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InterScan Messaging Security Solutions

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InterScan Messaging Security Solutions . Filip Demianiuk Technical Channel Manager Poland & Baltic Countries Agenda – Gateway Messaging Security. Email Threats InterScan Messaging Security Solutions Beyond Gateway Messaging Security

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Presentation Transcript
interscan messaging security solutions

InterScan Messaging Security Solutions

Filip Demianiuk

Technical Channel Manager Poland & Baltic Countries

agenda gateway messaging security
Agenda – Gateway Messaging Security
  • Email Threats
  • InterScan Messaging Security Solutions
  • Beyond Gateway Messaging Security
  • Summary and Keys to Remember
spam problem
Spam Problem

75-90% of Email is Spam 1

  • Spam has increased fivefold in the last couple of years.2
  • Zombies and botnets make it easier for spammers and are now responsible for most spam
  • Spam is evolving with new techniques like image spam
  • Even if blocked from the inbox, letting spam into the network uses bandwidth, storage, and other network resources

1 Source: Gartner “Benchmarking Anti-Spam Effectiveness.” April 25, 2006 (Gartner customers report that 75-90% of the emails they receive are spam)

2 Source: Ferris The Global Economic Impact of Spam, 2005. February 2005 (Other statistics)

virus problem
Virus Problem

Viruses are only in about 2-6% of emails.1

HOWEVER, the impact can be substantial.

And the number of viruses can add up.



Instead of the mass virus attacks of the past, hackers are using viruses for monetary gain (often using more targeted attacks)


  • Bot code that allows hackers to use the victim’s machine to send spam or fraudulent emails
  • Key-logging Trojans that collect confidential information

1 Source: Gartner “Benchmarking Anti-Spam Effectiveness.” April 25, 2006 (viruses 2-6% of email)

2 Source: Computer Economics. 2005 Malware Report: The Impact of Malicious Code Attacks. January 2006. (Figure 1)

3 Source: The Radicati Group, Inc. Email Security Market, 2006-2010. June 2006 (Bar Graph)

phishing problem
Phishing Problem
  • Email fraud made up 4% of email in 20061
  • Phishing emails spoof legitimate companies and attempt to steal information
  • Phishing affects both individuals and corporations with thousands of unique phishing threats sent out every month
  • Companies need to protect themselves from loss of confidential information and potential liability


Blended threats – Malware and phishing attacks

Key-Logging Trojans also “phish” for information

Pharming Crimeware redirects users to fraudulent Web sites to steal information

1 Source: The Radicati Group, Inc. Email Security Market, 2006-2010. June 2006 (fraud 4% of email)

2 Source: Anti-Phishing Working Group. Retrieved from Web site: (fraudulent email and Web site)

targeted attacks
Targeted Attacks

Unique attacks tailored for the targeted organization

  • Viruses (such as ransom attacks)
  • Spyware in Email
  • Corporate Spear Phishing
  • Directory Harvest Attack (DHA)
    • Tries numerous variations of possible email addresses using a company’s domain
    • Goal = to acquire a valid email list for the company
    • Can use the list later for a targeted attack, such as a phishing, virus, spyware, or spam attack
  • Bounced Mail Attacks
    • Spoofs a legitimate company by inserting its domain as the email sender
    • When the receiving servers bounce the email, the bounced emails are sent to the spoofed company, flooding the server and tainting the reputation of the innocent company
data privacy protection
Data Privacy & Protection
  • Regulatory ComplianceRegulations impose mandates on data protection or privacyCan affect email and other digital communication
  • Corporate GovernanceInternal standards or policies that a company uses to govern itselfIn this case policies for appropriate use of messaging
  • Loss of Confidential InformationProtection against data leakage, whether intentional, or inadvertent
email security concerns
Email Security Concerns
  • Spam
  • Viruses
  • Network Security
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Loss of Confidential Information
  • Spyware
  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Phishing
  • Directory Harvest Attacks


1 Source: The Radicati Group, Inc. Email Security Market, 2006-2010. June 2006 (Bar Graph)

gateway email security products
Gateway Email Security Products

Same superior protection in all form factors

  • SOFTWARE: InterScan Messaging Security Suite (IMSS)
    • Flexible configuration options on customer’s own hardware and on multiple machines
    • Solution on leading operating systems: Windows, Linux and Solaris
  • APPLIANCE: InterScan Messaging Security Appliance (IMSA)
    • Easy deployment with pre-configured software
    • Redundant, high-throughput appliance optimized for security and performance
  • HOSTED SERVICE: InterScan Messaging Hosted Security (IMHS)
    • Immediate deployment by simply redirecting the MX record
    • Added security and bandwidth by keeping threats completely off the network
    • Reduced hardware and software purchases and maintenance
comprehensive messaging protection
Comprehensive Messaging Protection

Award-Winning Anti-Virus – includes zero-day protection

Anti-Spyware –protection against spyware in email

Multi-Tier Anti-Spam – Network Reputation Services, IP Profiler, and our anti-spam composite engine for high effectiveness with low false positives

Anti-Phishing – reputation services, signatures, and heuristics aimed at phishing

Inappropriate Content – content filtering enforces compliance and prevents data leakage

multi tier anti spam
Multi-Tier Anti-Spam

Highly Effective Solution

Network Reputation Services – First Defense

  • Global and dynamic reputation services
  • Blocks up to 80% before entering the network

IP Profiler – Patent-Pending Technology

  • Customer-specific reputation services based on company email traffic, keeps threats off network
  • Firewall against DHA and bounced mail attacks

Anti-Spam Composite Engine – Guards Inbox

  • Stops any remaining spam before it enters inbox
  • Integrates statistical analysis, heuristics, signatures, whitelists, blacklists and more
  • Patent-pending image spam detection technology
network reputation services
Network Reputation Services

Network Reputation Services

  • Global: Verifies IP addresses against the world’s largest, most trusted reputation database
  • Dynamic: Identifies new spam and phishing sources, stopping even zombies and botnets when they first emerge

Fights off spam at the source

  • Before it enters the gateway
  • Uses email samples and sender histories to accurately determine the reputation
  • Leaves only a small percentage of mail to be filtered by the traditional scanning
  • Saves bandwidth, storage, and other network resources
ip profiler
IP Profiler


Reputation Services



DHA Attacks

Bounced Mail

Customers set thresholds

  • Duration emails from an IP Address are monitored
  • Percentage of emails from that IP Address that contain the email threat
  • Total mails that need to be received to be considered a relevant sample
  • Triggering actions – what happens when these thresholds are met (block temporarily or block permanently)

Provides customer-specific reputation services by blocking IP addresses that exceed set thresholds—also keeps threats completely off the network

Additional Information

trend micro anti spam composite engine
Trend Micro Anti-Spam Composite Engine

What is Trend Micro Anti-Spam Composite Engine?

Trend Micro anti-spam composite engine uses a “cocktail” approach to block both spam and phishing emails.

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Advanced Heuristics
  • Signature Filtering
  • Whitelists/Blacklists
  • Multilingual Spam Detection
  • Patent-Pending Image Spam Detection Technology

Industry Proven Technology

Install base of over 25 million seats over the past four years

image spam detection
Image Spam Detection

Patent-PendingImage Spam Detection

Boils down to the core of the email—for example, strips out background and text colors, dimensions, and other randomized elements

Enables just a few main signatures to stop all of the numerous variations

award winning antivirus and anti spyware
Antivirus – Email and Attachments

Pattern files

Zero-day protection

Zero-day protection applies heuristics to detect unknown viruses

For example, IntelliTrap stops viruses based on the tools used to hide the virus and not the virus code itself--no signature is required

Anti-spyware and other malware protection for email

ActiveAction provides automated responses to viruses, spyware, and other malware

Award-Winning Antivirus and Anti-Spyware
anti phishing

Technologies specific to phishing

  • Phishing signatures
  • Heuristics for phishing indicators
  • Reputation services block known phishers
  • Embedded URL reputation

Customers can set

policy rules for

phishing emails

protection from targeted attacks
Protection from Targeted Attacks
  • Technologies that prevent known attacks will not work (for example, signatures and reputation services)
  • Instead we apply predictive techniques--zero-day protection, heuristics, and behavior analysis
    • Antivirus = prevents virus attacks aimed at specific organizations (for example, ransom attacks)
    • Anti-spyware = stops the more targeted spyware attacks sent through email.
    • DHA and bounced mail protection (IP Profiler) = protects against bounced mail attacks anddirectory harvest attacks, which can result inadditional targeted attacks
    • Anti-phishing = blocks corporate spear phishing
data privacy and protection
Data Privacy and Protection

Enforce Content Compliance

  • Minimize legal liability
  • Comply with regulations (SOX, HIPAA, …)
  • Support internal messaging standards
  • Prevent data leakage
  • Antivirus stops any malware sent by email that could potentially damage or corrupt data.
  • Anti-phishing helps to prevent the theft of confidential information.
  • Anti-spyware stops the potentially more targeted attacks sent by email which attempt to steal corporate data.
  • Flexible content filtering enables the efficient inspection of messages to ensure that data does not improperly leave the organization.
content filtering
Content Filtering

Inbound and outbound content filters scan emails and attachments

  • Specify Protected Content
    • Attachment characteristics (true file type, name, size, etc.)
    • Keywords, lexicons, and preset dictionaries
    • Customize with Boolean and regular expressions
  • Select Authorized Senders or Recipients
    • Company-wide, department, group, or individual
  • Designate Appropriate Enforcement
    • Delete, quarantine, notify, postpone, pass, encrypt with TLS, or archive
    • Add company specific legal disclaimers to email text
easy management
Easy Management
  • High performance
  • Highly scalable solution
  • Single Web-based management console
  • Centralized policy, quarantine, archive, logging, and reporting
  • Delegated administration
  • Message tracking with flexible search criteria
  • End-User Quarantine
policy reporting enhancements
Policy & Reporting Enhancements


  • Intuitive policy creation
    • Inbound or outbound or both
    • Select what to filter
    • Select the action
    • Review and assign order


  • One-time and scheduled reports
  • Reports on mail traffic, viruses, spam, content, policy, Network ReputationServices, and IP Profiler
return on investment
Return on Investment
  • Keeps threats out of the inbox—increasing productivity and preventing staff from falling victim to malware and phishing
  • End-User Quarantine and quarantine notification emails allow users to efficiently manage their own spam
  • Messaging tracking and reports provide detailed system views
  • Single Web console, LDAP integration, and delegated administration make management easy, freeing IT staff
  • End-user spam management reduces the burden on IT
  • Stopping threats at the perimeter, often before they even enter the gateway (using reputation and/or hosted services)
  • Solutions provide security and preserve bandwidth, storage, and other network resources
  • Data protection helps reduce legal fees and settlements, retain customers, and preserve the company reputation

Enforce security

policy on every

network device

Monitor network

and Internet for potential threats

Customized and comprehensive centralized management

Recover via automated cleanup of viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware

Prevent damage by stopping threats

Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy – A Complete Network Security Framework

summary and key points
Summary and Key Points
  • InterScan Messaging Security solutions offer integrated, comprehensive security at the enterprise perimeter
  • All email pain points are addressed:
    • Multi-tier anti-spam with cutting-edge, patent-pending technologies
    • Award-winning antivirus with zero-day protection and anti-spyware
    • Anti-phishing with phishing-specific technologies
    • Targeted attack prevention using predictive techniques
    • Data protection to enforce compliance and prevent data leakage
  • Minimizes risks and costs, providing high return on investment
    • The solutions are optimized to keep threats off the network, increasing security and network resources
    • Easy management reduces the burden in IT staff, freeing them for other projects
    • Data security helps stop data leakage, reduce legal fees and settlements, retain customers, and preserve the company reputation, mitigating these business risks
gateway security leader
Gateway Security Leader

Trend Micro pioneered gateway antivirus security and is the market share leader – IDC1

“Having been founded in 1988, Trend Micro has nearly two decades of experience in the enterprise, service provider, mid-sized, SOHO and consumer security market. With many years of success behind it, the company has grown to be a current global leader in network security” – Radicati 2

Trend Micro started in antivirus and has expanded into a comprehensive network security company, providing a strong, unified defense for its customers.

1 IDC, Worldwide Antivirus 2006–2010 Forecast Update and 2005 Vendor Analysis, Doc ##204715, Dec 2006

2 Source: The Radicati Group, Inc. Email Security Market, 2006-2010. June 2006

product levels
Product Levels

Threat protection is packaged in different levels

* IMHS Standard = complete inbound protection with streamlined managementIMHS Advanced = granular access and control for inbound and outbound traffic with flexible content filtering, similar to IMSS and IMSA

ip profiler34
IP Profiler

Firewall against DHA and Bounced Mail Attacks

IP Profiler applies additional information to block directory harvest attacks

  • Number of recipients that can be listed in an email
  • Number of non-existing recipients (this technology is LDAP integrated)

IP Profiler also conducts other behavioral

analysis to block DHAs

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ip profiler how it works
IP Profiler – How It Works
  • Records all inbound and outbound SMTP traffic
  • Reports records on email traffic from each IP Address to a database
  • The emails are scanned by the anti-spam composite engine
  • The results of the scanning engine are reported to the database
  • The traffic from the IP Address is profiled by cross referencing the recorded traffic with the scanning results

For example, total messaging from the IP Address vs. spam messages from the IP Address

  • This outcome is compared against the user thresholds
  • If the outcome exceeds the thresholds, the trigger action is applied Block Permanently (SMTP 5xx) or Block Temporarily (SMTP 4xx)

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ip profiler management
IP Profiler Management

Manage currently


IP Addresses

Display Logs

  • Total spam emails
  • Total malicious attempts
  • Total connections
  • Percentage of malicious attempt in the overall number of connections

Administrators can select IP Addresses and permanently or temporarily block these IP Addresses

Can create global white/black lists for IP/Domains which will apply to both NRS and IP Profiler

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