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First a little Quiz…What is a Jibbitz ?

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First a little Quiz…What is a Jibbitz ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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First a little Quiz…What is a Jibbitz ?. a. a homemaker's craft project. b. shorthand for " flibbertijibbit ". c. a decoration for Crocs. d. a multimillion dollar industry. Shoe Skins. Customer-Driven Feasibility Study Bristol, Cuozzo, Holz, Lyman, Patibandla, Sexton.

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First a little Quiz…What is a Jibbitz?

a. a homemaker's craft project

b. shorthand for "flibbertijibbit"

c. a decoration for Crocs

d. a multimillion dollar industry

shoe skins

Shoe Skins

Customer-Driven Feasibility Study

Bristol, Cuozzo, Holz, Lyman,

Patibandla, Sexton


Executive Summary:

Shoe Skins

  • Research Performed and Customer Pain.
  • Shoe Skin System, Benefits, Target Market
  • Macro-Market analysis
  • Macro-Industry analysis
  • Key Lessons and Conclusion

Shoe Skins is a unique system that makes footwear fun by allowing children to easily change the look of their shoes any time they want.


Research Data

Child and parent


Parent Survey

  • “I like clothes and styles that nobody else has. “ Phoebe (Age 7)
  • 90% of parents said kids influence their shoe buying decision.
  • “At school, you don’t like to be the same. You want to stand out.” Vika (age 11)
  • 95% of parents said they buy kids shoes because kids outgrow the old ones.
  • “Being different makes me feel good.”
  • Colin (age 8)
  • Sneakers are the most popular shoes.

Customer Pain

Kids: More choices and styles with their shoes.

Parents: Having to buy multiple shoes for kids.

benefits of the shoe skin solution
Benefits of the Shoe Skin Solution


High “cool” factor

with something new

and innovative

Offers individuality and


The Shoe

Skin System

Variety of colors

and styles

Green: less shoes,

recyclable skins

Online social



to share,

collect, and

trade skins

Fun online

games and


Cost effective – less need for other shoe purchases.


Related Offerings and Expansion Possibilities

Color, and pattern options

truly endless.

Unique designs,

match with outfit

Fitness tracking:

GPS, Pedometer

Limited Editions

from artists

Licensing potential

Accessories (matching

Laces, pin)

Add-ons such

as noises, LEDs

potential pricing

Pricing of existing novelty shoe offerings:

Customizable Converse sneakers: $58 - $95

Heelys: $43 - $80

Crocs: $20 - $40; Jibbitz (clip-on decorations) $3 - $6

Sneakart stickers: $12-$14


All parents interviewed would pay $30 for the shoe skin system.

40 parents surveyed on typical price paid for a pair of children's shoes:

< $25 35.9%

$25-$35 43.6%

$35-$50 17.9%

> $50 2.6%

Potential Pricing

This data supports a price of about $30 for the Shoe Skins system.

target market
Target Market
  • Benchmark shoe accessories
  • Jibbitz **
    • Feb 06 sales: $212K
    • Aug 06 $2.2M
  • Target Market: 5-12 YO
  • Est. 36M age 5-12 in 2008 *
  • 68% of the total $6.2B children’s footwear market
  • $4.2B in 2009 for this age
  • Benchmarks:
    • Heely’s: $186M US sales in 06’
    • Croc’s: $366M US sales in 08’
  • * US Census
  • ** Oct 06 sold to Crocs for $20M
macro market size
Macro Market Size
  • Children’s Accessories
  • Market Size in Value Sales: $2.6 Billion*
  • Difficult to estimate kids’ shoe accessory segment
  • Competing with all types of accessories
  • Growing at roughly 3% per year

Children’s Footwear

Market Size in Value Sales: $6.2 Billion*

  • Expected to grow at 1.9% during year 2006-11
  • Children’s market represents 13% of overall US footwear market
  • Both Children’s and Women’s footwear market is expected to grow at a faster rate compared to Men’s market

*2009, Euromonitor International

*2006, Euromonitor International

macro market summary
Macro Market Summary

Overall Assessment: ModeratelyFavorable

  • Footwear is a necessity
  • Must be replaced often
  • Large customer base
  • Slow but steady growth
  • Opportunity for focused online marketing
  • Favorable social trends towards re-usable products
industry attractiveness
Industry Attractiveness












Large Chains: High

Small Retailers: Moderate

Online: Low


industry trends
Industry Trends

Summary Assessment: Low Attractiveness

    • Consolidation among wholesalers and retailers
    • Discount stores surpassing specialty footwear outlets
    • Retailers beginning to bypass wholesalers
  • Implications

Innovative products can find success (e.g., Crocs, Heelys)

    • Must be even more thoughtful about strategy
      • Design strategy (IP)
      • Channel strategy

In summary…

  • Kids want variety; parents want value
  • Appetite for customization
  • Market is moderately attractive
  • Industry is unattractive
  • Will continue to research micro market to strengthen our value proposition
  • Business model development will be crucial to overcome industry unattractiveness
who are the customers
Who are the customers?

Who is seeking the benefit?

  • Parents
    • Want durable shoes that are comfortable for the kids
    • Want their kids to be happy
    • Save money on multiple shoe purchases
  • Boys and Girls
    • Ages 5-12 yrs
    • Friends important
    • Very active (sports, dance, etc.)

Who else would buy?

  • Companies
    • Access to a large target market to extend their brands.
  • Grandparents/Aunts/Uncle
    • Want their kids to have something to remember them by and like them.
    • Want their kids to have best, latest things.
benefits over other solutions
Benefits over other solutions






  • Cool styles, make your own styles.
  • Use with any shoe.
  • Strong word-of-mouth.
  • Loyal customer base
  • Established brand.


  • Break easy
  • Warm weather only, limited activities
  • Hard to Adhere
  • Fall off easy
  • Difficult online setup
  • Limited to colors.


  • Many styles, accessories
  • Share and swap.
  • Online social network
  • Many activities
  • Any season, any weather.
  • Easy to attach, remove
  • Durable


current challenges
Current Challenges
  • Do we want to take on the full shoe manufacturing? Should we just stick with skins for any shoe?
  • Will it stay on with excessive activity?
shoe skins1
Shoe Skins

Shoe Skins is a unique system that makes footwear fun by allowing children to easily change the look of the their shoes any time they want.

The Shoe Skin System

Web site mock-up

the system
The System
  • The Shoe Skins system comprises a base model casual shoe (or line of shoes) plus a removable “skin,” such as those available for laptops and cell phones.
  • The skin will affix to a special surface on the shoe.
  • Shoe Skins will be sold separately in many different colors and patterns and contain robust potential for licensing opportunities.