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Requirements for Component Integration Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Requirements for Component Integration Technology

Requirements for Component Integration Technology

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Requirements for Component Integration Technology

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  1. Requirements for Component Integration Technology David Lewis FlowThru Technical Co-ordinator Department of Computer Science University College London

  2. FlowThru Overview • EU funded- started Mar’98, ends Feb’00 • Partners: • Waterford Institute of Technology(IRL), STS(UK), AlgoSystems(GR), GMD-Fokus(DE), TCD (IRL), UHC (DK), Alcatel Bell (BE), UCL (UK), Surrey University (UK), Alcatel Corporate Research (FR) • Input from: • Previous ACTS projects implementing advanced (often-TINA based) management systems • EURESCOM: methodology, trouble ticketting • Standards from TINA, TMF, ITU-T, OMG

  3. FlowThru Goals • To provide validated Guidelines on how to build management system from Reusable Components, that satisfy Business Process requirements • Disseminate results to industry via Guidelines: • Development Methodology: UML, OOSE, use cases, facades • Component Integration Technology: CORBA Components/EJB, Workflow, technology gateways • Integrate existing components from ACTS projects and demonstrate working integrated management systems • Similar to catalyst projects built from research implementations • Separate demonstrators for fulfilment, assurance and accounting

  4. FlowThru Business Context Standards Developers open standards Software Vendors open standards components and platforms Mgmt System Developers Development management applications management systems Operations Service Customer Service Provider 3rd Party Service Provider management services management services

  5. Need common mechanisms for usefully representing components at different stages of management system development lifecycle Need to hide heterogeneity/evolution in distribution technologies from component developer/user Components must directly support business processes and their interactions Need clear mechanisms for adapting components to application requirements Need to be able to “componentise” legacy systems Broad Component Integration Requirements

  6. component event mechanism workflow agent TMN API CORBA CMIP workflow application data workflow engine CORBA- CMIP gateway CMIP agent database FlowThru Approach

  7. CORBA Components/EJB • Container: • distribution support • persistency support • lifecycle support • transactions • security • event management • resource management (threads, logging, resource sharing) • Component: • multiple interfaces • emitted events • properties • introspection • session and entity types

  8. Management Service Request Management Process Rule Base Workflow Engine Invoked Component Shared (Component) Data Server Invoked Component Invoked Component Workflow Overview

  9. Workflow Components • Control flow between components delegated to Workflow engine • Data passed between components via common data server • CORBA Workflow Agents used wrap components • Workflow agents offer simple one way control flow operations and emit events on completion/exception • FlowThru investigating wrapping legacy management components in workflow agents

  10. Object group Computational Objects Object 1 Object 3 Object 2 Stream Interfaces Operational Interfaces TINA Object Model • TINA Object Definition Language (ODL)- strict superset of IDL • Multiple interfaces, stream interfaces, object groups • Version now submitted to ITU-T SG-10

  11. Component Modelling with Facades Component Requirements Capture exports Requirements model Use case model i/f Requirements Analysis trace exports Analysis model Analysis model i/f Design trace exports Design model i/f Design model Implementation exports trace Software i/f Software facade Testing Deploy

  12. TINA and CORBA Components/EJB address many of the contract issues Workflow embodies the strict separation of business and persistent data, also present in EJB session and entity bean types CORBA Components/EJB and Facades go further in support for component development, selection, modification and integration FlowThru could undertake an assessment of CORBA Components/EJB, WorkFlow and TINA ODL against GB909 is deemed useful Comparison to GB909