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Assistance from a Distance

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Assistance from a Distance. What is a Virtual Administrator? And what are the Business Advantages?. What is a Virtual Administrator?. An extra helping hand Handles task you can’t get to Helps you meet deadlines Is a Business partner to assist you to be more productive and efficient.

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Presentation Transcript

What is a Virtual Administrator?

And what are the Business Advantages?


What is a Virtual Administrator?

  • An extra helping hand
  • Handles task you can’t get to
  • Helps you meet deadlines
  • Is a Business partner to assist you to be more productive and efficient.

March 19, 2004


Running a business can turn into an exhausting treadmill if you aren't careful.

The more business you do, the more administrative tasks you have.

March 19, 2004


The more time you spend on administrative tasks,

The less time you have to build your business.

March 19, 2004


The only sensible solution to growth is to bring in more manpower.

It is estimated that the true cost of an employee is over double and sometimes triple the cost of their annual salary in terms of benefits and liabilities.

March 19, 2004


Why not just use a temporary service?

  • Usually can not get them for just a few hours
  • Never the same person
  • Most temps are looking for full time employment
  • No loyalty or commitment

March 19, 2004


What are the Business Advantages?

  • Takes on the role of an entrepreneur
  • You become their customer
  • A VA becomes a loyal and steady company
  • employee
  • A creative new labor force that brings new
  • ideas for helping grow your business

What are the Business Advantages?

  • Why not eliminate the need for:
    • Payroll taxes
    • Overtime
    • Insurance
    • Employee benefits
    • Equipment and expensive software’s
    • Office space
    • Training

March 19, 2004


What are the Business Advantages?

Our administrators are well trained individuals with years of experience.

We work together to provide the best quality administrative support possible.

With several resources

March 19, 2004

All administrators are tested just like a temporary office would test their employees
  • As a result of the testing we work with their skilled strengths to provide our customers with the best administrative support possible

Our Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive administrative services to businesses handling every project with integrity and assuring confidentiality for every customer.



I am afraid my stuff will get lost

No one can do it as well as I can

If I don’t do it, it won’t get done - right

Letting Go and Getting Help

Getting help means change

Getting help means sharing my information with someone

Getting help means taking chances

March 19, 2004


Make more money

Better quality of Life

What are the Personal Advantages?

More time to spend with family and friends

Peace of Mind

Time for creative thinking

March 19, 2004


Our Services


Provided remotely via the internet, email, phone, fax and mail




Training Materials

Spreadsheet Solutions

Desktop Publishing

Mass Mailings

Book Binding

On Going Support

Business Card & Document Scanning

Email Correspondence

Special Projects

Internet Research



We can turn this…..

March 19, 2004


Into this!

We will create a virtual office

By creating standard templates

Identify your routine administrative task

Create a flow chart of how what we will do and how we will communicate

Flow Chart Our Partner Process

March 19, 2004


We can take some of that information that relates to your goals and place this information into a spreadsheet

We can scan your documents and place them on CD/DVD

March 19, 2004


We will take that same information and turn it into a graph so that you can see if you are meeting your goals

March 19, 2004


Into a database that their marketing department can use it to send birthday and holiday cards – or we can do send the cards for them

March 19, 2004


We can turn that hand written document into a report, book, resume what ever the need

March 19, 2004


And of course . . .

Power Point Presentations

March 19, 2004


Your First Step to a Better Quality of Life is

Calling us Today

Office (504) 465-9136

Cell (504) 343-5097


Visit our website at