dodaf 3 0 a web 2 0 and soa mashup l.
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DoDAF 3.0: A Web 2.0 and SOA Mashup! PowerPoint Presentation
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DoDAF 3.0: A Web 2.0 and SOA Mashup!

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DoDAF 3.0: A Web 2.0 and SOA Mashup! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DoDAF 3.0: A Web 2.0 and SOA Mashup!. Dr. Brand Niemann Chief, Power Technology Branch* Army Power Division Research Development & Engineering Command (RDECOM) March ??, 2009. * I wish!. Identity Management Problem. Brand Niemann:

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dodaf 3 0 a web 2 0 and soa mashup

DoDAF 3.0:A Web 2.0 and SOA Mashup!

Dr. Brand Niemann

Chief, Power Technology Branch*

Army Power Division

Research Development & Engineering Command (RDECOM)

March ??, 2009

* I wish!

identity management problem
Identity Management Problem
  • Brand Niemann:
    • Chief, Power Technology Branch, Army Power Division, Research Development & Engineering Command (RDECOM):
      • Only in my dreams, but I started to dream what I would say next year if I was invited and had this dream job!
    • Senior Enterprise Architect, Office of the CIO, U.S. EPA; and
      • My day job.
    • Co-Chair, Federal SOA CoP and Federal SICoP.
      • The reason David Chesebrough, President of the Association for Enterprise Integration recommended I speak at this conference.
  • Kristine Ortiz-Cortes for a organizing a great conference and providing the Internet connection.
  • My Community of Practice colleagues who are presenting next:
    • Capabilities of a Secure, Event-Notification Service-Oriented Architecture:
      • David E. Ellis, Information Management Architect, Computer Security Division, Sandia National Laboratory.
    • Controlling Information Integrity:
      • Dr. John Salasin, Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • The New Language of Business: SOA and Web 2.0, Sandy Carter, Vice President, SOA and WebSphere Strategy, Channels and Marketing, IBM:
    • How to leverage SOA, Web 2.0, and related technologies to drive new levels of operational excellence and business innovation.
    • Web 2.0 facilitates the collaboration aspects, and SOA enables the infrastructure for flexibility.
conference experience
Conference Experience
  • Really enjoyed presentations and conversations!
  • What would we be talking about at next year’s conference?
    • Business Transformation Knowledgebases.
    • Enterprise Mashups.
    • Composite Applications and Data Mashups.
business transformation knowledgebases
Business Transformation Knowledgebases

enterprise mashups
Enterprise Mashups
  • Enterprise Mashups are application hybrids combining content and functions from more than one existing source to create powerful Web applications, integrated Web experiences and expanded customer value networks.
  • Mashups are created by combining internal sources such as enterprise data with external Web resources such as Google Maps.
  • Mashups are created when different application program interfaces (API) are combined or 'mashed' to create an entirely new application.
enterprise mashups9
Enterprise Mashups
  • Mashups are the fastest growing enterprise ecosystem on the Web by far. Mashups are social, role-based, network-centric, complex, distributed and essential to all knowledge-based networks, models and businesses.
  • They are a critical method to enhance customer experience, to drive productivity growth (innovation) and achieve fundamental advancements in knowledge economy competitiveness. Customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders gain enormous benefits using enterprise mashups to create new applications and expanding customer value networks.
  • Open Enterprise 2.0 Mashup Summit: Expanding Customer Value Networks
enterprise mashups10
Enterprise Mashups

Recall that George Thomas referred to this.

composite applications and data mashups
Composite Applications and Data Mashups
  • MindTouch Deki Wiki "Itasca" is the first major release since "Hayes" last June. This is an exciting release because it includes many new features, significant performance improvements, usability enhancements, and a new tool that makes it a lot easier to create data mashups and composite applications.
  • Create composite applications and data mashups using a new dialog that gives users access to the more than 100 extensions to applications from Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, and more! Without knowing how to program users can stitch together services from all over the web or from within their own Intranet to create situational applications and dynamic reports from multiple data sources and applications.
composite applications and data mashups12
Composite Applications and Data Mashups