the ian potter museum of art the university of melbourne n.
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The Ian Potter Museum of Art The University of Melbourne PowerPoint Presentation
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The Ian Potter Museum of Art The University of Melbourne

The Ian Potter Museum of Art The University of Melbourne

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The Ian Potter Museum of Art The University of Melbourne

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  1. The Ian Potter Museum of ArtThe University of Melbourne

  2. The Ian Potter Museum of Art (the Potter) – a snapshot • University’s only art museum • 16,000+ objects in the collection ranging from Classical Antiquity to Contemporary Art. • 90% of the collection is catalogued • All ‘primary’ collections have been digitally photographed • 13 – 16 exhibitions per year; half are collection based, half ‘loaned’ exhibitions • 1500 items on loan across campus • Staffing: 8 permanent full time; 8 permanent part time; 4 contract; 6 casual • Collections Management staffing: 2 full time, 1 part-time

  3. Collections Management Systems at the Potter • Cataloguing of the University Art Collection began in the 1960s with a very basic card cataloguing system • 1980s - an inventory of the collection identified the need for a new computer system that would record the collection - called Titan, this upgraded to TexPress in the 1990s and in 2002 the museum upgraded to EMu. • EMu on a server managed by the IT division of the university, server located in a separate building to the museum. • Primary use of EMu for cataloguing, tracking, valuations, audits, loans from the collection, long term loans. • Currently on version 4.0.02 • Minor modifications to reporting functions and valuation module. • Future modification will continue to be made on the valuations module due to the requirements imposed by the Financial Operations division of the university.

  4. Summary tab – Catalogue Module

  5. Financial Valuations tab – Catalogue Module

  6. The Potter website • Website completely upgraded in 2012 • Modification to the Potter IMu completed mid April 2013 • Fatfish – web design company, to create the ‘shell’ page to ensure the ‘look’ of the online search page is in keeping with the rest of the website.

  7. Online search – list view

  8. Online search – detail

  9. The Potter, the uni student & KE KE projects with lecturers for University of Melbourne students. • ‘Mixed Reality interface’ The project has two distinct aspects. The first - to build a web service that utilises GPS coordinates to provide location data, which links to specific artworks in the Grimwade Collection identified as depicting the specific location. Users will access artwork images/information on the artworks through the web service, and have directions to other GPS locations related to Grimwade works. The second phase will be an App fed by the web service that can be used inside the Ian Potter Museum of Art that identifies selected Grimwade Collection works and provides images of contemporary Melbourne related by geographical origin.  In the pilot phase of the project a small selection of Grimwade works will be chosen for the App, with the possibility of extending the App’s functionality into greater numbers of artworks and data. • MeirzaHeyder, Masters (Computer Sci) student with Dr Aaron Harwood, from Computing and Information Systems , worked with Kim Ng at KE and used KE’s IMu Java API to retrieve information and images from the museums EMu database using IMu. Meirza then developed the GPS coding for the images as part of his project. • The project will combine the research undertaken by Susi Matovski, Grimwade Intern, on Melbourne public houses represented in the Grimwade Print Collection and the interface will show the viewer via an app where the public house used to, or still does, stand in real time.

  10. The Potter, the uni student & KE Masters of Art Curatorship & EMu • In conjunction with KE, we will be developing core curriculum content with the course co-ordinator , Dr Alison Inglis, for the Masters of Art Curatorship course. • Students will be trained in manual cataloguing - variety of art works at the Potter by the Collections Management staff. The students will then transfer their manual cataloguing records onto EMu. • Training in EMu provide by Collections Management staff • Resource – software and computers supplied via KE in their training room facilities. • Course objectives and outcomes set by Dr Inglis • Benefits * For KE this will be the ‘test case’ for the company * For the Potter – continue to contribute to the academic learning of the university students * For students – real training in one of the most widely used CMS in Australia. * For the academic – strengthens the course content and to offer a more comprehensive program of studies to the students.

  11. The Ian Potter Museum of Art Robyn Hovey Collections Manager The Ian Potter Museum of Art The University of Melbourne Ph: +61 3 8344 7933 Mob: +61 417 130 703 Email: