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NAPBS 2009 Annual Conference, April 19-21

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NAPBS 2009 Annual Conference, April 19-21 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NAPBS 2009 Annual Conference, April 19-21. “Preparing For the Future”. Benefits of a Certified Quality Management System. General Overview

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NAPBS 2009 Annual Conference, April 19-21

“Preparing For the Future”

benefits of a certified quality management system
Benefits of a Certified Quality Management System
  • General Overview
    • Companies with a quality management system (QMS) are poised to generate better products in a more efficient manner, while also constantly striving to meet customer service goals and objectives. Internal standards serve to meet and exceed external standards, as set by our clients.
who is this guy anyway
Who Is This Guy, Anyway?

Your Speaker…

Business Development Manager, SJV & Associates

Member of NAPBS Research Provider Committee

Member of NAPBS Conference Committee Ambassador Program

Recently Published Article on QMS, In current NAPBS Journal

in our industry what is a qms
In our industry, what is a QMS?

A formalized system that documents the structure, responsibilities, and procedures required to achieve effective results, in the area of quality.

A QMS is not one piece of paper, or singular code of conduct.

They are not Golden Passes, that assure a client of perfection in all things.

QMS are evolving systems that can change or adapt in order to improve business.

in our industry what is a qms1
In our industry, what is a QMS?

What does a QMS Serve to accomplish?

Answering Phones, Customer Service Interaction, Day-to-Day Operations, Data Transmission, Quality Assurance for Research and Reporting of Results, ETC.

Each of these processes is documented, tested, and put into a formal method of training (also documented) for new and existing employees, to ensure internal standards of quality are obtained, company-wide.

in our industry what is a qms2
In our industry, what is a QMS?

Don’t all groups possess a QMS, in one form or another?

This can be a very gray area for some companies…

- Versus -

Yes, we have a third-party certified QMS to prove our efforts towards quality, accuracy, and customer satisfaction are taking place.

Uhh, yes, our QMS is intact as a system to manage quality! You betcha!

why is a qms important
Why Is a QMS Important?

Within our industry, we deal primarily with data, and more importantly, how individuals and groups interpret and report data.

Terms such as ‘Data Is Data’ or ‘All Data Is The Same’ are void of any concept of how the data is obtained, reported, and transmitted from group to group.

A QMS is important, because it provides sound structure on how the information our industry values is treated, along every step or process, from end-user to courthouse researcher, and vice versa.

why is a qms important1
Why Is a QMS Important?

The quality of data exchanged between groups is often desired to be lean, or rid of excess waste such as wrong identifiers, jurisdictions, etc.

The function of a QMS is to promote the healthiest practice possible, that will ultimately reduce the amount of waste, aka ERRORS, that occur.

Isolating procedures that are faulty or defective to prevent mistakes from occurring.

Identifying the most efficient procedures, and making their practice become mandatory.

why is a qms important2
Why Is a QMS Important?

The more efficient a company runs, the fewer errors will occur, while operating at a high rate of productivity.

This begins in training, as the documented procedures within the QMS are demonstrated and put into practice from the beginning of an employee’s tenure.

The less time spent on correcting ‘rookie mistakes’ equals more time spent interacting with your clients, developing better relationships through superior quality of service.

examples of a qms in action
Examples of a QMS In Action

Data Entry

Status Request from Vendors

Reporting Status Updates to Clients

Criminal Records, Interpretation, Validation, and Reporting

Error Reporting and Resolution

Customer Service Interaction

Vendor Evaluations

  • A proper QMS serves to enforce consistency in areas where work procedures are in place, to create the highest quality results possible.
examples of a qms in action1
Examples of a QMS In Action

We’re only human…and mistakes do and will happen in the future.

QMS don’t exist to prevent every single error from occurring, but errors that CAN be prevented, often times are caught by the processes throughout the QMS.

examples of a qms in action2
Examples of a QMS In Action

More importantly, when an error is discovered, what happens next?

Is there a set standard of how to respond to the client regarding the error?

What steps can be taken, and documented, to show that a similar error in the future will not be committed?

This is the evolution that the QMS provides, as it changes procedures to promote better quality results.

certification of a qms
Certification of a QMS

Certification of a QMS simply exhibits that you are actually doing what you ‘say’ the QMS is doing.

Third-Party certification, that has no direct bearing on your company’s goals or objectives.

Auditing of all processes within the QMS, and developing new areas where a process may be required.

Although it is not absolutely necessary to certify a QMS, there are several benefits of possessing a certification.

certification of a qms1
Certification of a QMS

As this presentation is an informative piece on the benefits of a QMS, this is neither a formal endorsement for any third-party certification, nor is this a step-by-step process on how your individual group can obtain a certification.

There are two well-known groups that provide certification to a QMS:

ISO – International Organization for Standardization

Six Sigma – Business Management Strategies

certification of a qms2
Certification of a QMS

The name of the game when it comes to certification is…


Third-party certification shows that an external group as audited your quality management system, along with your employees, to demonstrate you are performing all necessary steps to ensure the highest quality products, results, widgets, etc.

Failure to perform these steps correctly, can result in a loss of certification.

core benefits of a qms
Core Benefits of a QMS

Increased Efficiency

Companies seeking certification have given a lot of thought to their processes and how to maximize quality and efficiency.

Once certified, the processes are established and guidelines are in place for anyone to follow easily, making training, transitions, and trouble-shooting all the more easier.

core benefits of a qms1
Core Benefits of a QMS

2. Increased Revenue

Studies have shown that companies with a certified QMS experience increased productivity and improved financial performance, as compared to uncertified companies.

core benefits of a qms2
Core Benefits of a QMS

3. Employee Morale

Defined roles and responsibilities, accountability of management, established training systems, and a clear picture of how their roles affect quality and the overall success of the company, all contribute to a more satisfied and motivated staff.

core benefits of a qms3
Core Benefits of a QMS

4. National/International Recognition

Many certifications are recognized both nationally and internationally as being the authority on validating and improving existing QMS.

core benefits of a qms4
Core Benefits of a QMS

5. Factual Approach to Decision Making

Certification standards set out clear instructions for audits and process reviews that facilitate information gathering and decision making based on the data we handle.

core benefits of a qms5
Core Benefits of a QMS

6. Supplier Relationships

Mutually beneficial relationships are a key attraction towards certification.

Testing evaluations, processes for documenting changes with a supplier’s account or service, and setting up new suppliers is consistent to ensure customer satisfaction.

core benefits of a qms6
Core Benefits of a QMS

7. Documentation

Certification standards require documentation of all processes and any changes, errors, and discrepancies.

This ensures consistency throughout production, and accountability of all staff.

It also guarantees traceable records are available in case of non-compliance issues.

core benefits of a qms7
Core Benefits of a QMS

8. Consistency

All processes from research, development, production, data transmission, etc. are defined, outlined, and documented, ensuring that changes are well planned and implemented in the best possible way to maximize efficiency.

core benefits of a qms8
Core Benefits of a QMS

9. Customer Satisfaction

Client confidence is gained because of the universal acceptance of the national or international standards of certification.

Quality service is a product of efficiency and consistency.

core benefits of a qms9
Core Benefits of a QMS

10. Process Improvement

Certification outlines exist for audit processes, management reviews of company performance, and improvement processes based on the results.

Improvements are carefully planned and implemented based on factual data, using a system of documentation and analysis, to ensure the best decisions are made for the company.

now what
Now What?

We have defined what a QMS is, what it’s purpose is, and how third-party certification will enhance its purpose and a company overall.

Let’s open the floor to any questions, and also an open discussion amongst ourselves.

topics of discussion
Topics Of Discussion

Previous Experiences with QMS?

Testimony of Positive Or Negative Experiences with QMS?

Suggestions For Groups That Are Unfamiliar with QMS and Certification

Why Aren’t More Groups Aware of this, and Utilizing QMS?

Why Aren’t Potential Customers Aware of Using Groups With a QMS, Certified or Not?

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