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The Victorian Education Channel PowerPoint Presentation
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The Victorian Education Channel

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The Victorian Education Channel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Victorian Education Channel

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  1. The Victorian Education Channel Carolyn McCabe Client Relations Officer

  2. What is the Channel? A website (managed by DE&T) that links to educational resources on the net

  3. The Channel is a portal website linking to: local sites & international sites of educational relevance

  4. The Victorian Education Channel links to millions of webpages

  5. How the Channel & Edulist work • The Channel contains approximately 200,000 resources, but links to millions of webpages. • The Channel presents these resources in a catalogue and also lists them on Edulist (a list of URL addresses for schools’ Internet Service Providers). • Some schools restrict their students to the Edulist.

  6. How the Channel works in Schools Sites for gambling The Internet time-wasting sites ringtones Sites with violent content pornography Beyond the green box is the world-wide web. Green box is filtered Internet view in schools. School/ISP filters block inappropriate sites but not irrelevant sites. Channel however only includes sites of educational relevance.

  7. Schools choose level of Channel access • All students can access WWW, but have Channel as default search page • Some classes search within the Channel only and some classes search beyond the Channel • Students use Channel when they have no money left in their personal Internet account • All students search within the Channel for safety and /or cost saving reasons

  8. Other Channel Features The Channel searches content from all affiliated organisations and makes online educational resources discoverable. Different school users can discover different resources from their own pages.

  9. Primary Student Page This is the interface for primary students. From here primary students can search for resources that are suitable for their age or go to the links on the right-hand side and browse for age-appropriate resources.

  10. Secondary Student Page This is the interface for secondary students. Students using the search function here will access different resources from primary students.

  11. Teacher Page Great guided links for school staff as well as a Search box

  12. Teacher Page Link – Digital Content & Creation 1.Click on here 2. Click here on the Learning Foundation 3. Click on Showcase link

  13. Example of Learning Object

  14. Click the Back button until you return to the Teacher Page of the Channel On the Teacher Page on the right side there are links to great websites. Go to: Primary School Quality Website Or School Library Website

  15. Teacher Page right-side link to Primary School Quality Website

  16. Teacher Page right-side link to School Library Website

  17. Teacher Page right side link to Victorian Related Sites

  18. On the Teacher Page you can also search using the Search box (top of the page)

  19. Teacher Page Search Box Try these terms: animation interactives gallery museum And now if you spell terms incorrectly the Channel will suggest alternate spellings!

  20. Teachers and students can also access the Advanced Search Page of the Channel – use top box to search for specific multiple terms

  21. Advanced Search (Exact Phrase) Teaching terms: english teacher science teaching maths resources design and technology Specific topics: global warming People:Frank Lloyd Wright Organisations:Random House Places: Bradman Museum

  22. You can also use the Advanced Search Page of the Channel to search for URLs (you can enter part URLs in this box).

  23. Advanced URL Search You can search for part URLs: landmark-project

  24. Advanced Search (URL): landmark-project. Has links to great web tools like Citation Machine and Permission Request templates.

  25. Advanced Search (URL): Register for free to download 15-minute videos related to teacher professional development. Go to video library to see videos available.

  26. Select from drop-down boxes on Video Library page on Teachers TV site

  27. Sample of English teaching related videos from Teachers TV

  28. Once you have registered you can right click on Broadband or Dialup and Save Target As to wherever you wish to store the video file

  29. Use Advanced Search to look for Australian sites - just enter term in top box then .au in URL Search Box

  30. On the Advanced Page you can also search for images – Safely!

  31. Online opportunities to contribute On every page there is a Site Suggestion link