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Module 3 Section 1 of 3 “Being in Business with HTE” PowerPoint Presentation
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Module 3 Section 1 of 3 “Being in Business with HTE”

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Module 3 Section 1 of 3 “Being in Business with HTE” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HTE Americas International Conference Call Online/Phone Distributor Training Module 3 of 3 With Delores Mishleau Pearl President. Module 3 Section 1 of 3 “Being in Business with HTE”. Making the $Most$ of Your Business. Phone Bills Postage Internet Costs

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HTE Americas International Conference CallOnline/PhoneDistributor TrainingModule 3 of 3With Delores MishleauPearl President
making the most of your business
Making the $Most$ of Your Business
  • Phone Bills
  • Postage
  • Internet Costs
  • Transportation Costs –driving or flying
  • Office Expenses
  • Room Rental
  • Etc.

Speak to your accountant for your specific deductions.

making the most of your hte business

Making the $Most$ of Your HTE Business

Thomas Edison said, “Nothing that’s good works by itself, just to please you. You’ve got to make the …thing work!”

building a success cycle to last through prospecting recruiting sponsoring
Building a Success Cycle to LastThrough Prospecting, Recruiting, & Sponsoring
  • Good Approaches
  • Sincere Listening
  • Great Demos
  • Follow-Up
  • Asking for Referrals
success cycle page 2
Success Cycle Page 2
  • Suggesting & Doing Home Parties
  • Sharing Your HTE Vision – Health & Wealth
  • Support New Distributors/Supervisors with

Home Events, DSM Meetings, and Trainings.


Success Cycle Page 3Repeat these processes yourself until you have 12+ wide annd teach your team to do the same. You will find it a challenge to work through the 100+ names on your memory jogger in this way.

Success Cycle Page 4Remember “No” doesn’t mean Never!SW,SW,SW,Who’s Next?Some will, Some won’t, So What, Who’s next?

Success Cycle Page 5Don’t take “No” personally. Your prospect often has a reason or an excuse why they don’t want to hear about ‘it’ now. Perhaps you aren’t tuned in to their present circumstances that overwhelm them, perhaps their credit card is maxed out and they don’t want to tell you, or perhaps they were in the middle of a fight just when the phone rang!! Be lovingly persistent!!

Module 3Section 3 of 3“Home Parties”(Home Health & Wealth Seminars)The Most Duplicatable & Success Proven Module That We Have

Why Do A Home Party?

  • Time Management
  • Demonstrates a Duplicate Able Module
  • Group Dynamics
  • Grow Faster
am i on my own
Incredible Support

From HTE

Active Support From My Upline

Am I On My Own?

What Kind of Home Party?

  • Medical Devices
  • Weight Loss
  • Business Focus


  • How many will you invite? Is it the size of your home/or the amount of equipment that determines this number?
  • By Telephone
  • By Mail/email

They Are Coming!! Now What?

  • Prepare your presentation, but don’t panic!
  • Know that it will be perfect, either with few or many guests.
  • BELIEVE that the equipment will work for your guests and that they will be excited.

What Will I Say?

  • Remember your body language speaks more loudly than your words. Keep it positive!
  • Share your product testimonial/ other testimonials.
  • Share a few key points on each medical device.

What Else Will I Say?

  • Ask Questions During the Presentation.
  • Introduce Business Option
  • Show Sales Aids
  • Give out literature NOW and review it with



It’s Time For the Products to Talk!

  • Find a Need and Fill It!
  • Ask Questions
  • Be prepared to give good demos- Equipment available

Comfortable/quiet demo areas


After the Demo….

  • Ask Questions – Their level of satisfaction/enjoyment

Who They Thought About – This will lead to a Success Express Package

Other health topics to be referenced in a testimonial book


With Vision and Dedication to

your 10 Team Members, You

are now a Manager!!


They’re Buying?!

  • Remind Them of the 2 week Money Back Guarantee
  • Assure Them of Your Support –product and business
  • Be Prepared with Order forms
  • You Call/Fax in the Orders


In The Journey to Manager/President, Success is Learning to do a Few Things Well and having the Dedication to Continue to do them over and over. It is Having The Vision to Believe That You Too Can Make a Remarkable Difference!!

The Home Party Module Can Help You Be Great in ’08!