powerguard energy saving for inductive loads n.
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PowerGUARD Energy Saving for inductive loads PowerPoint Presentation
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PowerGUARD Energy Saving for inductive loads

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PowerGUARD Energy Saving for inductive loads - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerGUARD Energy Saving for inductive loads. Saving 8%-15% Protection Power Quality. Electrical Losses within a site. Even after multiple measures have been applied to dave energy, the majority of installations still use electricity in an inefficient way

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PowerGUARD Energy Saving for inductive loads

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    1. PowerGUARDEnergy Saving for inductive loads Saving 8%-15% Protection Power Quality

    2. Electrical Losses within a site • Even after multiple measures have been applied to dave energy, the majority of installations still use electricity in an inefficient way • Since motors and other inductive loads represent 70% to 80% of the total installed power, the quantity of energy losses is still high. • The losses do not only affect the electricity bill, but also the cost of raw material, labor and production.

    3. Total Solution • The electrical installations, unknowingly, suffer from energy losses du to harmonics, over-voltage, transiants, phase unbalance and incompatible impedance . • The effects of magnetic waves in a site are generally underestimated as a source to save energy. In the world of electricity all sites are looked by the energy source as a circuit having an inductance in series with a resistance – therefore looking at the problem “magnetically” seams very logical. PowerGUARD treats the entire system by reducing the magnetic fields and improving the power quality and the total consumption • PowerGUARD considers the site as a simple inductive load. PowerGUARD reduces the impedance of the site and therefore improves the transport of energy and reduces consumption.

    4. Total Solution • The cause of low Power Factor is the presence of inductive reactance in the circuit. To improve the PF to 1.0, we can either add a capacitive reactance (Capacitor) or reduce the inductive reactance (PowerGUARD) • A commun practice to improve the power factor ne pratique commune pis to add capacitors. This method reduces the quantity of reactive energy supplied by the source, but also can creates resonance in the circuit and increase the temperature of equipments and transformers by creating over-voltage situations • Whereas PowerGUARD allows to produce savings that can be verified and at the same time increases the power factor and protects the equipments against surges of current and voltage.

    5. How PowerGUARD works PG Current generated in phase #1…. …is immediatlydelivered to Phase #2…. …andtoPhase #3, therefore neutralizing the Reactive current By magnetic induction, a current is created and filtered to 60 HZ, this current is leading the voltage by more than 90 degrees, allowing it to flow to the opposite direction toward the source and neutralizing the reactive current

    6. PowerGUARD benefits • Voltage and current balancing • Dynamic Power Factor correction • Reduction of magnetic fields strength in the site • Converting the energie created by overvoltage events to useful energy • Equipments protection against surges • Increases KVA capacity of Transformers • Reduces the monthly bill

    7. Effect on the environment PowerGUARD helps the environement. Every year, one 3-phase PowerGUARD operating @ 480 volts, can: • Reduce up to 35,000 kWh and save 14 barils of oil, • Avoid the emission of 9 tonnes of CO2 and • Reduce the consumption of 800,000 liters of filtered water .

    8. General Diagram

    9. Conclusion • PowerGUARD allows: • Protection of equipments against surges and lightning; • Power Conditioning, Dynamic Power Factor Correction, Noise and RF reduction • Reduction of line currents • Reduction of KW demand • Voltage balancing of the 3 phases • Improves equipment efficiency such as Computers, VFDs , PLCs and Electronic ballasts; • Reduction of 8% à 15% of the monthly bill • Reduction of maintenance costs • Payback between 12 and 30 months. • The PowerGUARD units require no maintenance, guaranteed 3 years and a life expectancy of more than 20 years. • Models are for domestic, commercial and industriel applications • PowerGUARD is the only technology that offers all theses functions at the same time in the same product

    10. Specifications

    11. Case Study PG OFF PG ON reduction 12,2 KW PF increases from 0,96 to 0,99 Immediate reduction of 12,2 KW

    12. Case Study OFF ON The Graph shows the fluctuation in voltage due to the VFDs presence in the circuit When PowerGUARD is activated, there is an increase in voltage and a reduction in the deviation between the 3 phases.

    13. Case Study ON OFF ON OFF ON The Grapg shows that when the PG are ON, there is an increase in PF and KW decrease of an average of 7.5 KW. 3 PG units are intalled in paralled to a 300 KW electric Chiller