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Roel Louwhoff CEO, BT Operate

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Roel Louwhoff CEO, BT Operate. Cultural Differences in Organisations 1 st September 2009. 1. Agenda. What / Who is BT and BT Operate BT Strategy Culture Change What I Learned. 2. About BT. BT is the world's oldest communications company.

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roel louwhoff ceo bt operate

Roel Louwhoff CEO, BT Operate

Cultural Differences in Organisations

1st September 2009



What / Who is BT and BT Operate

BT Strategy

Culture Change

What I Learned


about bt
About BT
  • BT is the world's oldest communications company.
  • Today BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services, operating in 170 countries.
  • Our customers include over 40% of the Fortune 500 companies around the world.
  • Our engineers make over 3m visits a year to install new lines, make repairs, upgrade service and improve the network on behalf of all communications providers in the UK



Group &


Simplify and implement Global Network/IT Operating Model

BT Retail

BT Wholesale

BT Global Services



bt operate strategy aligned across group
BT Operate Strategy aligned across group





BT Operate strategic objectives

BT’s Vision

BT Operate Vision

BT Operate 2011 outcomes

BT’s prioritiesfor Operate

Dedicated to helping customers thrive in a changing world

99% RFT



Customer service


delivery with

zero touch >50%

Invest in our networks

Significant reduction in controllable cost base

Cost transformation


Creating the right environment

Organisational Cultural Index (OCI)

  • Significant shift in senior team
  • Progress in 1st line and team member
  • Challenge remains middle management


  • Progress reflected in CARE results
    • ‘Precision baseline’ (Feb 2007)- 64%
    • April 2009 - 73%
  • Focus on authentic open engagement
  • Improving engagement against challenging operational environment
  • Investors in People external accreditation – ‘huge improvement’
  • Focus in coming months on leadership and accountability – ‘The difference is YOU’


creating the conditions for cultural change
Creating the conditions for cultural change
  • Leader – led
  • Simply the Start Events
  • Simply ‘lite’ events
  • Lead BT Programme
  • Investment in OEB & SMT
  • Symbolic actions
  • OEB 360/bonus modifier (behaviours)
  • Top 135 YSC assessments
  • Learning & Development Centre of Excellence
  • Senior management refresh
  • All hands question times
  • Simply Sorting it - investment
  • Align cultural levers
  • e- performance system and managed exits
  • Smooth Operators – recognition programme
  • Simply funding it – easy access to accelerate
  • Learning Budgets and Learning Council
  • Simply Sorting It
  • Honest Conversations
  • 100% objectives completed
  • Work at the front line
  • Simply the Start Programme
  • 500 + Pride Builders Network
  • Inspirational Leaders Programme
  • Honest conversation
  • Rolling out 1st line assessment / standards


What did we learn?

What worked well…

Needed to do better…

If you think you have communicated enough

-you are wrong!

People will really get behind a Vision even if it is tough

Huge capabilities in Organisation -but how to unlock?

For a big transformation you need leaders before managers – at all (!) levels

How to get people to think ‘Big Picture’ beyond a 1 year cycle

Having one structure (what) and one methodology (how) delivers results

People can be innovative and think out of the box in right environment

How to get more throughput from our leaders and get the people off the bench


What the British Say

What the Dutch Understand

What the British Mean

I hear what you say

He accepts my point of view

I disagree and do not want to discuss it any further

That’s not bad

That’s poor or Mediocre

That’s good or very good

Quite good

Quite good

A bit disappointing

Think about the idea, but do what you like

Perhaps you would like toThink about../I would suggest

This is an order. Do it or be prepared to justify yourself

This is not very important

The primary purpose of our discussion is…

Oh by the way…/Incidentally…

I was a bit disappointed That… / It is a pity you…

It doesn’t really matter

I am most upset and cross

I’m sure it’s my fault

It was their fault

It’s your fault

You don’t stand a chance in hell

Keep on trying because I’m heading in the right direction

You’ll get there eventually

Please think about that some more

It’s a good idea; keep developing it

It’s a bad idea; don’t do it


advice from 5 years of working in uk and bt
Advice from 5 years of working in UK and BT…
  • Be yourself and be authentic
  • You can’t play a role forever
  • Being open and honest will get you far enough to build bridges as long as you are not too direct
  • Timing is everything
  • Being Dutch helps to set the tone and achieve where others failed...