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Coordinated Transportation System

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Coordinated Transportation System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Coordinated Transportation System
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  1. Coordinated Transportation System • System began in 1995 with five pilot projects ($300,000). • Provides services in all 159 counties. • Current budget exceeds $28 million.

  2. Coordinated Transportation System • System officially began in FY 1999 with the start-up of four regions (DHR regions 1,4,5 and 10). • All twelve DHR regions currently covered by the system. • FY 00 was the first year of full operations.

  3. Coordinated Transportation SystemRegional Transportation Coordinator (RTC) • An RTC is assigned to each of the 12 transportation regions. • The RTC coordinates transportation services and manages the provision of services in each region. • Conducts training and provides vehicle oversight and guidance.

  4. Coordinated Transportation SystemRegional Transportation Coordinating Committee • Provides local information, advice, direction and support to the RTC. • Includes division, DOL, DOT, and other local agencies that have a vested interest in the local transportation issues. • Approve transportation providers each year.

  5. Coordinated Transportation System • Actual services are provided through purchase of service contracts in each area. • Contractors may be state, county, non-profit, private for profit, or regional government entities. • Eligibility is determined by local HSPs.

  6. Coordinated Transportation SystemFunding • System funding is provided with contributed monies from each division, Revenue and Federal FTA 5310 funds. • Funds consist of state, SSBG, TANF, Title III, and Federal FTA 5310 monies. • Fulton, Gwinnett and Dekalb Counties are provided services through Revenue Contracts with the system.

  7. Organization Chart Department of Human Resources

  8. Coordinated Transportation SystemFund Sources

  9. Resource Flow of Funds for Coordinated System Fund Sources 5310 Funds Program funds may be TANF, State, Title III, or SSBG TANF State Funds . Transportation Budget Program Divisions Revenue Contracts Program Funds Title III SSBG Divisions are allocated trips based on the funds transferred to the Transportation budget plus a portion of the “pooled” funds. Each Division has a “share “ of the budget. 1. State, and Federal funds are “pooled” , and used for total system needs. 2. Revenue funds come from each County. Trips

  10. FY08 Coordinated Transportation Budget

  11. Coordinated Transportation SystemFunds Management • BUDGET - Provides base funds amount by Division • Contract Sheet - Outlines fund sources / amounts by contract / Planning. Document • Budget Sheet - Outlines allocation of funds to each contract by fund source. - FY08 will have 30 contracts. • Monthly Report / Purserv Tracks all funds, expenditures, and payments to vendors.

  12. Coordinated Transportation SystemFund Sources FY08

  13. Coordinated Transportation SystemCost Per Trip FY 00 – FY07 (Projected)

  14. Coordinated Transportation SystemTrips by Division FY 2006

  15. Coordinated Transportation SystemClients Served FY00 – FY 06

  16. Coordinated Transportation SystemDemonstration Projects • Partnerships between DOT and DHR to field a coordinated system in a region. • Two (2) pilots currently fielded and a third begin implementation. • DOT’s FTA 5311(Rural Public Transit) Program provides capital equipment and maintenance support. • Regional Development Centers (RDC’s) provide overall contract management on a regional basis.

  17. Coordinated Transportation SystemInitiatives • Swipe cards Partnership with two transits. Pilots under way. • Transportation Request Information Processing Service (TRIPS) Web-based Trip ordering system. Will be fielded in FY08. • On-Line Driver Improvement training