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Animal Testing

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Animal Testing. By: Daniel Calabrese/Researcher, Jay Palmeri/ Tech Designer, and Amanda Savas/Writing Coordinator and Group Leader . Introduction of Animal Testing.

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animal testing
Animal Testing

By: Daniel Calabrese/Researcher, Jay Palmeri/ Tech Designer, and Amanda Savas/Writing Coordinator and Group Leader

introduction of animal testing

Introduction of Animal Testing

Animal testing is a very debatable issue. It has gone on for many years, and it is not right. Cosmetics shouldn’t be tested on animals, but medicine is a whole different story. This issue is debated on in this presentation with Pros and Cons. This issue has been going on for a long time, and it should be taken care of. This presentation should help you decide are you for or against animal testing.


··Suffering and death of Animals but it stops suffering and death of humans

·It is possible to experiments of animals without being cruel

·Live animals are the best for testing medicines and toxins

·In some countries you have to test medicines before them on the market because of this the medicines might not work and endanger human health even more. It could make a person sicker.

·Humans share many genes with chimpanzees. This makes their reactions similar, and this can help us predict the possible reactions of the human patient. It would crueler to risk the life of a human when you can test the medicine on an animal.

V Veterinary Medicines are a subject looked at a lot. In the interests of animals the experiment and surgeries on themselves. If testing them on animal medicines that don’t work and make them suffer, isn’t that the same thing as testing human medicines on animals that don’t work?


Animals have the right to be treated as well as humans. This principle means that animals should never be experimented upon whatever the potential gain for humanity. To infect monkeys with the AIDS virus or to expose rodents to toxic chemicals and radiation is cruel.

Few breakthroughs have been made as a result of animal experimentation.

Most animal experiments are done on animals that are nothing like human beings: rats and mice. The reaction of a mouse to a substance is no guide to human reactions.

It is only acceptable to test human medicines on human beings if they volunteer. Non-human animals are never able to give such consent.

Animal Testing can cost the American public over $136 billion annually.

Between 25 and 50 billion animals are meaninglessly killed in laboratories each year.

Drugs that pass animal tests end up harming or killing humans about 61% of the time


Animal testing is okay for medicine, but I am completely against it for cosmetics. I can’t stand hurt animals like that, but it is okay when it could be to save innocent lives. Although it is very unfair to risk an animal’s life by giving it a virus that has infected humans and then give it a vaccine that doesn’t work. Though there are scientists testing animals for research, and I am totally against torturing or killing an animal for just research.

summary and bibliography
Summary and Bibliography
  • USA Today Article by David Bossman~

All in all, animal testing should only be done when there a dire emergency!