burning of the gaspee n.
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Burning Of The Gaspee

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Burning Of The Gaspee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Burning Of The Gaspee
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Burning Of The Gaspee By Joshua Brandes

  2. Stop There! We are the Gaspee, a tax collecting ship! We need to search your ship to make sure that you aren’t smuggling We are the Hannah, and no, you don’t have the right to do that! We’re just going to float right past you!

  3. The Hannah refused to let The Gaspee search them, causing a chase!

  4. Eventually, The Gaspee got stuck in a sand bar, and couldn’t escape! Ha ha! Ooohh… ha!

  5. The Hannah arrived at the docks and told the colonists about what had happened to The Gaspee. The colonists would soon go to raid The Gaspee TheGaspee’sstuck!


  7. RAID!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yah!! Attack!!!!!!!!! Hoorah!

  9. The colonists raided The Gaspee! I didn’t do anything!! Please don’t hurt me!

  10. The ship was destroyed and lit on fire!

  11. There was an explosion!

  12. The British questioned many people to figure out who had done it… Was it you who set fire to The Gaspee? Maybe!

  13. The British had no idea who had done it!

  14. Nobody will tell me!!! Ah… so stressful!!! I can’t take it!

  15. The king never found out who had done it I guess I’ll never know, it’s too bad too, I was going to hang people!

  16. Josh Brandes thinking: I think possible main ideas are…

  17. When people are really angry (like the colonists), and nothing changes, they take action • People fight for freedom • Sometimes doing bad things (blowing up The Gaspee) can lead to good things (freedom)

  18. I think the aftermath might be…

  19. Withdrawal of all taxes • Withdrawal of some taxes • Freedom • A happy colony • More searching to figure out who blew up The Gaspee

  20. The end