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The Seasons PowerPoint Presentation
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The Seasons

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The Seasons

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The Seasons

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  1. The Seasons Karly Sloan Click to Continue! Kindergarten Science

  2. Click on a season to learn more about it! Winter Spring Summer Fall Review Question

  3. Winter *Winter begins on the Winter Solstice and ends with the Vernal Equinox. *When it is Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, it is Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. This happens because of the tilt of the axis. *Winter is the season with the shortest days and typically, lowest temperatures. It’s COLD! Learn more about Winter!

  4. Winter *Many animals hibernate in the winter. They sleep all winter! *Snow and ice are often associated with wintertime. *Some of the holidays celebrated in the Winter are: -Christmas -Hanukah -Kwanza -Valentine’s Day -New Year’s Day Back to main menu

  5. Spring *The first day of Spring is called the Vernal Equinox. *Vernal means “spring” and equinox means “equal night” *Spring ends with the Summer Solstice. Learn more about Spring!

  6. Spring *Spring weather is very unpredictable; there could be snow, wind, and warmer temperatures. They say “April Showers Bring May Flowers” *Holidays that are celebrated in the spring include St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day, Earth Day and Cinco De Mayo. Back to main menu

  7. Summer *The summer season starts with the Summer Solstice. *The temperatures are usually very hot in the summer. *Tornados and hurricanes are more likely in the summer. Learn more about Summer!

  8. Summer *In the summer, people are usually playing outside, swimming, going on vacation or having BBQ’s. * Some Summer holidays include Labor Day and The Fourth of July. Back to main menu

  9. Fall *Another name for fall is autumn. *Fall begins with the autumnal equinox. *In the fall, the temperatures begin to cool and the leaves begin to fall off of the trees. Learn more about Fall!

  10. Fall *In the fall, the leaves change from green to yellow, orange and red! * Some holidays during fall are Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Back to main menu

  11. Review Question! What is another name for “The First Day of Spring?” Summer Solstice Vernal Equinox Winter Solstice

  12. The first day of Summer is called the Summer Solstice. Go back and try again. Return to Question

  13. Correct!! Awesome job! The first day of Spring is called the Vernal Equinox!! Click to Continue

  14. The Winter Solstice begins thewinter season. Go back and try again. Return to Question

  15. Congratulations! You just completed the lesson on The Seasons! Please click on the picture below to return to the title slide and prepare for the next student!