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Hallo! This is our presentation 

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Hallo! This is our presentation . Gases caused near-disaster on G erman plane. The story:.

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hallo this is our presentation

Hallo! This is our presentation 

Gases caused near-disaster on German plane

the story
The story:

Two pilots became aware of a very, “strange, very strong, unpleasant smell.” The co pilot felt so sick that he grabbed his oxygen mask. There was a sudden tingling feeling in the pilot’s hands and feet and he began to feel dizzy. Summering their last reserves of strength, the two pilots succeeded in safely landing the plane which had 149 passengers on board.

the problem
The problem:

It turns out that there was poisonous gases in the engine.oil vapors from the engine got into the cabin air via a faulty seal.

european news
European News:

Moscow dog poisoned in October park. Up to 70 dogs have perished after visiting the 50th Anniversary of October Park and surrounding streets. The are thought to have eaten mince laced with poison that was scattered on verged and under hedges.

how it affects russia
How it affects Russia:

People have moved to different parks and the locals have stared to believe that the park has become dangerous. They have stopped bringing their dogs to parks. “It has become dangerous to cycle and walk with children in the park in the evening. “ said a local.