blinn college academic dual credit program
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Blinn College Academic Dual Credit Program

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Blinn College Academic Dual Credit Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blinn College Academic Dual Credit Program. What is Academic Dual Credit?. Academic Dual Credit allows qualified high school students to earn high school graduation credit and college credit for the same class. *THE CLASS IS A COLLEGE COURSE!

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blinn college academic dual credit program
Blinn College

Academic Dual Credit Program

what is academic dual credit

What is Academic Dual Credit?

Academic Dual Credit allows qualified high school students to earn high school graduation credit and college credit for the same class.


**The dual credit student will have a permanent COLLEGE transcript in addition to an official high school transcript!

benefits of dual credit

Benefits of Dual Credit

Earntransferable college hours***

Intellectual challenge: “Advanced Measure” for DAP with a grade of A or B in the college class

Access to all Blinn College facilities and events [academic, athletic, music, theater] with Blinn ID

***Students are responsible for confirming that courses are required for 4 year college/university degree plans and/or accepted at a private institution

dual credit saves you money
Dual credit saves you money!

2012-20133 Hrs [1 class]

  • H.S. Dual Credit Student $309 (Tuition support is provided by some ISDs)
  • Traditional Blinn Student $369*
  • Sam Houston State Univ. $950*
  • Texas State $1,200*
  • Texas A&M $1,200*

*Approximation of 2012-2013 “tuition and fees” only, which does not include

room and board or textbooks

College for Texans website:

what courses can you take to earn dual credit
What courses can you take to earn dual credit?
  • The following are most often selected as

academic dual credit classes; however, the

choices vary by high school

  • ENGLISH [1301 & 1302]
  • GOVERNMENT [2305]; ECONOMICS [2301]
  • HISTORY [1301 & 1302]

***Others as determined by your principal and HS counselors

admission requirements
Admission Requirements
  • Must have completed sophomore year of HS
  • Must have at least a “B+” average in all high school work (at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale)
  • Must have written permission from the HS principal
  • Must meet the appropriate TSI [“College Readiness”] scores or be exempt from THEA or Accuplacer test based on SAT or ACT or Exit Level TAKS scores [We cannot use PSAT scores]
  • NEW State of TX law: Must have a Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination if attending a class on any collegecampus; this does not apply to students who attend college classes only on a HS campus
  • You are required to pass a “College Readiness” test
    • Blinn offers both the THEA-QT & Accuplacer tests
  • College courses are demanding! You are

expected to do college level work. You are

considered to be a college student!

  • College courses require more TIME! Please consider your extra-curricular activities and schedules!
  • DC requires strong self-discipline & self-direction!
  • DC costs money (books, supplies)!

* Bills for Fall 2012 will be mailed July 2012

**Payment must be made by August 24, 2012

additional challenges
Additional Challenges
  • Texas Administrative Code 74.26:

“Credit for courses for high school graduation may be earned only if the student received a grade of 70 or above on a scale of 100…”

THEREFORE: If you earn below a 70 in your dual credit class, you may not graduate from high school! It is DUAL credit!

  • Class dates and assignmentsfollow the Blinn Collegecalendar! [e.g. Labor Day, In-service days, Spring Break, final exams!]
College Expectations:
  • Prepare for class in advance
    • Read the text ahead of time and be prepared to apply, not repeat, what you have read
    • Study! Plan 4-6 hours per week per class
    • Know when to ask for help from your instructor!
    • Take thorough notes! Do not count on a “review sheet”
    • Attendclass: Blinn College does have an Attendance Policy! [Will extra-curricular activities make this an issue you should consider?]
  • Grading & Reporting will be
  • Different: HS vs. College Grading Scales
  • Grading is very different in college classes, as college classes are not on a “6 Weeks” schedule and do not have report cards, “6 Weeks” tests and grades or “Midterm” grades. Only a FINAL GRADE is recorded at the end of the semester on the HS and on the College transcripts
  • Students are responsible for following the course syllabus and keeping track of the number of points you could have earned at any time in the semester and
  • …...keeping your parents informed!
  • ****Grades are not mailed out.
dual credit an exceptional opportunity
Dual Credit:An Exceptional Opportunity
  • Join over 1,400+ other high school students who are beginning their college degrees through the Blinn College Academic Dual Credit Program, while simultaneously fulfilling high school graduation requirements!

Take the challenge, and get

a head start!

  • Mrs. Cathy Stuckert,

Director, Blinn College Academic Dual Credit Program


  • Mrs. Georgann Smith, Dual Credit Specialist