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Mobile Website’s Benefits PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile Website’s Benefits

Mobile Website’s Benefits

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Mobile Website’s Benefits

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  1. Mobile Website's Benefits Tel: 888-310-8074 E-mail:

  2. Whether your business is small or big, a website is a necessity. If you don’t have a website, then your consumers may not be aware of your existence. But, today more than having a website, it is important to have a mobile website.

  3. Switching Over to Smart Phones • Smart phones are taking over the PC world. • More and more people are switching to smart phones and with rapid development in this field the internet experience on smart phones is well comparable with PC. • Since 2010, mobile searches have grown to four times.

  4. Mobile Websites • A mobile website is an easy way to keep up with the consumer on the go. • You need a mobile presence that improves your brand and taps into the fast growing mobile audience. • With the increase in smart phone users, with a mobile website, you allow your customers to find you, call you, refer you, and even save your information to their address book, all in the palm of their hand.

  5. Benefits of Mobile Websites… • Your consumers can access your products and services 24/7 through your website and you can reach the target audience quickly. • Mobile websites enhance the user experience and satisfaction with easy accessibility.

  6. Benefits of Mobile Websites… • Amobile website gets listed on Google Mobile Search and receives priority ranking over non mobile websites that helps in getting the competitive advantage over competitors without a mobile website. • Increased download speed. This can reduce the waiting time of the people and encourage for more browsing.

  7. Benefits of Mobile Websites… • Websites that have not been optimized for mobile browsing are often difficult to read, scroll through or zoom into. These types of sites have a higher bounce rate of people navigating away from them. • Mobile websites provides the opportunity for the application to utilize the click-to-call option for the users to contact with the business people.

  8. Benefits of Mobile Websites • One of the best medium for ad promotion since it can reach more audience effectively through the hand-held machine. • Mobile websites are more flexible, easy and cost effective than developing a mobile app.

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