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Groupon. Kevin Cornwell, Bianca Lofton, Elia Nieto, Akram Khalil. Statement of Problem. The positive and negative effects of professionals and businesses using Groupon . What Is Groupon ?. Middle-man website that offers discounted deals to customers

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Kevin Cornwell, Bianca Lofton, EliaNieto, Akram Khalil

Statement of problem
Statement of Problem

The positive and negative effects of professionals and businesses using Groupon.

What is groupon
What Is Groupon?

  • Middle-man website that offers discounted deals to customers

  • Buy anything, anywhere, anytime on the web or mobile

  • Mission is “to become the world's commerce operating system”

  • Groupon Local, Groupon Getaways, Groupon Goods

  • Register with an email address

  • Groupon “Just For You”

  • Best deals at the lowest prices

How businesses use groupon
How Businesses Use Groupon

  • Promote deals to attract new customers

  • Measure their promotions impact

  • Calculate their profitability to see how Groupon is making their business grow

  • Can receive demographics about their customers to help market more effectively

  • Can easily create a deal with the DIY tool

  • Can use Breadcrumb POS – easy to use and less costly than older payment systems, offers 24/7 live support, and ability to view daily/monthly sales reports

How professionals use groupon
How Professionals Use Groupon

  • To find unbeatable deals all over the world for virtually anything!

    • Groupon Local, Groupon Getaways, Groupon Goods

  • The best deals at the lowest prices – up to 30% less than LivingSocial

  • Easy access through the web or mobile apps

Benefits of groupon for professionals
Benefits of Groupon for Professionals

  • Moved from a push marketing model to a pull marketing model

  • Redesign website, personalized homepage

  • Launched an app to position itself as a “true online marketplace”

  • Greater access through Groupon Goods

  • Facilitate purchases and searches

  • Attract more customers

Benefits of groupon for businesses
Benefits of Groupon for Businesses

  • Offers a DIY tool called Deal Builder, select a template and build an offer

  • Post offers instantaneously

  • “Best of Groupon Merchants” is a collection that recognized the best businesses for great customer service and most popular offers sold

Negative effects of using groupon
Negative Effects of Using Groupon

  • Some customers are turning against Groupon

  • Providing false advertising & misleading information

  • Overselling deals hurting small businesses

  • Inflated saving claims and deceiving discounts

  • Substandard & poor customer service

  • Groupon broke its promise to dissatisfied customers

Videos of negative effects of using groupon
Videos of Negative Effects of Using Groupon



Tips and suggestions for improved groupon use
Tips and Suggestions For Improved Groupon Use

  • Do a little research on the deal before you buy it

  • Pay attention to policies specially the policy of returns, refunds &cancelation

  • If you are a business owner make sure you know the percentage Groupon taking from your deal

  • Small businesses should know how many deals they can handle

  • Pay attention to the products condition, if its new or refurbished

Advices for improved groupon
Advices for Improved Groupon

  • The ability to provide enough quantity & on specific time

  • Better their policies such as, refunds policies and cancelation right

  • Products or services should be displayed clearly and defined specifically

  • Accurate saving and accurate discounted deals

  • Better their reputation and satisfy their dissatisfied customers

Groupon advertisements
Groupon Advertisements