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i-Plan to Manage Myself

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i-Plan to Manage Myself. Purpose: To learn better self-management in order to use time and organizational strategies to my advantage. i-Plan to Manage Myself. Middle School means: More students, i.e. friends More independence More teachers More activities More sports More subjects

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i-Plan to Manage Myself

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i plan to manage myself

i-Plan to Manage Myself


To learn better self-management in order to use time and organizational strategies to my advantage

i plan to manage myself2
i-Plan to Manage Myself

Middle School means:

  • More students, i.e. friends
  • More independence
  • More teachers
  • More activities
  • More sports
  • More subjects
  • More responsibilities
  • More homework
  • More opportunities to “run out of time”
  • Final exams
  • The need to learn to manage yourself and your time
i plan to manage myself3
i-Plan to Manage Myself
  • The greatest difference between elementary school and middle school is taking P.R.I.D.E.- Personal Responsible in Daily Effort.
  • YOU are responsible for YOU.
  • Life is choices. All choices have consequences. CHOOSE WISELY! Even doing nothing is a choice – and the consequences put you behind everyone else.
i plan to manage myself4
i-Plan to Manage Myself
  • Have a place for everything and put everything in it’s place
  • Prepare clothes the night before
  • Pack up backpack the night before; put homework in designated homework folder
  • Save the papers your teachers indicate that you will need for final exams; Create folders for each class and store them in a box or crate designated in your study area
  • Label folders
i plan to manage myself5
i-Plan to Manage Myself
  • Use your Agenda Book daily
  • Keep your Home Study Site (you will learn about this in the Study Skills Workshop) organized & well stocked with supplies
  • Consider keeping a large calendar at home to plan long term projects
  • Design a plan to help you- i.e. if you forget your gym clothes regularly, put a post-it-note on your backpack to remind you
  • Don’t complain, blame or explain- take charge.
  • You are responsible for YOU!
i plan to manage myself6
i-Plan to Manage Myself
  • Plan to eat right & drink water
    • Good nutrition plays an important part in your academic success.
    • Students who eat breakfast usually do better in school.
    • Cut our excess sugar and caffeine, i.e. coffee and energy drinks.

Water has been proven beneficial in moving oxygen to the brain and it helps keep skin clear.

i plan to manage myself7
I-Plan to Manage Myself
  • To Eat a More Healthy Diet
  • To Get Enough Sleep
i plan to manage myself10
i-Plan to Manage Myself
  • Plan to get enough sleep
    • Eliminate late night texting or talking on phone
    • Select specific tv shows to watch; don’t just channel surf for hours
    • Set time limits on video games or computer use
    • Stick to the time limit, or you’ll find that hours have disappeared!
i plan to manage myself by managing my time
i-Plan to Manage Myself by Managing My Time
  • Consider how you spend your time:
    • Fill out the pie chart and color code your activities to analyze how you now spend your time.
i plan to manage myself12
i-Plan to Manage Myself

When considering how you spend your time, include:

Sleeping School

Personal hygiene; eating Homework

Fun time/hobbies Family

Activities/sports Chores

Revisit your plan periodically and adjust as needed.

i plan to manage myself13
i-Plan to Manage Myself
  • Consider how you could better spend your time: distribute your activities to make better use of the time you have.
  • Ben Franklin said, “Time is Money.” What is time to you?
i plan to manage myself by staying healthy
i-Plan to Manage Myselfby Staying Healthy
  • Exercise/Stretching – is great for de-stressing while studying
  • Brain Power Moves:

#1 Start at the tip of your toes- relax them. Breathe

Move to your fingers and arms- relax them. Breathe

Relax your neck. Breathe

Relax your eyes and head. Breathe

Take a few more deep breaths.

i plan to manage myself15
i-Plan to Manage Myself

#2 Stand up and march in place to move your large muscles so that they pump oxygen to the brain.

Lift your right knee, then left knee while continuing to march.

#3 Stand in place.

Roll your head forward as far as you can

At the same time, touch your hands to the

floor. Repeat 5 times.

i plan to manage myself16
i-Plan to Manage Myself

#4 (When you can’t stand.) Take deep breaths. Roll your head from side to side. Count to 5 as you breathe deeply through your nose. Repeat as needed.

#5 Lift your shoulders toward the ceiling. Move them slowly back down, forward and up again. Roll 5 times. Repeat in the opposite direction.

Tilt your head toward your right shoulder.

Roll your head slowly forward so your chin is down. Pull your head up to the left. Go back the other way. Repeat 10 times

i plan to manage myself17
i- Plan to Manage Myself


#6 Lock your fingers together behind your neck. Push your hands against your neck as you move your elbows. Push your hands against your neck as your move your elbows backwards. Count to 5. Relax your shoulders. Repeat 5X.

#7Adopt an “I Can Do” mentality. Think positive thoughts. Surround yourself with positive people. Use power words and phrases to boost your confidence and calm your worries: I’m ready. I’ll try my best. I studies for this.

i plan to manage myself by organizing my notebooks
i-Plan to Manage Myself by Organizing My Notebooks
  • Color code notebooks/folders to match texts for each subject area
  • Clearly label notebooks by subject
  • Clip pages into your notebooks right away; Remove all extra papers daily
  • Have a homework folder
  • Keep papers flat so that they don’t crinkle
  • Have a designated place for your hall pass
i plan to manage myself by organizing my backpack
i- Plan to Manage Myselfby Organizing My Backpack
  • Use and check Agenda- write all homework and assignments in it as soon as you get them. Put all needed textbooks and notebooks in backpack before leaving school.
  • Keep a place for your Agenda Book- use it daily. Record phone numbers of two students who you can call about assignments.
  • Have a place for your pencils, calculator, ruler, snack, etc.
  • Empty out unnecessary materials daily.
  • Pack up the night before so everything is ready to go in the morning. Place it by the door.
  • Keep a folder for homework, notes to go home, forms to be filled out, etc.
i plan to manage myself by organizing my locker
i-Plan to Manage Myself by Organizing My Locker
  • Locker should only contain clothing and materials you currently need.
  • Locker should be cleaned out daily.
  • Organize books and notebooks by period; replace in same order. If piled on top, put largest on bottom. Organize with spines facing outward and clearly labeled.
  • All notebooks and texts should face in the same direction and be clearly labeled.
  • Keep extra pencils/pens and paper in locker.
  • Keep a magnetic notepad on the door for reminders.
i plan to manage myself by organizing my home study area
i-Plan to Manage Myself by Organizing My Home Study Area
  • Large surface area free from distractions
  • Crate and file folders to house papers for future use; file folders should be labeled by subject
  • Comfortable chair, good lighting
  • Materials: computer, calculator, ruler, pencils, pens, highlighters, colored pencils/crayons, tape, glue, stapler, paper, hole punch, post-it-notes, white-out, paper clips, rubber bands, index cards, anything else that will support study time
i plan to mange myself by organizing my study time
i-Plan to Mange Myselfby Organizing My Study Time
  • To match my body clock
  • To eliminate distractions: turn off cell phone, tell friends not to drop by, choose the tv programs you will watch rather than watching “anything and everything,” use the computer for studying, not communicating
  • To support my learning style
  • To include reading time and daily review/rewrite of notes
  • To complete a “chunk” of a long-term project
i plan to manage myself23
i-Plan to Manage Myself

Remember: it takes commitment to organize and manage your life:


Your time

Your notebook

Your backpack

Your locker

Your study area

i plan to manage myself24
I-Plan to Manage Myself