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  1. Stardust Theme: Truth and Deception

  2. What Secrets are kept in the story? • One secret that is kept in the story is Yvaine being a star. Tristan doesn’t tell anyone what Yvaine is. • Another secret which is kept in Stardust is Lamia’s youth transformation When she casts a spell she turns herself back into her youth form, despite this she looks for the star through infiltration. Although this is useful it also has a side effect which slowly eats away her youthfulness every time she casts a spell.

  3. What Lies are told? • A lie that is told in Stardust is When Tristan told Victoria that he had the star he didn’t, instead he had the star’s hair. • Another lie that is told in Stardust is when Tristan promised to retrieve the fallen star instead he didn’t retrieve the star and therefore he lied.

  4. Is the truth always a good thing?Or a bad thing? • Depending on the situation telling the truth has pros and cons for example in stardust when the old man was tossing the dices to indicate whether Septimus questions were true or false, at first Septimus was impressed by the fact that the dices worked so the truth amazed Septimus but after when Septimus asked the old man to toss the dice once more he asked the old man a life threatening question that resulted in death for the old man. • Sometimes the truth is a bad thing because for example if you told someone like Victoria that you failed the challenge to find the star in hand for marriage, besides acknowledging your courage she would’ve laughed at you because she told you that you wouldn’t be able to cross the wall.

  5. How do characters find out what’s true? • There are multiple ways in fairy tales to find the truth, first is by the expression or emotion of the characters face, second is by magical items like the old man’s dice in stardust, and last is by searching, investigating, and finding clues to the mystery.

  6. Are any characters always truthful? • Some are but most people tell lies at least once. For example in Stardust many lies were told including the lie that was told by dishwater Sal when she was feeding Lamialemoness grass. • Although Not everyone lies some people are extremely truthful and will never lie like Yvaine and The king.

  7. What are the consequences of truth and deception for those who practise them? • The consequences for truth are mostly good consequences because telling the truth usually indicates honesty and you are being truthful. • On the other hand the consequences for the deception are different because deception is a bad thing. For example when Lamia’s sisters find out that Lamia is failing at her mission to retrieve the fallen star they scold their sister to hurry up. Another bad consequence for practising deception when Victoria when she told Tristan she would marry him she didn’t really like him at all because she knew the task was impossible . Despite this Tristan didn’t care if Victoria would deceive him because he had found a new love Yvaine (the star) and after he had gone to Victoria’s house to show her the star he had deceived her instead and knew he had to go stop Yvaine from crossing the wall.

  8. Credits • Vico • Lawrence • Shavneet • Raymond • Juniel