eastern small eyed snake n.
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Brisbane Extremely Venomous Snake - Eastern Small - Eyed Snake PowerPoint Presentation
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Brisbane Extremely Venomous Snake - Eastern Small - Eyed Snake

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Brisbane Extremely Venomous Snake - Eastern Small - Eyed Snake - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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As the name implies they are found east of Australia from cape york peninsula following all the way down towards Victoria.\n\nFor more: https://brisbane-snake-catcher.com.au/small-eyed-snake/

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eastern small eyed snake

Eastern Small - Eyed Snake

(hinoplocephalus nigrescens)

eastern small eyed snake hinoplocephalus nigrescens
Eastern Small - Eyed Snake (hinoplocephalus nigrescens)
  • The Small - eyed snake is an extremely venomous land snake often mistaken for a Red  - bellied black snake however they are even more toxic, fatalities are known in Australia from this species.

Often they are a dark grey to a dark black, look very similar to a juvenile red bellied snake however generally have pinkish or cream under belly's. They are a fairly small sized snake on average reaching up to 1 meter as an adult.

habitat distribution
Habitat & Distribution

As the name implies they are found east of Australia from  cape York peninsula following all the way down towards Victoria.


Active by night will shelter beneath rocks, logs and bark that has fallen from tree's. They can be a rather defenses snake and will get upset easily if disturbed.


Primarily preys on Lizards, eggs and occasionally other snakes and frogs.



This is simply an educational guide and in no way should you attempt to identify a snake yourself without the appropriate training to do so. Many of snakes are misleading as they vary in color, size etc. Doing so often leads to incorrect identification which could result to life threatening outcomes. Always call a licensed snake catcher if necessary. Below is a selection of some of the common snakes you may come across within Brisbane

our snakes vary greatly in color size

Our snakes vary greatly in color, size and patterns. For instance contrary to popular belief an Eastern brown does not have to be brown! this it is why it is a must to have a professional ID the snake

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