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Department of Music

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Department of Music. Valdosta State University. Background. Bachelor of Music University of Cambridge (1464) 1 Music Degrees in the United States Singing School in Boston, Mass. (1717) 1 Literary Societies (1800s) 2 Boston Academy of Music (1832) 1 Yale University (1899) 2. Background.

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department of music

Department of Music

Valdosta State University

  • Bachelor of Music
    • University of Cambridge (1464)1
  • Music Degrees in the United States
    • Singing School in Boston, Mass. (1717) 1
    • Literary Societies (1800s)2
    • Boston Academy of Music (1832) 1
    • Yale University (1899) 2
  • Music at Valdosta State University3
    • Georgia State Women’s College (1924-1949)
    • Valdosta State College (1950-1969)
    • Valdosta State University (Present)
  • National Association of Schools of Music (NASM)4
    • Founded in 1924
    • VSU Accreditation

1 Bachelor of Music. Retrieved from

2 Rudolph, F. (1990). The American college & university: A history. Athens, London: The University of Georgia Press.

3 Schools of Arts- Music Department. (1924-1969). [Multiple documents]. Box 2, Folders 6-9. Valdosta State University Archives.

4 National Association of Schools of Music. Retrieved from

  • Focus group
  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Document analysis
  • Informal conversations



Love for music

“Provides an astatic outlet for students who like to perform music”

- Faculty Member

“Music is more like a passion for me, I enjoy the whole aspect of working hard to get up on stage and perform a piece” - Student from Focus Group

Drive to excel

“One on one teaching” “ Quest for excellence. Develop yourself as much as you can” - Faculty Member

Time Management

Required Classes/Events

VERY lengthy list of Events to attend on the calendar page on the Music Department website.

Private Lessons/Ensembles

Outside work is involved


Participate with campus and community

9 Student Ensembles; 4 faculty Ensembles

Marching Band being the most visible

Wide Variety of offerings (Vocal and Instrument)

They are a growing department

8 different bachelor’s degree concentrations

Areas of Study: Brass, Jazz, Keyboard, Percussion, Strings, Voice, and Woodwinds, Education

2 master’s degrees, 1 minor in music, New Masters of Conducting Major

Intertwined liberal arts and specific degree requirements

Audition dictates which program you will be placed in.

  • Problems:
    • Time Management (Learning)

“ A very lonely lifestyle. Have to be devoted spending long hours by yourself in a practice room going over and over the same things. The key to success is repetition.” - Faculty Member

“Learn to mange your time wisely so you can be efficient and get all the work done. Because it is not just homework and classes you have to do. You have get in your own personal practice time. Hours every day.” -Graduate Student

    • If they get sick
      • Allowed to only miss 3 days
    • Lack of communication with other majors
    • Lack of Free time
    • Isolation from the outside

“You come in the building you have been here so long and the sky has changed” –Student from focus group

  • Stress
    • Auditions
    • Recitals
    • Juries

“Have to be able to take criticism. They grade you on that performance alone” - Graduate Student

  • Methodological
  • Togetherness
    • Precision
  • Aesthetics and artistry
  • Isolation
  • Pressure
    • “There is that pressure to be perfect, but honestly the main goal has to be proficiency and not perfection.”
student responsibilities
Student responsibilities
  • Practice
  • Performances
  • Recitals
  • Juries
  • Auditions
different perspectives
Different perspectives
  • Faculty
    • Different teaching style from other departments
    • More interaction with students
    • Skill
  • Graduate vs. Undergraduate experience
    • “Conflict of interest”
    • “Faculty understand that I am there to make their job easier”
obstacles to overcome
Obstacles to overcome
  • Facilities
    • Poor condition
  • Budget
    • “Adequate to maintain, not adequate to grow”
    • “Music and the arts are very expensive areas to fund”
  • Presentation
    • “Music needs its own setup”