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Informix Red Brick Warehouse 5.1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Informix Red Brick Warehouse 5.1

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Informix Red Brick Warehouse 5.1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Informix Red Brick Warehouse 5.1
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  1. Informix Red Brick Warehouse 5.1 Information & Communication Lab. Park, Jeong-Eun

  2. Red Brick Warehouse 개요 • Relational database designed specifically to meet the specialized requirements of data mart applications • specialized server technology • for complex queries, fast load performance, high-capacity/high-performance processing, and for efficient management of very large databases. • Integral piece of Informix Decision Frontier Solution Suite

  3. Why data marts is needed? • Answers to multiple users with differing interests ( differ department ) • Easy distribution of data • Provide higher availability • Provide easier access to data • Can be used as a means to better manage business information • Informix Red Brick Warehouse provide all these requirements

  4. Lightning Fast Performance • Through Table Management • Table Management Utility(TMU) • Informix Red Brick Warehouse’s loader • Performs all the necessary tasks to guarantee the data is ready to query • Data transformation and cleansing, insertion of row data, checking of referential integrity, updating of all relevant indexes and the building of aggregates

  5. Lightning Fast Performance • Through Table Management • Parallel Table Management Utility(PTMU) • Performs all the functions of the TMU and takes advantage of SMP parallelism to dramatically speed up loads • Full referential integrity check and build all in parallel

  6. Lightning Fast Performance • Through Advanced Indexing • STAR indexing -> STAR join • Automatically built when table are created • Maintain relationships between primary keys and foreign keys • Unique feature of the Informix Red Brick Warehouse data mart • Using multiple STAR indexes, multitable join processing is greatly accelerated • When using multiple indexes, it occupy less disk space than other solutions

  7. Lightning Fast Performance • Through Advanced Indexing • TARGET indexing -> TARGET join • Bit-map indexing technology • Specifically designed for queries which require very fast selection of records from a large, wide table • Completely integrated in the core Informix Red Brick Warehouse database. • Greatly expands the range of query complexity that can be handled while minimizing index costs.

  8. Lightning Fast Performance • Through Managing Data Aggregation • The Informix Vista Aggregate Management System • For aggregate computation and management • Server-based aggregation tool • Leverage the performance, maintenance, security optimization of the server • Give maximum control and flexibility over the aggregate environment • Reduce cost by analyzing where aggregates can improve warehouse performance

  9. Performance That Can Impact Your Bottom Line • Parallel on Demand • Dynamic Incremental Optimization • Table Segmentation • Time-Cyclic Data Management • Handle time-sensitive data • Informix Red Brick Security Features • Hierarchical role-based security, rich logging • SQL-BackTrack for Informix Red Brick Warehouse • Fast,easy,safe backup and recovery of databases

  10. Integration/Scalability • Integrating Informix Red Brick Warehouse into Informix’s Decision Frontier Solution Suite • Provide clear migration path to a next generation • Provide a growth path for the future that incorporates an integrated product set to grow into as new data warehousing needs arise

  11. Conclusion • Informix Red Brick Warehouse’s robust features are the foundation of the decision-making process • Fast Processing • Particularly important when large volumes of data are involved • Easy to get departmental data • Easy to get answers to your specific questions

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