Sexually transmitted diseases
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Sexually Transmitted Diseases. And How to Avoid Them. Part of Health Awareness Week . Sponsored by the NAACP Southeastern Chapter. Diseases Chlamydia Gonorrhea HIV/AIDS Genital Warts Syphilis Emerging Diseases Emerging Treatments. Fetishes Homosexuality Bondage Animal Anal

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Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

And How to Avoid Them

Part of health awareness week

Part of Health Awareness Week

Sponsored by the NAACP Southeastern Chapter






Genital Warts


Emerging Diseases

Emerging Treatments






Hard/Water Sports



Why should you care
Why should you care?

  • STDs are very prevalent.

    • Almost 300,000 new cases in in Louisiana alone.

  • STDs cost a lot to treat.

    • $9 billion spent annually to treat effects of STDs

  • STDs, if infected with the worst ones, can seriously harm or kill you.

    • Death toll by AIDS alone is is in the millions worldwide

What s risky about anal
What’s risky about Anal?

  • Anal Sex can damage the mucous membrane layer surround the anus.

  • This action exposes people to fecal matter and/ or blood which may contain any number of diseases.


  • Chlamydia is a common and curable infection caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. As many as 1 in 10 females in the United States may be infected with it.

  • Chlamydia is passed mainly during anal or vaginal sex. It is less likely to be transmitted through oral sex. Transmission occurs when infected mucous membranes of one person come in contact with the membranes of another person.

Chlamydia the disease


50% of Men show no signs of infection

Pus (thick yellow-white fluid) or watery or milky discharge from the penis

Pain or burning during urination

Pain or swelling of the testicles

Inflamed Rectum and Urethra


75% of Women show no signs infection

Vaginal discharge

Burning sensation during urination

If bacteria enter the fallopian tubes, the symptoms include:

lower abdominal and lower back pain

pain during intercourse

bleeding between menstrual periods

nausea or fever

Chlamydia: The Disease

The bottom line

If untreated, the disease can have serious consequences

In men, the disease can cause:

Prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland)

Urethral scarring


In women, the disease is related to inflamed bladder, and yellow discharges

Also can lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which can lead to infertility

Testing and treatment are not difficult to obtain.

Numerous numbers of tests for Chlamydia

Tests also look for Gonorrhea

Treatments are antibiotic drugs





The Bottom Line

Oral sex
Oral Sex

  • Not considered a fetish if it is the ‘usual’ style

  • Oral-Anal sex ‘rimming’ considered a fetish, if person is fixated on it

Meet gonorrhea the clap


Like Chlamydia, the bacteria is spread through sex with an infected person.

Symptoms vary between sexes

Men usually experience a watery discharge

Women usually experience no problems or have yellow discharges.

Signs are similar to Chlamydia infections


Typically ciprofloxacin and other antibiotics.

Similar drugs used in Chlamydia treatments.

Some strains (S.E. Asian strains) are more resistant to antibiotics

Stronger drugs used then.

Meet Gonorrhea/ the Clap

Facts about hiv aids
Facts about HIV/AIDS

  • Retro-virus

  • Attacks the immune system

  • Takes 4 months for antibodies to be detected, years before symptoms manifest

  • In 1980’s it decimated the Gay community

  • In this era, it is eradicating a generation of Africans, Asians, and Eastern Europeans.

  • African-American infection rates are still high

Hiv transmission
HIV Transmission

  • HIV is the virus that causes AIDS

  • Spread by unprotected sex with infected person

  • Oral sex transmission risk is very low-but possible

  • No cases reported yet of mosquito-bite transmission

How does aids kill
How does AIDS Kill?

AIDS does not kill the infected person: It weakens the immune system to point where minor diseases can kill a person.

Pneumocystis carinii
Pneumocystis carinii

  • Parasite of the lung

  • Habitat in the lungs

  • Spread by cough from person to person

  • Very common, doesn’t affect healthy people

  • Causes coughing, fever, cyanosis, hypoxia

  • If unchecked, it can destroy lung tissue


  • Opportunistic virus

  • Attacks eyes, intestines(see pic), and eventually other parts of the body.

  • If unchecked, virus or other viruses can eventually kill.

Hpv genital warts
HPV: Genital Warts

  • Human Papillomavirus: The cause of genital and other warts. Over 70 different strains in existence

  • Spread by ANY form of contact with an infected person, sexual or not. Place of infection is determined by exposure to the virus at that area.

  • Most people become immune and/or no longer contagious

  • Treatments available. If untreated, infertility, miscarriages, and even prostate cancer may occur

What is syphilis
What is Syphilis?

  • Caused by the bacteria Treponema pallidum

  • Spread by any type of sexual contact, or contact with the warts or rashes that are part of the phases.

  • Phase 1: Chancre- a sore appears on the body part exposed to the virus, most often the genital region.

  • Phase 2: Variable symptoms which include fever, hair loss, skin rashes, sore throat or flu-like conditions.

  • Phase 3: A latency period, the virus does not exhibit any symptoms, but is attacking the brain or other organs.

  • Treatments are available.

Treatment urgency required
Treatment: Urgency Required

  • Dependent upon which phase of infection a person is in.

  • Phase 1: The antibiotic Penicillin is used to stop the infection at this stage and stage 2.

  • Phase 2: Antibiotics used to stop infection, other drugs used to alleviate symptoms.

  • Phase 3: Stronger antibiotics used to stop infection. At this stage, damage caused by bacteria cannot be reversed.

  • Phase 2 treatments are not 100% effective: the virus can resurface years after treatment.

  • The earlier treatment is started, the better.

Is it a fetish what about it
Is it a fetish? What about it?

  • Fetish: the centering of strong sexual emotion in objects or parts of the body not normally associated with such emotion" (Webster's; 1992)

  • Homosexuality not considered a fetish

  • Sexual Orientation

  • At-risk to STDs as Heterosexuals

  • Statistics list 1 in 10 as exclusively gay or lesbian, while others fall in the bisexual category. (

  • Other sources say 1 in 4 of population are homosexual

Risks to gay men
Risks to Gay Men

  • Sex between males accounts for about half of the sexually transmitted cases of AIDS among males between the ages of 13 and 19 years. (AAP)

  • Gay men typically have many more partners than straight men

  • Bisexual men often have female partners, of which most do not share their orientation to their female partner(s). (New Crisis)

  • Note: Some in the religious community say that AIDS is god’s wrath against homosexuals.

Does god favor lesbians
Does God favor Lesbians?

Lesbians have the lowest rate of STDS of all the sexual orientations, especially AIDS (

Are lesbians immune to stds
Are Lesbians Immune to STDs?

  • No. Lesbians may have lower rates of STD infection overall, they are still at-risk.

  • Lesbians have higher rates of bacterial vaginosis, hepatitis C, and HIV risk behaviors (such as drug use and sex with a gay or bisexual man) than women who have never had sex with women.

  • Women who report never having sex with a man tend to have more abnormal pap smears and genital warts.

  • Childless Lesbians may have a higher risk to develop breast cancer.(

What the
What the?

  • Beastility refers to the sexual act between an animal and a human.

  • No record of STDs transmitted from person to animal. Beastility is illegal in most states, including Louisiana.

  • Animals for the most part, do not host STDs that can infect humans. However, there are animal disease that can affect humans.

  • The act of Beastility has dangers of its own.

Possible beastility diseases
Possible Beastility diseases

  • Balantidium Coli

  • Intestinal Parasite of Pigs

  • Spread to human through fecal contamination (not washing hands)

  • Causes dysentery, can be fatal.

  • Caused by dog tapeworm Echinococcus granulosus

  • Spread by fecal contamination (not washing hands)


  • Virus that causes significant liver damage.

  • 6 different types. A to D are the most common.

  • Hepatitis D is the most dangerous.

  • Spread sexually, through needles, even food (shellfish)

  • 100* more infectious than HIV.

Symptoms and treatment

Nausea, vomiting, muscle and joint aches, abdominal pain and weight loss.

Fatigue & fever: Flu-like symptoms.

Eventually leads to cirrhosis and organ failure


Treatment is available.

Dependent on the strain of the virus in infection.

Hepatitis C treatment involves A-Interferon, which makes immune system kill the virus

If treatment fails, then a liver transplant is needed.

Symptoms and Treatment

Masturbation weight loss.

Meet scabies
Meet Scabies weight loss.

  • A parasite that lives in the skin, hatches eggs in 10 days after infection.

  • Spread sexually by close contact with infected person

  • Spread non-sexually when person comes in contact with infested materials

  • Leaves reddish nodules and produces intense itching.

  • Treatment involves using a cream and hot-washing clothes and sheets.

Hard sports scat
Hard Sports/Scat weight loss.

That s not all
That’s not all… weight loss.

  • Scat is considered one of the grossest fetishes around.

  • Very risky

  • Feces from a person may contain cysts of parasitic organisms

  • Parasites include Tapeworms, Amoebas, etc

  • Can be fatal if infections get out of hand.

Water sports
Water Sports weight loss.

What the1
What the? weight loss.

  • Water sports is the term used to describe the use of urine in sexual activity.

  • Urine consists of waste products from the body, as well as viruses and bacteria.

  • This includes HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis A & B.

  • Note: There was once a fad in which people drank their urine to re-gain vitamins.

  • Do not follow this fad. It died out for a reason.

Bondage weight loss.

Well it looks safe
Well, it looks safe... weight loss.

  • If done properly, bondage can be one of the safer fetishes.

  • If done improperly, a person could be in a”knot” of problems. This includes catching STDs.

  • Bondage is also risky for non-sexual reasons.

  • Deaths have occurred from strangulation, tourniquet amputations, fires, torture mishaps (

Puking weight loss.

Oh gross
Oh gross! weight loss.

  • Extremely hard fetish.

  • Dangerous to persons involved. Too much vomiting can lead to imbalances, bulimia, and infection.

  • For more info, watch Jerry Springer

New std
“New” STD weight loss.

  • Molluscum Contagiousum

  • Caused by the pox virus (chickpox family, not smallpox)

  • Produces small bumps on the infected region, which get bigger and become gray or pink. Itching is common.

  • Used to be seen in children, but now is a STD.

  • Spread from person to person by touching lesions or by touching infected objects.

  • Most symptoms clear up but in general lesions are removed. Removal of lesions reduces re-infection and transmission to others.

  • Lesions can be removed surgically and/or treated with a chemical agent such as podophyllin, cantharidin, phenol, silver nitrate, or iodine. Cryo-therapy also used.

There is hope new treatments
There is HOPE/ New Treatments weight loss.

  • Several HIV vaccines are in clinical trial right now.

  • HIV vaccine AIDSVAX (VAXGEN) was not successful in clinical trial.

  • Statistical anomaly that it worked slightly better on Asian and African-Americans. Numbers were too small.

  • Herpes pill valacyclovir did work in clinical trial.(medscape)

  • Drug prevents Herpes Simplex 2 (HSV-2) infections.

  • Awaiting FDA approval.

In conclusion
In conclusion weight loss.

  • Abstinence is the best policy

  • Use a condom or other barrier method

  • If infected, seek treatment-it will cost you less in the long-run

  • Use common sense-avoid high risk fetishes.

  • Be careful-not everyone is infected.

Special thanks
Special Thanks weight loss.

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