management control activity process for the army 15 october 2008 n.
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Management Control Activity Process for the Army 15 October 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Management Control Activity Process for the Army 15 October 2008

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Management Control Activity Process for the Army 15 October 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Management Control Activity Process for the Army 15 October 2008
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  1. Management Control Activity Process for the Army15 October 2008 Judy Loncaric Lead AMC Integration Support Office (LAISO) DSN 788-7791 Commercial 256-842-7791

  2. Purpose and Objectives of Management Control Activity • Maintain record of contractor Government Furnished Materiel requirements • Provide authorization checks on contractor requisitions for Government Furnished Materiel • Track recovery of actual Government Furnished Material costs associated with commercial repair • Help the Army Audit Agency to audit stocks of Government Furnished Material to verify contract compliance • Ensure obligations of Non-AWCF funded contracts

  3. Management Control Activity Organizational Points of Contact • PROGRAM DESIGN RESPONSIBLE OFFICERS: • Supply Business Team Lead: Ms. Debbie Daniel (Commercial 256-842-0847) • Supply Business Areas Lead: Ms. Maxine Townsend (Commercial 256-313-4250) • SME Support who can provide more details on the process: Integrated Materiel Management Center Supply Management Branch Ms. Doris Peoples (DSN 256-876-8411)

  4. Management Control Activity-Government Furnished Materiel • The MCA operations are performed within our current legacy system (Commodity Command Standard System) that resides at the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) and U. S. Army Tank and Automotive Command (TACOM). • We stood up our first Command (Communications and Electronics Command) under LMP in 2003 and is the only LCMC using limited MCA functions in the SAP environment. Some of the functionality being used are: • MCA process in SAP can handle validations • MCA Table is set up in SAP for all GFM requirement details by contract • PADDS contracts do not encompass GFM components – disconnect in logistics and financial management • Effort is underway to migrate the current functionality in our Logistics Modernization Program platform for AMCOM on 9 March 2009 and follow-on with TACOM in FY2010.

  5. FACSIMILE EMAIL HARDCOPIES MAIL CALL-INs DESEX A428 AUTODIN - IN A835 STOCK-PRO A834 MARVS A837 GMCA DATABASE MCA CONTRACTS W/GFM LISTINGS GFM/MCA CONTRACTOR REQUISITION PROCESSING AE_ /AS_(RQN status) AE_ (RQN status) / AS_ AX1_ CONTRACTOR REQUISITIONS EXTERNAL SOS DAMES (Automated) DAAS AX2_ AO_ (RQNs) A3_ A3_ Passing Order AX1 AX2 W/2M or Other (MROs) AE_ RQN Status AE_/AS_ RQN Status To MCA MROs (Thru DAAS) A3_ AO_ AX1 AE_/AS__ Materiel Shipments To Contractors STORAGE DEPOTS A5_ ITEM ACCOUNTING A402 (Suspends AO_ and Validates to MCA/AX1) AUTODIN – OUT A5_ AX1 AX2 HEART A403 AE_ RQNs AO_ Key Plus (Req Entries) MCA A685 I/A CLOSEOUT (File Updates) AE_ /AS_ AX1 (EXT SOS) AX2 AX1 (Creates AX2) W/2M status Code AE_/AS_ AX2 Not Auth AX2 (EXT SOS) RQN Passed Funding Criteria DIC-YJE (Internal) DIC-YT_ UNFUNDED REJECTS NSN Auth Qty Entries Authorized (Yes) DIC-YKN DIC-YD_ (External) (Funding Key Entries) EOR/JONO AMS-cd/MRRN (AWCF) Creates Funding Obligations in SOMARDS or FAD File (AWCF) SUSPENDED REJECTS

  6. Management Control Activity Reporting Capabilities • Management Control Activity reports are generated within the legacy system and are provided to the Defense Contract Management Agency by the Management Control Activity personnel on a quarterly basis. • The Congressional 50/50 rule reporting requirements are provided on a monthly basis. • The legacy Government Control Management Activity History Files maintain the complete vendor, contract, and Government Furnished Materiel data for all contracts which includes Government Furnished Material authorizations. Goal: Reporting Capability in LMP FY09

  7. Management Control Activity Functionality Planned for LMP • Delta 65 – MCA contract or Delivery/Call Order Number, CLIN and Sub-CLIN Validation • Delta 66 – MCA Command Specific Criteria • Delta 68 – MCA XU and XR Validation • Delta 70 – X88 Header Automatic Load Development • Delta 71 – ICP Security • Delta 73 – Automatic Load of MCA Table for New Contract (DIC YJE) • Delta 74 - Additional fields to MCA Table • Delta 75 – Automatic Upload of Mass Quantities for Funding Key (DIC YKN) Currently in testing Tentatively Scheduled for November 2008 Release

  8. Summary • Army is on track to migrate Management Control Activity capability that resides in their legacy system to the Logistics Modernization Program Functionality Reporting Capability