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Castroville Tire to Hold Informative Seminar about Tire Sele PowerPoint Presentation
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Castroville Tire to Hold Informative Seminar about Tire Sele

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Castroville Tire to Hold Informative Seminar about Tire Sele - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Celebrating its 12th anniversary, Castroville Tire will be holding a free seminar, “Little Things That Make a Big Difference: How to Buy and Maintain Your Tires”

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Presentation Transcript

CastrovilleTireto HoldInformativeSeminaraboutTireSelectionandCareonTuesday,August19th

Celebratingits12thanniversary,Castroville Tire willbe holdingafreeseminar,“LittleThingsThatMake a BigDifference: HowtoBuyand MaintainYourTires”

Castroville,CA, July 21,2014 -Thisisworththedrive...and thetime!Celebrating its12th anniversary,Castroville Tirewillbeholding afreeseminar,“Little ThingsThatMakeaBigDifference: How toBuyand MaintainYour Tires”onTuesday,August 19thfrom5:30p.m.–6:30 Castroville Tire,11500Merritt Boulevard, Castroville, CA95012.PleaseRSVPto(831)633-6000.

  • Inthisvaluableseminar, Castroville Tireowner,CesarPadilla, will discuss:
  • Howtoselect therighttireforyourvehicle
  • Howtomaximizethelongevityofthetire
  • Howtocorrectlyinspect yourtires
  • Howtoevaluatethewearonyourtires
  • Whentorotateand alignyourtires
  • HowdoIcomparepricevs.value whenpurchasingtires
  • Whatarethenewtrendsintires
  • Castroville Tireisowned byCesarPadilla,aCastrovillenativeand graduateofNorthMontereyCountyHighSchool.Hisfather, whoisretired,was theformerownerofCamposBodyShop inCastroville.Growingup aroundhisfather’sbusiness,Cesarhadanearlyexposureand developeda deep interest incars.
  • Ayearaftergraduating fromhighschool,Cesar bought Castroville Tirein2002and doubledthesizeof theshop.Overthepastdozenyears,hehassold over30,000tiresand ensuresthatCastroville Tireoffersvery,verycompetitiveprices.

Unlikemanyothertireretailers,CastrovilleTire willtakeappointments,aswell as drop-insonafirst come,first served basis. TheprofessionalteamatCastrovilleTireiswidelyrespectedfortheirquick,efficient tireinstallation,honesty,and extensiveexpertiseinthetirefield.

Castroville Tirecarriesall majortirebrands,fromeconomicaltohighendtiresand maintainsaninventoryofoverathousand tires,including a largeselectionofmud/all terraintires.Tirescanbespeciallyordered overnight orsometimesareeven deliveredonthesameday.Castroville Tireisproud tobeanauthorized ParelliDealer,oneof thetop tiremanufacturers inthe world. CastrovilleTire alsosellsawidearrayofrims,does4-wheel alignment, wheelbalancing,tirerepairandrotation. Theyofferfinancing throughGECapitalaswell.

Witha bilingualteamthatisdedicated toprovidingthehighestlevel of qualitycustomerservice,Castroville Tireservicesmanylargeagricultural firms,including truckfleetsand othervehiclesfrom OceanMist,Ausonio,SeaMist, CypressBerryFarms,ValleyPride,A&SMetals,SevenUp,Boutonnet Farms,Scattini and Sons,andmanymore.

According to CesarPadilla,“Withyourfamily’ssafetyriding onyourtires,it isimportanttousto offerthebestpeople,products,installationand customerservice.Having theright tiresforyourvehiclesavesyoualotoffuel,stopsthecarmorequicklyand safely,reducesroadnoise,andprovidesamuchmorecomfortableride!”

Castroville TireisconvenientlyopenMonday throughFridayfrom8:30a.m.–6:30p.m.andSaturdayfrom9:30a.m.–4:30p.m.Formoreinformation,call (831)633-6000.



395Del Monte Center#250

Monterey, CA93940