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Zipcar Inc. ASU Department Sign Up 101. What is Zipcar. Car Sharing program: Provides low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles for use by members of the campus community.

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zipcar inc

Zipcar Inc.

ASU Department Sign Up 101

what is zipcar
What is Zipcar
  • Car Sharing program:
  • Provides low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles for use by members of the campus community.
  • Currently, Ten Zipcar vehicles, including Scions, Honda hybrids, a Toyota Tacoma and a MINI Cooper, are parked in various locations on the Tempe campus.
  • *$35 annual fee, Zipcar members can reserve a vehicle for use, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, hourly or daily rate. Rates start as low as $9 per hour.
  • The hourly/daily fee covers all expenses; FREE gas, FREE insurance and FREE maintenance!
what is a department account
What is a Department Account?
  • A department account is created for an affiliated Zipcar University department
  • Accounts are created by departments who are interested in opening a driving account for members of department
  • Accounts are run by an Administrator who handles approving/revoking membership as well as being accountable for monthly invoices
how do i sign up my department
How do I sign up my department?
  • Go to
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click on the 4th hyperlink
    • “My department's interested in opening a new account for workplace driving”
  • Select the appropriate city at the top of the application page
  • Fill out application and click Submit
  • Wait for a Zipcar representative to contact you
what information do i need
What information do I need?
  • When a Zipcar representative contacts you they will need the following information:
    • Tax id number (applies only if you are tax exempt)
    • Credit Card
      • This card will be charged once a month for all expenses incurred by the department
    • Billing Address and phone number
  • Once a representative activates the department account they will walk you through all Administrative privileges and responsibilities
how do employees sign up
How do Employees Sign Up?
  • Employees can now sign up for the account
  • Employee sign up process:
    • Go to
    • Click on third link
      • “I'd like to join my department's existing Zipcar account for business use.”
    • Chose appropriate department from list
    • Fill out application and hit submit
how do employees sign up1
How do Employees Sign Up?
  • When an employee hits submit the Administrator will receive an email asking them to approve/deny the member wishing to join account
  • Administrators will be able to oversee all activities of the account (Zipcar representative to walk them through details)
  • Congratulations! You have completed the department set up process
pay as you zip simple as that
Pay as you Zip. Simple as that.
  • Individual Use $35.00 Annual Fee
  • Department Use NO Annual Fee
  • No Application Fee ZERO
  • Hourly driving rates from $9
  • Daily rates from $ 66
  • What’s Included:
  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Reserved Parking
  • 180 Free Miles, per day
if you would like more information
If you would like more information:

Contact: Patrice Bettison-Clark

Parking and Transit Services

Public Relations Specialist