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Which is better?. Grabbing attention. Task: Persuade me to eat pizza My pizza is really nice. How can I grab the reader’s attention?. Grabbing Attention. 1. Pizza. It’s the f ood of the gods; dish of the people. 2. What kind of person doesn’t eat pizza?

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Grabbing attention
Grabbing attention

Task: Persuade me to eat pizza

My pizza is really nice.

How can I grab the reader’s attention?

Grabbing attention1
Grabbing Attention

1. Pizza. It’s the food of the gods; dish of the people.

2. What kind of person doesn’t eat pizza?

3. Although it is only bread, cheese and tomato, pizza can make your life better.

4. Excitedly I rush to the door. Hurriedly I hand over the cash, run to the kitchen and eagerly I peep inside the box. At last my love affair with pizza can continue.

Section b writing for different audiences and purposes
Section B – Writing for different audiences and purposes

What you are assessed on:

  • Did you achieve the purpose of the task?

  • Is the writing appropriate for the audience?

  • A variety of sentence starters.

  • A variety of sentence structures.

  • Accurate use of paragraphs.

  • Use of connectives.

  • Accurate punctuation for effect.

  • Interesting vocabulary.

  • Language techniques.

  • Spelling.

    Did you write enough?

Section b writing for different audiences and purposes1
Section B – Writing for different audiences and purposes

What you should avoid:

  • Mono-syllabic adjectives.

  • Boring introductions – “I am writing this letter…”

  • Slang or informal language.

  • 4 line paragraphs.

  • 15 line paragraphs.

  • Don’t take the piss.

What is the difference
What is the difference?

What are the differences between candidate A and Candidate B?

Which one is better?

What grades do they get?

Which is better

The importance of variety

The rules:

1. Don’t use the same sentence types constantly.

2. Use short sentences to grab attention.

3. Use longer more complex sentences to build your content.

Which is better

Dear teacher,

Are you planning a school visit in England? Are you thinking to yourself, “What shall we do in England?” Are there any really special places that we I must take my students?” You are? Great news! This is the leaflet for you.

When you are in England, you could visit the Tower of London; but everyone visits the Tower of London. Or you could spend a day in Stratford-on-Avon, where shakespearewas born. However,everyone goes to Stratford. No, my friend, you need to visit England’s newest tourist attraction, the M25 motorway, which is the roadthat runs in a circle around London. The motorway of your dreams! Excitedly your student will gaze out the window. Driving around this motorway will change your students lives

Motorways can be educational. Did you know the M25 is 188 kilometres long; it is Britain’s busiest motorway, and one of the most exciting, inspiring and educational visits in Britain. A bus company in Brighton now offers coach trips round the M25, and business is brisk. As with any trip there is a small cost, but don’t let £15 per student put you off, justboard the coach which will take you on this amazing adventure. Grumpy teachers need not apply!

Persuasive language

Emotive language

Rhetorical questions



Opinions disguised as fact




Personal experience

Rule of three


Personal pronouns

Sentence Starters

The subject

Facebook is changing the world we live in.

2. A participle (-ing or –ed word)

Pressing the ‘like’ button lead me into a new networking world.

Worried about your Facebook addiction? Don’t be.

3. A conjunction/connective

As with Facebook, Twitter also has its problems.

4. An adverb

Excitedly I waited for my next friend request.

5. An adjective

Angry and upset, I deleted the offensive wall post.

Punctuation for effect





Identify the language techniques, sentence starters and punctuation for effect

Which is better

Practice questions

You have found out that a large cinema in your area is closing down.Write a letter to the local newspaper which gives your suggestions for how the cinema site could be redeveloped.

Write an article for a teenage magazine in which you suggest fitness activities that you think young people would enjoy.

Write the text for the homepage of a website that aims to encourage young people to work for voluntary organisations.

Write a speech aimed at your head teacher and governors giving suggestions for how your school could be improved.

Write an article for a teenage magazine advising them of how best to prepare for exams.

You have found out that your school plans to ban Saturday jobs for students.Write a letter to the governors expressing your concern for this proposal.