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Ideas for Planning a Child-Friendly Wedding PowerPoint Presentation
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Ideas for Planning a Child-Friendly Wedding

Ideas for Planning a Child-Friendly Wedding

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Ideas for Planning a Child-Friendly Wedding

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  1. Ideas for Planning a Child-Friendly Wedding

  2. It’s a question every couple has to answer during the course of planning their wedding. Invite children to your wedding or let parents know they need to arrange a babysitter for the big day. The decision can cause hurt feelings, guests not showing, or children running through your reception with handfuls of cake ready to smear it on whatever is closest.

  3. If you’re going all in and inviting every member of the family then you’ll be happy to know there are a few ways to make sure both children and adults have a fun day.

  4. Hire a Professional This is one of the easiest solutions to making sure children at your wedding have a place to be themselves and enjoy the day apart from the adults. Hire a professional performer to keep the kids entertained.

  5. This could be anything from puppeteers, magicians, clowns, balloon artists, or even face painters if you’re feeling very bold. These professionals are the perfect way to have the best of both worlds – adults are happy and kids are having fun.

  6. Kids’ Menu • There is definitely a chance that children might like your offering lobster salad on endive spears or those delightful gruyere-and-parmesan beignets. There’s an even greater chance they’ll love small ham and cheese sandwiches or hotdogs. Having a section for kids to sit during the reception can also benefit from having a kids’ menu to round out the appeal for children.

  7. A Room for Children This option will depend on the season. For cold weather months, having a specific room for children at your wedding stocked with toys or some sort of entertainment is a great option. Having a movie party might even be a great way to keep kids interested. In warm months you can section off an area for kids. Ask parents to bring children a change of clothes for after pictures and set out sprinklers for an exciting treat on a hot day.