geometry measurement l.
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Geometry/Measurement. Cohort Meeting 3 8:30-3:30 November 20, 2008 Mid-Central Educational Cooperative. Check-In. Ground Rules Introductions Lunch (11:30). Quick Images. Problem-solving Activity.

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geometry measurement


Cohort Meeting 3


November 20, 2008

Mid-Central Educational Cooperative

check in
  • Ground Rules
  • Introductions
  • Lunch (11:30)
problem solving activity
Problem-solving Activity
  • Use the trapezoid, the triangle, and the blue rhombus from your pattern blocks to complete parts A, B, and C of this question.
  • Taken from 3-5 Assessment Sampler

Measurement Concepts with TangramsUsing Nonstandard Units-being able to measure something without a tape measure is a skill that students need to know how to do but struggle with

what is an angle
What is an ANGLE?
  • Jot down some ideas on what you believe an angle is
case study 14
Case Study-14
  • What are Angles?
game angle measurement questions to ask students
Game: Angle Measurement: Questions to ask Students
  • How do you know when one angle is greater than another?
  • What benchmark angles can you use to help estimate the size of an angle?
  • Do the lengths of the sides of the angles influence which angle is greater?
case study 15
Case Study-15
  • Angles and Turning
this is an angle device that i created
This is an angle device that I created
  • to represent two rays that have a common end point.
  • Walk around with a partner and find different angles and write down what kind of a turn that was made to create an angle
  • Page 150-151 Sizing Up Measurement 3-5
exploratory activity
Exploratory Activity
  • Using the measuring device that was just created, how would I figure out what a quarter, half, three-quarters rotation would measure.
  • 360 degrees is what a complete rotation is worth. This is a fact. A piece of information that you just need to tell the students.

Talk about recipe card

angles and angle measures
Angles and Angle Measures
  • Do activity 1-2 page 50-51 in FG
  • Activities from Geometry Camp


  • “What is an Angle”
Where are your students with the definition of angles?Talk at your tables-share large groupAn Assessment of Student’s
  • A seven-day lesson plan
  • Each group of 3 will read and be ready to share with the large group ideas on how to make angles and exploratory activity
  • Chart paper and sharing
math thinkers article
Math Thinkers Article
  • Everyone Needs a Positive Story
  • Rose
  • Sheryl
  • Deb O.
  • Dodie
  • Kelsey
  • Karen
leadership madison
Leadership - Madison
  • June 15 – 12:00

June 18 – 2:00

  • Attending bonus
sd counts 4 5 6
SD Counts 4-5-6
  • Continue with meetings 2-3/year
  • Do you have new math leaders who want to come on board
  • Willing to teach mini foundations?
  • Do you want to continue on as math leaders?
last meeting
Last meeting
  • December 18
  • Presenters-Joleen, Sherry, Jolene, Karen, Renee
  • Read-Chapter 9 in Van De Walle book-share 2 big ideas
  • Measurement Activity
    • Cut 3 pieces of string. Ask the students how long they believe the string is and how do they know?