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Business Intelligence, Analytics & Reporting Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Intelligence, Analytics & Reporting Workshop

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Business Intelligence, Analytics & Reporting Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NOREX Select. Business Intelligence, Analytics & Reporting Workshop. Presentation by NOREX Select Member. Agenda. Introductions IT Manager E&P Systems COI Production IT Supervisor EDW Company information (company) Facts Growth Structure and Culture (company) Business Intelligence

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Presentation Transcript

NOREX Select

Business Intelligence, Analytics & Reporting Workshop

Presentation by NOREX Select Member

  • Introductions
    • IT Manager E&P Systems COI Production
    • IT Supervisor EDW
  • Company information
    • (company) Facts
    • Growth
    • Structure and Culture
  • (company) Business Intelligence
    • Overview
    • In The Beginning
    • Current State
    • Next Steps
  • Discussion
structure and culture
Structure and culture
  • Independent Business Units
    • Vertically aligned by functional areas, i.e. Land, Geology, Drilling
    • Shifting toward Shale aligned teams
  • Variations in Maturity
    • Areas maturing at different pace
    • IT teams set to support vertical areas
  • Speed to Market
    • (location)
    • (location)
    • (name) Drilling
  • Supply Chain Control
    • (name) Trucking
    • (name) Manufacturing
overview increasing complexity
Overview: Increasing Complexity
  • Growth accompanied by increase in type of data generated, the amount of data captured & demand for information
  • Information is shared throughout the enterprise using reports…
    • created in various toolsets that overlap in functionality
    • based on data gathered from multiple sources with different business rules applied
    • shared through e-mail, department shared drives, etc.
information platform team
Optimize current state, develop the next set of competencies & evolve to meet increasing complexity around information delivery

Define standards that enable delivery of consistent information in a relevant format to support business processes & decisions

Organize information within business context, maintain descriptive metadata, & support appropriate latency/frequency of information

Establish a standard application portfolio to support common reporting/analysis requirements & manage core platform components

Drive competency & consistency via architectural guidance, education & support

Provide business skills, analytical skills & IT skills required to deliver business focused solutions

Guiding Principles

Early & continuous delivery of information valuable to the business

Seek to understand – learn why before focusing on how

Handle complexity, present simplicity – maximize work not required of users

Information Platform Team
information platform conceptual model
Information PlatformConceptual Model





business definition

direct access



data sources


next steps optimize current state develop new competencies
Build out Information Platform approach (business driven/business context)

Create advisory committee of key application owners & users

Expected inputs & outputs from the team

Define baseline artifacts

IP portfolio (appropriate tools for baseline activities & requirements)

Inventory existing toolsets & skills

Identify duplication or deficiencies

Build guidelines based on the right mixture of applications & solutions

Work with Data Integrity Team to validate systems of record & capture descriptive metadata for existing data elements

Next Steps:Optimize Current State & Develop New Competencies
in the beginning
Custom Dashboard – Silverlight based dashboard over SSAS Cube with several production volume related KPIs

Monthly: Gross\Net - Gas\Oil\Water

Daily: Gross\Net - Gas\Oil\Water

Hourly Operated Gas

Downtime by Category and %

Lease Operating Expense (LOE) by Cost and Category

AFE: Drill and Non-Drill

Financials: Income and Cash flow\Avg Realized Price\Cash flow by component.

In the beginning…
in the beginning1
Custom Off The Shelf Dashboards

Reviewed several vendor applications:

Tableau -


Rich analytics

Deep dive dashboard

Purchased in another group


IT centric when building

Learning curve

In the beginning…
in the beginning2
Dundas -


Scorecards & Microsoft Partner so familiar product

Integrates with current tools



IT Heavy

iDashboards –


highly visual interface

Look and feel


No OLAP support

Java based

In the beginning…
current state
Current State

Reporting Tools

  • Excel
  • Access
  • Reporting Services – custom reporting
  • Spotfire – Used in various areas for group and individual reporting
    • COI Operations
    • Drilling
    • Reservoir
  • Hyperion IR
    • HR Analytics
    • Financials
current state1
Performance Point Dashboards–

Near-real Time Production – Hourly gas production with confidence factor

Gas Rate by day – gross operated MCFPD

Current State
information platform portfolio foundation technologies
Information Platform PortfolioFoundation Technologies

PeopleSoft Analytics

Microsoft BI

(SSRS, Performance

Point, SharePoint)

Oracle BI

Custom Applications

Roadmap Item

central delivery point

Hyperion IR




Oracle BI





Oracle BI

Microsoft BI


business definition

direct access



data sources


EDW WellView RigViewSiteViewGplat

Aries Artesia PeopleSoft…

next steps
Oracle OBIEE

HR Analytics (PeopleSoft) – currently under reviewed by Midstream group

Explore Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform

SharePoint 2010

Office 2010

Power pivot / Pivot Viewer

Excel Services

Next Steps:

Contributed Documents:

IT PROJECT PRIORITIZATION. This document describes a company's single prioritized project stack that streamlines the process all projects must undergo. 1 Page (50-030)