do you like mysteries or scary stories n.
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Do you like mysteries or scary stories? PowerPoint Presentation
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Do you like mysteries or scary stories?

Do you like mysteries or scary stories?

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Do you like mysteries or scary stories?

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  1. Do you like mysteries or scary stories?

  2. Some discussion questions: • Do you like scary or mystery stories? What are you favorite stories? • A story can be in a movie, book or oral form. • Why do you think some people like to be scared? • What is the scariest experience that you can remember from your past?

  3. Seven Stories of mystery and horror • By Edgar Allen Poe • Quiz: April 15th • Some questions will be asked about the author, Edgar Allen Poe!

  4. Edgar Allan Poe (1809 –1849) was an American author, poet, and editor • Part of the American Romantic Movement • Best known for his tales of mysteryand horror • Poe was one of the earliest American writers of the short story and is considered the inventor of the detective fiction genre.

  5. He was the first well-known American writer to try to live only writing (without any other job), and that’s why he had a financially difficult life and career.

  6. He was born as Edgar Poe in Boston, Massachusetts; he was orphaned (no parents) young when his mother died after his father left the family.

  7. Poe was adopted by John and Frances Allan, of Richmond, Virginia, but they never formally adopted him. He attended the University of Virginia for one semester but left due to lack of money.

  8. His publishing career began slowly in 1827.

  9. On October 7, 1849, at age 40, Poe died in Baltimore; the cause of his death is unknown but may have been related to alcohol, brain congestion, cholera, drugs, heart disease, suicide, or tuberculosis.

  10. Poe and his works influenced literature in the United States and around the world. • Poe and his work appear throughout popular culture in literature, music, films, and television

  11. Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror • The Pit And The Pendulum • The Gold Bug • The Facts In The Case Of • Mr. Valdemar • The Fall Of The House Of Usher • Down Into The Maelstrom • The Masque Of The Red Death • The Oblong Box