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Fall 2013 Hornblower PowerPoint Presentation
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Fall 2013 Hornblower

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Fall 2013 Hornblower - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fall 2013 Hornblower. Agenda. Introductions New for 2013 Just released Back list review / 2013 Goals Account opportunities Marketing Questions. Our Unique Position. No real competition for our key legal titles

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Fall 2013 Hornblower

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fall 2013 hornblower
Fall 2013


  • Introductions
  • New for 2013
  • Just released
  • Back list review / 2013 Goals
  • Account opportunities
  • Marketing
  • Questions
our unique position
Our Unique Position
  • No real competition for our key legal titles
  • The source for anyone looking for self-help legal answers on wills, estates and marriages
  • Opportunity for retailers to be able to provide those answers for their customers
  • Truly Canadian answer for Canadian small business
  • Our challenges
new for 2013
New for 2013
  • Chairing a Meeting: The Quick & Essential Guide
  • Creating a Happy Retirement: A workbook for planning the life you want
  • Marketing Your Service: Get Noticed, Get Business
  • Taxation of Americans in Canada: Are YOU at Risk?
chairing a meeting
- Chairing a Meeting -
  • Government, Corporate, and Private sectors all hold official meetings that require a chair person. More than 11 million formal meetings are held every day in the US alone
  • Many people are thrust into the role of chairperson. They’re unprepared and looking for a quick fix
  • Designed to serve as a slim, handy pocketbook reference for those with little to no experience chairing any size meeting. A Cliffs Notes version of ‘Robert's Rules’
  • Competition on this title is moderate to low. The original SCP version, last printed in 1995, was always a strong seller. To this day, no sufficient replacement has been published in print (2 ebooks exist)
  • We’re discovering a new generation of customers who’ve heard of the OP version and asking for it again
creating a happy retirement
- Creating a Happy Retirement -
  • The huge boomer generation is now entering the retirement phase of their lives.
  • Most books on retirement concentrate on the financial aspects of retirement. This book provides a practical way of planning how you will live your retirement years.
  • The workbook is key as it includes a series of exercises designed to help you understand and focus on what’s important
  • Spouses and partners often have entirely different ideas about how to spend their retirement years together. This is an important exercise
  • Along with his wife (Lois) Ronald has authored dozens of books on family systems theory. His 2 current SCP books have been best-sellers for a long time; some of the Richardson's large audience will buy this book.
marketing your service
- Marketing Your Service -
  • NA has become more of a service economy, less of a goods based economy as production moves overseas
  • There's a need, and a demand from new business owners to understand the distinctive nature of marketing a service
  • Since the old version was made OP we’ve had many customers asking for an updated version, based on the strength of Doug’s ‘Marketing Your Product’
  • This newly updated guide is written by an accomplished entrepreneur and marketing expert who shares his secrets for attracting clients
  • Douglas Gray has authored over 20 books and is great at marketing himself and self-promotion!
taxation of americans in canada
-Taxation of Americans in Canada -
  • IRS is permitted to dip into the pockets of about a million Americans living in Canada!
  • Target specific associations in the US for Americans that frequently travel north of the border (live, work, play, retire)
  • Previous SCP 'Cross-Border Series' titles have all had a strong sales due to Keats, Connelly loyal client base and well attended seminars.
  • Direct mail, email, and online marketing campaigns to Keats, Connelly and Associates client base
  • Potential bundling opportunity with other Self-Counsel 'Cross-Border Series' titles (5 total written by Keats or Walters)
media kits recently released titles2
Media Kits: Recently Released Titles

The Prenuptial Guide: Contracts for Lovers

  • Push for wedding season through PR and social media. New version covers same sex marriages so it’s also LGBT friendly.

Supporting Parents with Alzheimer’s

  • Key is the unique "mom book“ – represents new angle on eldercare. Works as a form of short-term memory and helps to assist multiple caregivers. Author is on a cross-country bike tour to promote Alzheimer’s awareness and she’ll be coming through ON later this summer. We’ll be lining up some press opps.

Tax Survival for Canadians: Stand Up to the CRA

  • Not just a tax season book, audits happen year round. Preemptive - don’t just fight audits, avoid them as well. Fight the CRA in court. Also dispels many common CRA myths.

The Social Media Advantage: An Essential Handbook for Small Business

  • Test the waters, track your sales, decide what works best for you. Aimed at small business owners who are intimidated/overwhelmed by social media. Perfect introduction to the top 5 or 6 sites (covers blogging too). Also learn to use social media as a free PR tool.
back list review
Back List Review
  • Our top 25 and Core Lists by Channel (attached)
  • Pre-pack offering
account opportunities
Account Opportunities
  • Accounts we have had success with in the past (see attached list)
account opportunities1
Account Opportunities
  • What accounts do you have that we could create product for?
  • What opportunities are we missing?
  • Are there subject matters you get asked for in the reference category?
marketing review feedback
Marketing Review: Feedback
  • Catalogues
  • Marketing Gallery
  • Promotional tools
  • Sales rep newsletter
  • Sell Sheets
  • Publicity updates
questions contact
Questions / Contact


Tyler Douglas (North Van)

E: tylerdouglas@self-counsel.com

P: 1-800-663-3007


Jason Crawford (Burlington)

E: jcrawford@self-counsel.com

P: 905 333 6432

PR (New)

Kellie (North Van)

E: kellie@self-counsel.com

P: 1-800-663-3007