, projects vary, AR 100 points, HW 100
  • Copy of Plagiarism Policy
pssa 2013 2014
PSSA 2013-2014
  • Reading and Math – March 17-18
  • Plenty of rest!
  • Good breakfast!
contact mr feinauer
Contact Mr. Feinauer
  • FeinauerJ@lake-lehman.k12.pa.us
  • http://teacherweb.com/PA/RossElementary/Feinauer6A/apt1.aspx
  • 570-477-4339
contact miss dudish
Contact Miss Dudish
  • DudishA@lake-lehman.k12.pa.us
  • http://missdudish.wikispaces.com/
  • 570-477-4338